Jauron press conf. transcript - 10/18

Posted Oct 18, 2012

The transcript of defensive coordinator Dick Jauron's Thursday afternoon press conference.

Browns Defensive Coordinator Dick Jauron 10-18-12

(On how important it is to get the win to reinforce what they have been teaching) – “In this business, if you lose a game, you feel like you may never win again. It’s a bad feeling. You want to turn it around as quickly as you can. It took us awhile to turn it around. It was a terrific feeling after that game. It’s hard to win in this league and you got to win in this league. It felt really good; really happy for our guys. They play hard. They certainly deserve it if deserves have anything to do with it, because they work at it.”

(On if the defense had a lift with Joe Haden’s return) – “It was good to have him back, there’s no doubt. He’s a highly skilled player. He’s a starting corner in the National Football League and he draws a tough assignment. He comes back after a four week layoff, and we kind of match him on an outstanding receiver. He held him own. The receiver had a terrific day obviously against us, but Joe really overall played well. I wish I had noticed more or anticipated more how much the game would take out of him, because at the end of the game, I think he had lost his legs to some degree. He was struggling, and it made sense after the fact, but it was too bad they got that long one on him at the end, because he had played really well.”

(On how Haden’s return affected other players in the secondary) – “It had a positive effect, there’s no doubt. Everybody recognizes his talent level, his playmaking ability. He does have, I guess to add to all the physical skills, he is tough. There’s a toughness involved there. He’s a willing tackler, he will hit you and that’s a big factor. That really helps us too. It was just great to have him back, and hopefully he’ll just get better and better every week.”

(On if Andrew Luck plays different in home games) – “I don’t know. He looks awfully good to me. He’s (a) very talented young man. He has all the tools, definitely appears to have the temperament, the demeanor for the game. He’s a bright guy. He has a very strong arm. He’s mobile. He’s converting numbers of third downs with his legs and with his arm. He looks very good to me. I think any team in our business can go anywhere and be humbled, and have a bad day or an off day. Things just turn a certain way sometimes. As hard as you try, you can’t turn them back. He looks awfully good to me.”

(On Luck against the Green Bay Packers) – “Same kind of thing. There were a lot of contested throws. They made plays. Packers made plays. Two very skilled teams obviously with outstanding skill players. It’s hard. The formations are spread out all over the field, all kinds of personnel groupings; five wides, four wides and a tight end, four wides and a back. It’s a wide open game.”

(On if Scott Fujita will be out for the season) – “I don’t know that, and of course I’m not the person to talk about any injuries. I know he’s not practicing this week, so that’s really all I know about the injury situation.”

(On what he loses without Fujita and how James-Michael Johnson has played) – “JMJ did a nice job. He was excited to be out there, which is always great to see. We lose significant leadership and experience on the field. Scott can make all the calls along with D’Qwell (Jackson), so when he’s on the field it gives D’Qwell a little breathing room, because he doesn’t have to handle everything. They can kind of share some of the issues in terms of getting the front of the line, getting the stunts called, getting the defensive calls, getting the adjustments made on the defenses. We definitely lose a good deal there in terms of just on field comfort and experience.”

(On how he assesses the production of his safeties) – “Like every player, everybody that plays, you’d like them to be 100%, and they never are. Once the season starts, you’re just never playing again at 100%. They have suffered some. I think T.J. (Ward) had I don’t know how many surgical screws he had in that thumb, but a number, certainly more than two. That’s not easy. Very, very tough guys, both of them. Very competitive guys and want to do it. They really want to do it, and hopefully they regain full health here as we move forward.”

(On what better production from the safeties mean for defense) – “I guess if you’re just looking overall at any position on any team, if you said you could get better production from everybody, it would certainly help the football team. As a general question, I would say higher production from anybody’s going to help our football team.”

(On if it would reduce total yards the defense gives up) – “I think it’s the same answer to that question. If you go to any position and say, if that position played better what would it do for you. Well, it would make the whole team better. You can talk about any position on either side of the ball or probably special teams. If you elevate the level of play anywhere, it obviously helps you.”

(On Reggie Wayne and if he thinks he’ll matchup with Buster Skrine as opposed to Haden) – “I don’t think so, because see him everywhere. They do move him. You’ll see him primarily at certain spots, but they’ll move him around. I don’t see them doing anything different. I don’t know necessarily why they would. They may game plan a person, but they’ve done pretty well up to this point. He’s having a phenomenal year. He had an 11-catch game of 200 plus yards. I don’t see him changing, but we’ll watch it in the course of the game, because he does show up in a number of different spots preparing for him.”

(On if there a chance that Haden would follow Wayne around) – “First of all, I wouldn’t answer the question for you, you know that. There’s always a chance of anything. I don’t know, that’s probably like saying I won’t answer that question, right?”

(On if he thinks Haden’s conditioning will be a problem this week) – “I think he should be fine after two weeks of practice. I think I should have been more aware last week, particularly at the end of a game, a long game; a lot of passing, a lot of movement.”

(On how you defend Wayne) – “You can double him obviously, that’s one way to defend him, but then you’re singled up everywhere else. You can man him up. All the normal things you would suspect, you try to change up. You zone some you man him up, pressure some. (You) try to affect the timing of the route in a number of different ways. Clearly, nobody has stopped him in his career. He has had a tremendous career. He is a terrific receiver. He’s got a lot of experience. He’s got powerful hands. He catches the ball cleanly and he understands how to run routes. We just have to challenge him and do the best we can against him try to change up. (He has been) a very productive guy throughout his whole career.”

(On how John Hughes has been playing) – “We’re very happy with John. Obviously, it seems like whenever we talk about John, we talk about John and Billy (Winn), just because they came the same year. (He’s) really, really doing well – been playing well – playing at a high level, both of them. Again, really, I’m pleased with them as teammates. How they’ve interacted, how they’ve been accepted, how hard they play. It’s been very good.”

(On if there is anything ‘uncommon’ from Luck) – “I think he is uncommon. He was the very first pick in the draft for lots of good reasons. Some of them are clear, just size and strength and arm strength and mobility and awareness in the pocket. Those things are pretty clear I think. I’m sure there are lots of intangibles involved with the young man too, to get him where he is right now.”

(On Luck making check downs) – “They do some. With any new quarterback at that position, it’s going to take time to get all of that stuff. He’s just experiencing the league within the very early part of his career, but when you look at him he’s as advertised. I think he’s very good, and probably just going to get better and better. Peyton’s (Manning) first year was a while ago, and he struggled in the league, even Peyton Manning struggled in the league.”

(On if he faced Peyton Manning in his first year) – “I don’t think so.”

(On why are the defensive yards way up) – “I have to make better calls, get them in better situations to play. We just have to make more plays in the course of the football game, limit the number of big plays. We’ve had a lot of big plays that you definitely want to avoid. People will get yards. They’re going to complete passes. They’re going to break some runs through the line of scrimmage. We’ve got to make plays to get them on the ground somehow before it goes 20 or 30 or 40 yards. Those kinds of things have hurt us. Hopefully, we’ll get that done.”

(On if Jabaal Sheard getting off the ball is technique, timing or confidence) – “I think it’s all of that. He’s a very good player. He likes to play. He’s tough. He’s relentless. He’s got a really good feel for the game. I think he’s a terrific player. Sometimes the stats add fast and sometimes they don’t. He’s the same player. I believe he’ll just get better, and be a really outstanding player for this franchise.”

(On how important it is to get Ahtyba Rubin back and how Emmanuel Stephens is playing) – “Rube (Rubin) is out there working and it’d be great for us to get him back. Emmanuel’s working right next to him. Between the two of them, you don’t hear them talk very much, but boy they both play so hard all the time. It was really good to see Emmanuel get that play. I have a lot of admiration for his work ethic. Again, a really good team mate who fits in that group well.”

(On Joe Banner) – “I was in Philadelphia with him for one year, but I didn’t have a lot of interaction with Joe. I was a position coach. I coached the defensive secondary. Clearly he has done a terrific job. He has done a terrific job in Philadelphia for all those years. They had great success there and he was a huge part of it.”

(On if he has spoken to Banner since his arrival) – “No. I have not, no.”

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