Jamoris Slaughter Conf. Call Transcript - 4/27

Posted Apr 27, 2013

The transcript of DB Jamoris Slaughter's introductory conference call following the fifth round of the 2013 NFL Draft.

Jamoris Slaughter Conference Call 4-27-13

(On what his injury status is)- “With my injury, I’m about 90 percent now. I’m able to do sprinting and cutting and I’ve been doing back drills. Pretty much everything, position drills. So it’s all coming back in line. The main thing for me now is getting my power and explosion back. I’ve been doing that by doing some single leg weights and workouts and those types of things. It’s been coming along pretty well and I think I should be ready, 100 percent, by training camp.”

(On if he expected to go undrafted)- “I was expecting to go undrafted just due to my injury and getting hurt the third game of the season. I know I did well in my senior year, but my fifth year, sitting out the the entire time, I knew that it would affect me. It was a surprise to me that I did get drafted. I’m excited to be a Cleveland Brown and I’m just ready to get back out there and get to work.”

(On if he knew the Browns had interest in him)- “I spoke with my agent throughout this whole process. He let me know that the Browns were interested in me. They had been calling him a couple of days before the draft and saying that they really like my tape and they really thought that I was an exceptional player and they were thinking about picking me up. I just kept my mind in the moment, not knowing if I would get drafted or not. But my agent gave me a good idea that they were very interested in me. So them drafting me, to me, is a big deal.”

(On how his injury happened)- “It happened the third game of the season. We were playing Michigan State, first play of the second half, I was literally just back pedaling and I planted on my left leg to break forward and I just felt something that felt like a pop. It didn’t hurt, but I went straight to the ground. I didn’t know exactly what it was, I felt like I twisted my ankle. When the trainers came over to look at it, they told me that I tore my Achilles and I was just heart-broken because I knew I was going to be out for the rest of the season. It’s just something that comes along with the game and you just have to pick up from where you left off and just rehab and keep working until you get back.”

(On if he fits as a free safety)- “Yeah, I think I fit as a free safety. I played various positions in college. I played strong safety, free safety. I came in as a corner, I played nickel and dime and in our sub-packages. Wherever I fit for the Cleveland Browns, I’m excited to be a part of the team and wherever they feel I can help the team, I’m glad to be wherever they put me.”

(On how he felt having to miss Notre Dame’s run)- “It was tough to deal with just for the simple fact that we were coming back to glory. I kind of felt like I wasn’t a part of it even though I was. But deep down I want to be out on the field every play with my teammates. It was a humbling process. It taught me a lot about myself. I was able to help my teammates and players, mentally, through this whole process. I feel like things are going to be okay in the NFL. I got drafted and people saw what I did in college. It’s really a blessing.”

(On if he talked to the Browns during scouting process and where he is right now)- “I did talk to the Browns in the scouting process maybe a week or two ago. They just called me and asked how I was doing, health wise. They were just trying to get a little information about me. They did let me know that they were interested. Right now, I’m back home in Atlanta at my mother and father’s house with my girlfriend and son.”

(On if he anticipates competing for a starting safety job)- “Yes, I definitely do. I’ve been working hard this whole time to get back into playing shape. I think by the time training camp starts, I think I will be in the competition. I just have a competitive mind and I always want to be first.”

(On taking graduate courses)- “I started to take more business classes. I was an industrial design major. I didn’t get a chance to take as many business classes as I wanted to in college. So my graduate study year was mainly focused on business.”

(On if there was any thought of taking classes in case he couldn’t play in NFL)- “There was a thought of that with never really hearing about an Achilles injury before it happened, and never really seeing anybody go through it who was close to me or on my team - until like a month before a player Lo Wood, he tore his. I just didn’t realize how long that injury took and at first I felt like I don’t know if I’m going to be able to play. It just feels like this injury is one of those ones, but after talking with a lot of guys and some of my friends that play and being with guys who have had the same injury and come back strong, it kind of gave me a little more confidence. I kind of just took it on head on and just focused on my rehab, and it’s really worked out for me.”

(On being a big hitter and what he enjoys about it)- “I guess you could call me a big hitter. I think it started when I started playing in park ball, when I was in the little league. I was always the skinny kid and I was just known for being a skinny kid that could hit. I was always like the first person to knock the quarterback’s helmet off in the 90 pound league and I kind of got that reputation when I was young. I think I just have a laid back, cool, collective side to me. But on the field, it’s kind of like I can be my alter ego and be another person and I just kind of feel like a warrior out on the field. I kind of play like that.”

(On if he thought he could play his way into being an early round pick)- “I really don’t get into all of that stuff. I really try to keep my nose out of the media, but just based on what was out there people were telling me that if I would have came strong this past year, this 2012 year, that I could have been in the top five or ten safeties, and been picked in the higher rounds – first, second or third. That was the talk, but when it all comes down to it, you’ve just got to stay focused and let all those things handle themselves.”

(On what made him get into industrial design at Notre Dame)- “What made me go into it is we had a guy on our team my freshman year, his name was Raeshon McNeil, he was a corner, and he was just showing me a lot of his school work and his projects that he had been doing in industrial design. It wasn’t really something that I knew I was going to go into before I got to college it was kind of like something I picked up while I was there, and I kind of just went for it. It was something different than what everyone else was doing and you can say I’m kind of like a dare-devil when it comes to stuff like that. I kind of like to be a little different from the group and I’ll try new things. I kind of just went for it and I liked it a lot once I got into it.”

(On what are his strengths and weaknesses are and what does he knows about T.J. Ward)- “My strengths. I think I am an aggressive player. I play with passion. I think I’m a really good communicator on the field. I’m big into watching film and making sure that everybody else is doing what they need to do after I figure out what I need to do. I think that some of my weaknesses are that I think I could get better hip mobility and flexibility than I had in college. I think that injuries have in the past have been something that I could have been prevented by doing pre-hab workouts, a couple times during the week doing things that will prevent injuries is something I could work on a lot. I don’t know much about T.J. Ward. I know he’s a good player, but I don’t really keep up with certain people I guess.”

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