Dawson kicks five field goals

Posted Nov 4, 2012

Phil Dawson was one made field goal away from equaling his team record of six, which he set at San Diego on Nov. 5, 2006.

Five times the Cleveland Browns sent kicker Phil Dawson onto the field for a field goal attempt against the Baltimore Ravens and five times, he answered the call by converting the three-point kicks in the team’s 25-15 loss Sunday at Cleveland Browns Stadium.

Dawson was one made field goal away from tying the team mark he set by going six for six at San Diego on Nov. 5, 2006. Dawson kicked field goals of 28, 29, 32, 33 and 41 yards against the Ravens and has made 23 consecutive field goal attempts, which is the longest active streak in the NFL and the second-longest of Dawson’s career.

“They found their home and that was good,” Dawson said of the kicks. “Today was a day where you don’t try to hit the perfect ball. You just try to dig it out and get it through.

“Two of them just snuck inside the right upright. On a normal day, that would upset me. I want to execute to perfection, but on a day like today, there’s no such thing, so, you just try to get them through there.”

With his fifth field goal of the day coming from 41 yards away, Dawson gave the Browns their first lead of the game over the Ravens, 15-14, with 8:48 left in regulation.

Dawson made his fourth field goal of the game when he converted a 33-yard attempt and got the Browns to within two points of the Ravens, 14-12, with 2:39 remaining in the third quarter.

Dawson converted his third field goal of the second quarter and drew the Browns to within a score of the Ravens, 14-9, with three second left in the first half. Earlier in the quarter, Dawson converted a 28-yard field goal attempt and cut the Baltimore lead to 14-6.

On the Browns’ previous possession, Dawson kicked a 32-yard field goal and cut the Baltimore advantage to 14-3 at the 9:19 mark of the second quarter. With his first field goal, Dawson capped off a 12-play, 66-yard drive that took 5:42 off the game clock.

“He’s a veteran, always clutch,” second-year defensive end Jabaal Sheard said of Dawson. “I don’t even look at him when he kicks field goals. I always expect those points made.”

Dawson was quick to defer recognition of his success in converting all five of the field goal attempts to the Browns’ grounds crew, as well as his blockers up front.

“Conditions were tough, but I have to give credit to the grounds crew,” Dawson said. “It was a pretty crazy week with (Hurricane) Sandy and all of the storm. The field wasn’t ideal, but the job those guys did to even get it to the point it was, they deserve a tremendous amount of appreciation for that.

“Christian (Yount) and Reggie (Hodges), snap and hold, they were flawless all day. The guys protected their pretty good rush unit and the tight ends and wings on our field goal block, that’s not a very glorious job. They pretty much stand there and let three guys run you over. I appreciate their efforts because that allows me to sit back there on a day like today.

“It took a little longer to get the kick off just because the footing was so iffy. I’ve got to credit those guys up front for giving me the extra time to dig them out and kick the ball through.”

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