Family Night is set for Wednesday

Posted Aug 7, 2012

The Browns will celebrate the team’s annual Family Night workout with a practice at Cleveland Browns Stadium Wednesday.

The Cleveland Browns will hold their final training camp practice before Friday’s preseason opener at the Detroit Lions at Cleveland Browns Stadium with Wednesday’s Family Night workout.

It will be the Browns’ first practice away from the Berea training facility this year. The Wednesday night session will also be the only team practice not at the Berea facility during training camp.

Following Wednesday’s practice, the Browns will have six more practices open to the public in Berea.

“Tomorrow afternoon, we’ll be doing our walk-through and then, we’re going to be in our stadium tomorrow night, which will be fun,” second-year Browns coach Pat Shurmur said following Tuesday’s afternoon practice. “It’s a fun event. It’s a great opportunity for our fans to watch us work and it’ll be a good chance for our rookies to play in our arena for the first time.”

Last year, the Browns held their Family Day practice at Cleveland Browns Stadium the second Saturday of training camp. This year, they held off from that plan and instead, returned the practice to a night-time event at the stadium.

“It was a fun event last year,” Shurmur said. “We did it on the weekend; this year, we’re doing it on a weekday. There will be fireworks and a lot of stuff going on, so it should be a good night for anyone who wants to come watch us practice.”

Shurmur and the Browns have practiced in front of large crowds all throughout training camp.

It started with the opening session of camp back on Saturday, July 28. The team’s practice in helmets and shorts drew 4,200 people, which was a record for a non-Family Day/Night practice since the team began keeping statistics of attendance in 2005.

“To go up to the stadium will be cool,” second-year Browns safety Eric Hagg said. “It’ll still be cool to go up there and eat and go to practice out there.”

Shurmur said Wednesday evening’s workout will be a “normal practice.”

“My concern about doing too much physically now is we’re pressed up toward that preseason game here on Friday,” Shurmur said. “It will be a Cleveland Browns experience for the fans and then, there are certain things we need to get done in practice. We’ll do some red zone, move-the-ball; we’ll do some kicking and so, I think it will be a fun night. If I wasn’t involved in this team, it’d be something I’d come watch.”

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