Jauron press conf. transcript - 11/15

Posted Nov 15, 2012

The transcript of defensive coordinator Dick Jauron's Thursday afternoon press conference.

Browns Defensive Coordinator Dick Jauron Press Conference 11-15-12

(On how it’s been to see Phil Taylor and Ahtyba Rubin practicing together)- “It’s good. It’s good to have them all back and healthy. It gives us some flexibility and it certainly gives us more depth. That’s the thing. It’s really good to have them back.”

(On how Rubin has looked this week)- “Good, he’s moving significantly better obviously than he was before. He doesn’t look like he’s favoring anything.”

(On Tony Romo interception numbers being down recently and if he has changed anything)- “I don’t think so. I think sometimes it just happens. Things happen of course in football games. He’s very talented. They are a very talented football team. Probably like most of the really good quarterbacks, he will take chances. He’s got great faith in his receivers to go get the ball. He’ll give you some opportunities, but he’s also giving his guys some opportunities to make big plays.”

(On Romo’s skill set)- “He’s very mobile. He keeps plays alive longer than you want them to stay alive on defense. He’s got really good movement and he can escape and keep things alive. He’s capable of running. He’s a good athlete. He’s capable of running and hurting you, and you do see him do it. He doesn’t move to run. He wants to go down field and he keeps his eyes down field. He makes a lot of big plays on the move out of the pocket. In those situations probably regardless of when it was in the history of football, people say, ‘Well, you’ve got to keep him in the pocket.’ It’s hard to keep people in the pocket. You’ve just got to play. You’ve got to play fast and hard and have a good day. He does make a lot of plays.”

(On why the defense has been improving recently)- “The big plays really hurt us. Hopefully we won’t give up a lot of big plays. That’s a big part of defensive football all the time. I would say that’s about it because we’re not any healthier. We’re a little healthier up front.”

(On if not giving up big plays is attributed to the defense being more focused on details)- “I wouldn’t say that necessarily. That’s kind of making the assumption that they weren’t focused on details when they gave up big plays. That’s not necessarily true. Those other guys are always good no matter who you’re playing. We just got hit with some big ones earlier in the year. Like I said, hopefully we’ll stay away from it.”

(On if being a mobile quarterback is more important now than 20 years ago)- “I don’t know the answer to that. You can think of great quarterbacks that don’t play that style.”

(On naming some great quarterbacks who weren’t mobile)- “Peyton’s (Manning) got great feel in the pocket, but you don’t see him come out of there a lot. He moves from sideline to sideline to throw the ball. He’s capable of movement, but not like Tony Romo. He doesn’t move around like that. Probably, Tom Brady doesn’t move around like that. They’ve both got great pocket presence. They can avoid you in the pocket, slide around. They don’t usually come out, move from sideline to sideline. You just don’t see it.”

(On if Brady and Manning are exceptions nowadays)- “I don’t know. The guy that moves all over is probably an exception too, and makes plays. Something defines all the great ones. It’s not always the same thing, but I don’t know if it’s more or less than it used to be. They certainly throw the ball a whole lot more now than the league used to.”

(On if he will be more aggressive on defense with Rubin and Taylor returning)- “We’ll stay about the same. We’ll see. Neither one of them have played much football in a good deal of time. We’ll have to just get a feel for them and how they’re feeling, what they can and can’t do. We anticipate that they’ll be fine. Phil is going into I think his third week or fourth week back now counting the bye week. Rube (Ahtyba Rubin) is just getting back into it.”

(On how Jason Witten, Miles Austin and Dez Bryant can stress his defense)- “It really stresses any defense. Between them, I think Witten’s got 66 and the other two are in the mid 40’s in terms of catches. They are all outstanding. They’re all really talented people. You have to make decisions - if you’re going to double somebody who’s it going to be? They are really good. They are a very talented football team.”

(On if his message to the defense is similar to when they face Ben Roethlisberger)- “They are similar in that they keep the play alive a long time. Tony Romo is fairly good sized. He’s a big man by normal standards, but he’s not a giant man like Ben. Ben’s a giant man. In the pocket you can hit Ben and not get him down. Tony’s very athletic. He can avoid you. He doesn’t have the same size and strength, but he does move around and escape probably as good as anybody you see in football really. He can escape. Ben’s just a really big hard man to tackle anywhere.”

(On if Romo has any similarities with Andrew Luck)- “I would say that Tony Romo is more inclined to get out of the pocket. He’s had a lot more experience clearly. He’s got as good a feel as anybody in the pocket of what’s going on around him and can avoid and will avoid. He will get out of there and throw it, and look to throw it. I think that’s what makes him so dangerous out of the pocket.”

(On how they prevent Witten’s size from hurting them)- “It’s really difficult. I haven’t really watched anybody prevent it yet. They use him well. They use him wisely. He’s hard to stop inside. Their throws aren’t long throws inside, but he does move down the field too. He’ll run through the seams. He’ll run outside patterns, deeper ones. He’ll run a lot of option patterns. He’ll run a lot of shallow crossing patterns. He doesn’t have to be hugely open in those areas. He just blocks people out with his body and the throw is accurate. The quarterback is very accurate with him. He’s very difficult to stop. It’s always been difficult to stop the great tight ends inside just because they are generally more athletic than your linebackers, and in his case bigger, so bigger and maybe more athletic than most. On a safety, he’s just a lot bigger so it’s hard to get through the body. They are smart. They do a really nice job of using those abilities.”

(On why makes Dez Bryant is so special)- “He’s big and strong. He’s fast and tough. He’ll catch the ball inside. They have really a good group, a very good group. He’s a threat down the field with his size and his speed, and then they’ll also use him on quick throws coming inside.”

(On if Rubin and Taylor can enter the discussion of the better tackle tandems he’s been around)- “I think in time. Time will definitely tell. They just haven’t played together very long, and of course not hardly at all this year, maybe not at all. Time will tell. I think there’s certainly the possibility. They are both really good. I think they both really care about it. I think they’ll both really work hard at it. They are young. It’s all in front of them.”

(On how the Cowboys’ offense changes without DeMarco Murray)- “He’s another very talented guy, but they have a number of running backs that can get it done. He was having an outstanding year obviously before he suffered the injury. I don’t see them changing a lot of their scheme though for their guys. They are very capable.”

(On if the Cowboys run less without Murray)- “I think they’ll run by game. I think if they’re successful on the ground, they’ll keep running it at you. I think they’ll mix it up enough. They do a nice job of calling a game just to keep you enough on edge. Clearly they like to throw it, but certainly they’ve run it successfully. As you said, since his injury, not as successfully, but still they’ve run it well. They make you play the run. You’ve got to honor the run.”

(On if having Rubin and Taylor back inside will help free up Jabaal Sheard on the outside due to getting less blocking attention)- “I don’t think it will affect that much. Jabaal is really having a solid year. He just doesn’t have the numbers that everybody’s looking for in terms of sacks. He really plays hard every game. He gets pressures in every game. I don’t think that blocking schemes will change significantly until Rubin, Phil or whoever inside has maybe more experience and shows us more. I guess honestly I don’t think it will affect Jabaal a whole lot more.”

(On if Billy Winn will play more on the outside now with Taylor and Rubin back)- “With Phil and Rube healthy again, it does give us a nice rotation. We can mix and match as we go on into it. Even in the game, and see how things are going and move people around. It does give us obviously more flexibility up front.”

(On Witten having 18 catches in a game and if he’s ever seen a player even do that in practice)- “Unfortunately, I think Terrell Owens, I don’t know what he had. It’s particularly hard to stop those short throws, particularly hard. If you have a tremendous tight end, I played with Charlie Sanders, he was a tremendous tight end, hard to stop. I played with a guy named Danny Ross in Cincinnati. If you have a quarterback that’s accurate, it’s very, very hard to stop those inside throws. The Giants game, guys can be all over him and he snatches that ball. Yeah, it can happen. He’s clearly one of the best that’s ever played. He knows what he’s doing, knows how to do it. They use him well. The quarterback counts on him, relies on him.”

(On where he thinks it’s headed with the league putting more emphasis on head injuries and helmet to helmet contact)- “I’m not certain that it’s headed anywhere different. The league has really stressed - and it’s a good thing - we stress it to our players that you should never intentionally hit another player in the head or in the neck. That’s all we can do. I think there’s no controlling on the defensive side of the ball what the offensive player does with his body as he’s running. He’s clearly not going to stay in the same position. He’s going to move. Once we’re committed to tackle him, as long as our intentions are not to hit him in the head or the neck, then we’ve got to live with what happens defensively. I don’t know how the league can take any different positions then what they have. They’ve made it illegal to intentionally hit a defensive player in the head or the neck. The quarterback in the pocket has all kinds of protection, but they move. They move in ways we can’t predict defensively. We certainly can’t slow down defensively. I don’t know what else can be done.”

(On if he misses the days when players were free targets)- “No, I don’t think that was probably good. The rules have certainly made it easier to play offense and harder to play defense, but they do protect players. You can’t hit receivers outside of five yards for what the last 15 years or so. Before that they were live as long as the ball wasn’t in the air. It made it a little easier to play defense. It’s a good rule. It’s probably a good rule for the safety of the players and that’s obviously critically important. It’s one of the reasons why the game is so popular is because it’s so hard to play. It’s so physical. You can’t take that out of the game, but they’re trying to legislate against the malicious acts, and they shouldn’t be in the game really. There you go. I don’t know what else they can do.”

(On if he’s been to the new Cowboys stadium)- “Yes.”

(On his impressions of the stadium)- “Big and covered - big TV up there. I guess those were my impressions. At the time, I think the punter had hit it, some punter had hit it. Is that right the screen? That was interesting out there looking at that thing. Other than that, it’s a big new stadium, and we’ll try to win a game there.”

(On if he remembers how many helmet to helmet hits he delivered when he played)- “No, maybe that says something right there (joking).”

(On what he remembers about Cleveland Municipal Stadium)- “The box moved. You’re up in that coaches box and when good things happened for the Browns, and they happened a lot, the fans would start stomping their feet and that box would sway up and down. It would just move slightly. I always liked the locker rooms, only because you would go in there as a player and you would think all the great players in the history, or at least in my knowledge of the history of the game, had been in the same locker room. They all hung their clothes on these nails on the wall. It was kind of a neat thing, really. It wasn’t real fancy or nice, but I guess that’s what I remember. The astrodirt, we used to call it astrodirt, painted green.”

(On if it was a culture shock for the defensive players to go from Rob Ryan to him)- “I don’t know. I’ve never talked to anybody about it. I know of the Ryan family, and I’ve met them all, shook hands with all of them, but I don’t know any of them personally. I have a great deal of respect for the whole family, the football family. Other than that, I don’t really know them. I think they do a great job.”

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