Jauron press conf. transcript - 12/6

Posted Dec 6, 2012

The transcript of defensive coordinator Dick Jauron's Thursday afternoon press conference.

Browns Defensive Coordinator Dick Jauron 12-6-12

(On Brian Daboll running trick plays and if they are prepared for that)- “You hope you’re prepared. It’s hard, he does a lot of very creative things on offense. We’ve certainly talked about it and will look at some of them, but you just don’t have time to prepare for every possible gadget play that people might run. Hopefully, like I said, we’ll be aware on Sunday. It’s hard, and they’re good. They do a nice job with it.”

(On if Dexter McCluster is their Wildcat quarterback)- “He is their Wildcat quarterback. I suppose he doesn’t necessarily have to be, but that’s what they’ve shown. It makes sense that he would be the guy.”

(On if the Chiefs use Peyton Hillis and Jamaal Charles as a change of pace)- “I think that’s exactly what they do. You know Peyton well. He’s a big powerful back, a really good downhill runner. He gets behind his pads. He’s hard to stop. Then Charles is just a great zone runner. They do a very nice job in their zone scheme. He’s a great runner in everything. In the zone scheme, he’s got the ability to stretch the defense and then put that one foot in the ground and make the cut. He’s got the speed to go the distance. He’s a big threat anytime in the course of the football game. It gives them a really good one-two punch.”

(On how they study Brady Quinn without a lot of film on him)- “I think you go off of last week. He played very well last week. I thought he handled their team very well. He threw the ball well. They controlled kind of the tempo of the football game with their run game and their pass. They mixed it well. He did a very nice job. Obviously, we hope we get the upper hand on him. Clearly, we want that. He played extremely well for them a week ago and that’s what we look at. We’ll spend most of our time on their recent game.”

(On if he can name the main reason why the defense has been better against the run in the last three weeks)- “Not really, no. We’ve gotten healthy up front. We’ve gotten almost everybody back up front in the defensive line. It helps us to play in waves we’ve always talked about that. It keeps people rested. People have made plays. They’ve just done a nice job making plays.”

(On if he can compare Jamaal Charles to a back they’ve faced this year)- “He’s different. Obviously, he’s different. He’s got that great speed down the field. He is a very good zone runner. It doesn’t mean he doesn’t run the scheme plays well also, the other plays well also like the counters and the toss cracks. He does those very well too. He’s different and somewhat similar to Ray Rice. Both of them are very good. They are very, very good readers of the defensive scheme and where the holes are. They get there quickly, get in and out of the hole quickly and down the field and really attack a defense and make things happen.”

(On if their gap integrity has improved)- “Yeah, I suspect that it has. If it’s not, people will find those gaps. They’ll find empty gaps on you.”

(On if he was pleased with the run defense against Oakland)- “There are certain things we could have played better, certainly. We were pleased with the win. That’s what we were pleased with. Yeah, there were things we could have played better.”

(On what the possibility of having the secondary back together healthy means for the defense)- “It will be good. Dimitri (Patterson) has had a couple good days of practice. Bubba’s (Ray Ventrone) back, Usama’s (Young) back, so we’ll just have to see. Obviously, we can’t carry everybody into the game. It’ll make for some tough decisions for Coach (Pat) Shurmur, but it’s just good to have them all back and working again.”

(On if the last two games are the most physical they have played since he’s been here)- “I hadn’t really thought about that. I think they played hard. They played very hard in both games. They made a lot of plays. The ball bounced for us a couple times. You have to have that happen. I’m really pleased with the effort they’ve been giving and the way they have prepared. Hopefully, it will continue.”

(On if he talks to the team about Brady Quinn being a former number one draft pick to show that he has talent)- “No, I don’t. It doesn’t mean other people don’t, position coaches might, but I don’t. I just talk about the player. Obviously, I can’t speak for every coach and every player, but it doesn’t really matter where he was picked once he’s in the league. If he’s playing, you’ve got to play against him and do well.”

(On if Tashaun Gipson is a guy they would like to give more playing time even with Usama Young back)- “We like Tashaun. He’ll definitely stay in the rotation.”

(On Oakland avoiding Joe Haden and if he’s seen that any other time this year)- “They definitely didn’t go after him much. They didn’t go after him that much. Joe is playing well. I don’t know where it will go. Clearly, if they were going to go away from him then they are going to go at Sheldon (Brown) and they’ll probably think that one over. That didn’t work out so good. We’ll just have to wait and see. I thought Sheldon just played a terrific game out there in every area. He tackled. He defended the thrown ball. He had pass break-ups and a big interception. We’ll just have to see what people want to do.”

(On how well he knows Romeo Crennel)- “Not well, but well enough to say hello to him. We’ve talked a few times, but not well.”

(On having an appreciation for what Crennel went through last week)- “I can only imagine, but I can’t really put myself in that situation. It’s just a terrible thing. It’s just a tragedy.”

(On if Brown is the slowest guy in the secondary)- “I don’t know. I remember when David Brown, the great cornerback that I was fortunate enough to work with late in his career. I remember talking to coach (Lindy) Infante in about him. Coach wondered what he ran the 40 in. Then we both agreed we’d just assume not know. It doesn’t make any difference because for some reason you just couldn’t beat him. Let’s not worry about what he runs the 40 in, he just knows how to play. I don’t know that.”

(On what made Sheldon Brown play as well as he did last week)- “He clearly understands the game. He knows how to play the game. He made a lot of plays. That was a terrific game. He’s getting his hands on the ball so many times in the course of that game. That was really rare.”

(On what he’s seen from the young linebackers)- “We’re really happy with them. Billy Davis and Chuck (Bullough) have done a terrific job getting them ready. They’ve performed. JMJ (James-Michael Johnson) has been in that starting role and he’s just gotten better every week. L.J. (Fort) is primarily playing special teams. He’s playing them and playing them well, and it’s critically important to our whole football team. Craig (Robertson) is filling in that role in our sub package and our nickel package. He’s gotten a lot of experience throughout the year, and he just gets better and better. They’ve been really terrific additions to the football team, two of them as free-agents and JMJ of course is a draft pick. All of them are terrific teammates, I think, they’re really the kind of people you want on your team.”

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