DeScioli fulfills lifelong dream

Posted Apr 19, 2013

Michele DeScioli, manager of Browns Backers Worldwide, fulfilled a lifelong dream by singing the National Anthem at Thursday’s Cleveland Indians game against the Boston Red Sox.

Michele DeScioli, manager of Browns Backers Worldwide, fulfilled a lifelong dream when she sang the National Anthem before Thursday night’s baseball game between the Cleveland Indians and Boston Red Sox at Progressive Field.

“I fell in love with singing and had performed the National Anthem many times as a group,” DeScioli said. “It became a goal of mine and was on my bucket list to perform it by myself at a professional sporting event. I’m just grateful to get to do it in Cleveland.

“I was definitely nervous. I think it’s the largest group of people I’ve ever performed in front of. I’ve done something similar, not to that scale, and always in a group, never solo. This was the first time that I sang the National Anthem by myself. I’m very excited.”

Although she sang the National Anthem solo, DeScioli had plenty of support in the crowd. Amid the 12,936 fans that came to Thursday night’s game sat a section of 38 people to support DeScioli.

“My mom and dad, and one of my brothers and sister-in-law flew in from Houston, so it was not only exciting because I had my friends from the Cleveland area, but also family from out of town,” DeScioli said. “I practiced non-stop. I think everybody in my house was ready for me to stop practicing.”

DeScioli said performing the National Anthem was more meaningful this week, and in a game featuring a team from Boston, after three people were killed and nearly 200 were injured when two bombs were detonated at the finish line of the Boston Marathon on Monday afternoon.

“I am honored to sing for the Cleveland Indians, and for the city of Boston, especially now when we’re all feeling more patriotic than usual because of what happened in Boston earlier this week,” DeScioli said. “It’s definitely an honor and a privilege for me.”

*Photo provided courtesy of the Cleveland Indians.

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