Jauron press conf. transcript - 12/13

Posted Dec 13, 2012

The transcript of defensive coordinator Dick Jauron's Thursday morning press conference.

Browns Defensive Coordinator Dick Jauron Press Conference 12-13-12

(On how tricky it is to stop the read-option that Robert Griffin III runs)- “It’s hard. They’re a very talented offensive football team with an extremely talented quarterback running the thing so it’s really difficult.”

(On if Washington can run the option because of Griffin’s unique skill set and why the read-option hasn’t shown up more in the NFL)- “I can tell you his skill set is unique. There’s no doubt about that. That’s why they drafted him where they drafted him and that’s why he’s had all the success he’s had. He’s an incredibly talented athlete, but I don’t know anything else about why it hasn’t shown up more.”

(On how much Griffin’s skill set translates to Alfred Morris’ success)- “I would say that the combination of the two of them together benefits each of them. They seem to have a good feel for what they’re trying to do, clearly, and they execute it really well and the running back is a huge part of it. I’ve never functioned in that offense, but I assumed the running back has to have a nice feel for that exchange all the time and a relationship with his quarterback. They do it extremely well and he runs well. He is a really committed runner. He doesn’t make a lot of bad reads. He hits the hole. He’s hard to tackle. They pose a lot of problems.”

(On how he prepares his game plan not knowing who the quarterback will be)- “They run a conventional offense with RGIII so I think you’re looking at their offense plus the other stuff that he adds to it, the other dimension. So while you’re preparing, I think you’re preparing for both. I would think that whoever’s in at quarterback they’ll still run some of the stuff they run with RGIII, the read-option stuff. I would think the read-zone or however you want to term it so we’re just preparing for them and we’re preparing for RGIII to be out there.”

(On what his message is to the defense on how to contain Griffin)- “Every week in our league we’re playing gifted athletes, now, he just happens to be significantly more gifted than most, but we’ve got to try to play as fast as we can possibly play otherwise you don’t have any chance at all. You’ve got to be playing at top speed because they are going to be playing at top speed. Our message is not any different than it normally is. It’s just directed to different players or different schemes. You’ve got to play awfully fast to have any success in this league.”

(On if the experience of playing Michael Vick in the first game lend anything to the preparation of the game)- “I would say no. First of all that’s so far away, and the scheme is, I suppose you may be able to find a few similarities in terms of the scheme. In terms of the talent level, unusually talented athletes on the field at the quarterback position that make the offensive plays last a lot longer than you want them to last, even in the pocket or avoiding the rush or getting out and moving around, just extend the play consistently.”

(On if a quarterback like Griffin will have longevity in the league)- “I have no idea. I don’t have any opinion on it.”

(On if there is a comparable player to Griffin in the league)- “In the league today? Now we haven’t played against Cam Newton, but I think that’s probably comparable. Athletically, there has always been guys, Randall Cunningham, John Elway was extremely talented. Those guys were all I would suspect comparable and I’m sure I’m missing a bunch.”

(On if Washington’s offense stresses a certain position group on defense)- “I wouldn’t say so. I think it stresses everybody because it’s an offense that they play different personnel groupings. They can spread you out and open up the field and they do at times. They’ll pack you in tightly at times. I think everybody will be stressed by their offensive scheme.”

(On if they will keep a spy on Griffin if he plays)- “We fully anticipate that he’ll play. A spy? Yeah, you’d like to have a lot of eyes on him when he starts to move. No matter how many eyes you have on him, you’ve got to have eyes that catch him, eyes and bodies that can catch him. That’s a hard thing to do. There aren’t a lot of people that move like that really.”

(On if Craig Robertson will play a bigger factor this week because of his ability to run)- “I wouldn’t say no, his role will be the same. He’ll have the same role in our sub package and that’s their biggest personnel grouping that they play. He could be on the field a lot, but he almost is every Sunday. He does play well and he is getting better.”

(On how Robertson has played)- “He’s done a really good job. He’s a very dedicated guy. The game means a lot to him. I think his team means a lot to him and his teammates. He prepares well. He studies the opponent. He’s serious about it. He knows it is his profession and he treats it like a professional. He’s done a terrific job.”

(On what makes Mike Shanahan’s scheme so good for running backs)- “They do a great job. He always has in everything, run and pass. The zone-run scheme is a difficult run scheme to contain. There’s a lot of cutting going on up front by the offensive linemen. That’s always hard on defenses. You’re moving away and trying to protect your legs and they are coming down on your legs. It’s difficult. The backs, they do a great job coaching their backs. They are those one-cut backs. They see a hole and they take it, they don’t dance around. They are through and out the other side. They’ve an outstanding job obviously wherever Mike’s been with his zone scheme.”

(On the challenges of facing a zone running game like last year against Houston)- “Let’s hope it doesn’t go that way. That was not a good day for us, but it is a zone-scheme. We’ve just got to be disciplined, and everybody’s got to fight to stay where they are supposed to stay and on their feet and be aggressive at the same time. As I said, their talent level and their scheme together pose huge problems for everybody including us.”

(On what he can do to simulate what Griffin does)- “Just the speed of the movement, you’re trying to get it, but clearly you are not going to get what it’s going to be like on Sunday, then just studying the video. The video can tell you because most players know other players, so they can see the movement in comparison with other players in the league and other defenses. That’s about as close as you can come.”

(On if Phil Taylor gives them toughness up front)- “Phil’s done a nice job. He missed a lot of time, obviously, and coming back he really has helped. He’s got a good attitude. He fits with that group. He’s also allowed us, as we’ve said many times before, to comfortably play a rotation and not be overly worried about who’s on and off the field in that group. They all can perform. It’s really helped us to get him back.”

(On if it will be difficult for T.J. Ward to defend against Griffin)- “It’ll be a challenge. There’s no doubt because their scheme is deceptive, and then their talent is obviously very good. T.J.’s worked hard all year, and he’s gotten better every week. He’s focused on what he’s trying to do and what we’re trying to do. In a game like this you’ve just got to be intent on your keys. You can’t start guessing, because if you’re guessing in this game, it’s going to be a very difficult one to succeed in. He’s gotten significantly better in that area. I think he’ll do well. If he’s got coverage keys and they are down the field, he’s going to be down the field, he’s got to be. If the quarterback is a ball carrier, he can only relate to him once you cross the line of scrimmage.”

(On if Dimitri Patterson’s play time last week was cut because they wanted to ease him back in)- “His playing time was just strictly determined by their personnel really. They played not as much of their sub package as we had anticipated, which was okay. He was in on all of the snaps that he was prepared to be in on in our sub package. He did a nice job. He did a very nice job.”

(On what makes London Fletcher so special)- “I would say first thing is London. He’s worked extremely hard through his whole career. He’s very professional and very directed. There was nothing that was going to stop him from succeeding in the brief time that I spent with him. It was a pleasure to be around him. He loves to play the game. I think it’s real clear when you see him perform. He really enjoys competing on the field and he’s determined. He’s incredibly determined. He’s got gifts that he’s developed and he’s worked awfully hard on them. You have to have some physical gifts to play this game and he has them. He’s got all the other characteristics and intangibles that make great players.”

(On if his vision of the 4-3 is taking form recently with the defensive line)- “I’m just glad we’re healthy. If you think about any defense, it probably doesn’t matter if it’s 3-4 or 4-3, everybody’s vision would always be the same. You’d like to be as good as you can possibly be, and as deep as you can possibly be. Up front we’re getting close to being that. We’re significantly deeper than we were a year ago. I think we’re significantly better up front than we were a year ago. I think it’s a good thing for this organization. I think they are a pretty good group and a good group of guys. They work hard, they like each other and they prepare well.”

(On what challenges Pierre Garcon and Josh Morgan bring)- “They are good. They’ve got good size, they are fast. They are well coached. They’ve got a scheme that can benefit them in a number of ways. They lead the league in rushing so clearly people kind of have to focus down on that, which gives them some single coverage. They are good at exploiting it. They are a very talented football team all the way around.”

(On Juqua Parker)- “He’s really a good player, just always has been in his career. I was with him very briefly in Philadelphia and was very impressed by him there. He’s unusually strong and obviously quick and explosive off the ball. He’s another guy that likes to play the game and he’s got a nice feel for his opponent. He’ll study, he’ll look at the tape and get that feel. Once the game starts, I think he does a great job of adjusting to what he’s actually getting on the field. It’s been a really good pick up for us, both in the room with the other guys and on the field on Sundays.”

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