Hanie readies for challenge

Posted Dec 4, 2013

Cleveland Browns quarterback Caleb Hanie said he is getting ready to play, just like he always has.

It did not take long for new Cleveland Browns quarterback Caleb Hanie to get back into the swing of things.

Despite a whirlwind last eight days that saw him try out for the team last Tuesday, fly back to Texas when he wasn’t signed and then, return Monday night to start learning the playbook ahead of Sunday’s game against the New England Patriots at Gillette Stadium, Hanie has gone about his normal routine of “getting ready to play.”

“It’s part of this league,” Hanie said. “One week, you’re sitting at home eating Thanksgiving dinner with your family, and the next week, you could be playing for the Browns. It’s pretty crazy, and I just try to take it in stride and just prepare the best I can to get ready for the game. I don’t try to think about what kind of situation it is too much.

“I’ve got five days really, six days of preparation for the game. Luckily, I’ve been in this offense with Mike Martz. It’s not exactly the same, but the numbers system is the same type of deal as (Browns offensive coordinator) Norv (Turner) does here and a little bit of that in Baltimore with some of Cam Cameron’s stuff. I’m pretty well-versed with it, and it’s been coming along pretty quick, so I feel pretty confident.”

Hanie remains confident in his abilities, should he be called upon to start, to lead the Browns into Gillette Stadium, a place where the Patriots have gone 22-2 in December since their new home opened in 2002.

Overall, the Patriots have a 46-6 record in games played in December since 2001.

“It’s daunting on its own,” Hanie said of preparing for an NFL game. “It’s the NFL and every team is going to have good players, good schemes, so it’s going to go fast. That would be why it would be daunting, not because it’s the Patriots, but I’m fine with that.

“I’ve been around. This is my sixth year, so I’m used to the game prep and have played in some games. I’ve played in some high-pressure situations, the NFC Championship a few years back against the Packers, and I’m pretty sure that’s as intense as it gets. I feel pretty good.”

Although he has a limited amount of regular-season game experience, Hanie said he feels that should quell any extra nerves that may be encountered if is selected to start against the Patriots.

“I don’t ever feel like I have to be perfect,” Hanie said. “I strive to be perfect, and I’d love not to have an incompletion today and make all the right decisions, but is it realistic? Probably not since it’s my first practice in a few months. I just hope to learn from today, progress, and get myself further ready for the game.

“My expectations are to make good decisions, get the ball in the playmakers’ hands and hold onto and be protective of the football. You don’t want turnovers and stuff like that. I don’t put too much pressure on myself, or try not to, but my goal is efficiency, getting the ball to the right guy on our team and protect the football.”

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