Father's Day has special meaning for Turners

Posted Jun 16, 2013

The father-son combination of Norv and Scott Turner has helped mentor the Browns’ offense under head coach Rob Chudzinski.

The Cleveland Browns’ hiring of Rob Chudzinski as head coach set off a chain of events that brought the father-son combination of Norv and Scott Turner together on the same coaching staff for the first time.

Norv Turner is the Browns’ offensive coordinator. His son, Scott, mentors the wide receivers. Both had worked with Chudzinski at previous NFL coaching stops, so it was natural for them to join forces in Cleveland.

“It’s been outstanding,” Norv Turner said. “Scott and I have always talked a lot of football and talked about this possibility at some point. Getting the opportunity to do it, and do it with someone we’ve both been involved with, it’s just a great fit.”

The elder Turner said his son benefitted from the two years he spent under Chudzinski as the Carolina Panthers’ offensive quality control coach from 2011-12. But the son felt his coaching career took off because of the lessons he learned from a father who was offensive coordinator for two Super Bowl-winning teams in Dallas in the early 1990s. And on this Father’s Day, Scott Turner reflects on the greatest lessons he learned from his father.

“He’s always thinking football, talking football,” Scott Turner said of his father. “When I became serious about wanting to coach and getting into it, then, our discussions changed a little bit. When we talked, we talked X’s and O’s. When I was coaching in college, I’d go to the Chargers’ minicamp, watch them practice, sit in meetings and I’d watch him work there.

“He’s always coached everybody, no matter who it was on the roster, the top man on the roster, the bottom man on the roster. Schematically, football-wise, it’s the aggressive mindset of offensive football. That was instilled in me very early in life by watching him, how he calls a game, how his offenses play.”

For the first time, Scott Turner gets a daily, up-close view of his father at work.

“After college, I got into coaching, so I’d see him on vacations and stuff like that,” Scott Turner said. “Just to be able to go day-in and day-out working with him and seeing him, it’s been great for me, and I think it’s been for him as well.

“It is pretty unique. From a personal experience, you grow up and you watch your dad coach. You go to so many football games, and it’s just a way of life. To be a part of it and go into coaching, it’s one thing that’s great. To be a part of it with your dad is a totally different and unique experience, which I’ve really enjoyed.”

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