Jauron press conf. transcript - 9/20

Posted Sep 20, 2012

The transcript of defensive coordinator Dick Jauron's Thursday afternoon press conference.

Browns Defensive Coordinator Dick Jauron Press Conference 9-20-12

(On if playing against Ryan Fitzpatrick this week brings about thoughts about Harvard vs. Yale rivalry) – “No, it didn’t until now.”

(On if that particular rivalry means anything to him) – “Oh yeah, it does. It’s not between Ryan and I, but it was a huge thing in my college career. (I) love that rivalry.”

(On what a Harvard vs. Yale game was like) – “(It was like) any other football game you’ve ever been to. It was well attended, loud fans, very interested fans and a lot of preparation. It was probably like almost any other game you’ve ever been to, just been around a lot longer than most of them.”

(On if the only thing special is the length of the rivalry) – “No, I’d say absolutely not, but if you want to talk about any rivalry between schools, that’s what it would be like between any teams that have played each other for a long, long time, (who) want to beat each other badly. As competitors, don’t care for each other very much.”

(On if Ryan Fitzpatrick is smarter than the average quarterback) – “I don’t know, I wouldn’t say that. He’s a smart guy, but quarterbacks are pretty smart people. Certainly I’ve met him, I’ve coached him. He’s a very competitive guy and he’s a talented guy. He’s not the tallest quarterback, but he’s not short either. He’s very strong, (a) very strong runner. He can run the ball and he will run the ball. He has done a really good job, a very good job for them. They’ve done a nice job with him too.”

(On what he does to prevent a game like last week where the secondary was overmatched) – “We gave up too many big plays obviously a week ago. Just keep working. The only thing you can do is work, keep working at it. The great thing about our guys is they will keep working. Everyone was disappointed in that football game. They came back and they’ve had a good week so far of preparation, hopefully it’ll continue that way. Then you take it out on the field and hope somehow to reverse it.”

(On how badly was Sheldon Brown injured that he couldn’t play) – “We entered that week being told that Sheldon would be very limited through the week and for the game, very limited. We took that approach into the game and tried to limit his exposure in that football game to any more injuries. Hopefully he has had that week to recover and we move from there.”

(On missing Brown’s tackling ability on the field) – “When you lose a starter, you miss him. There’s no doubt about it, but the other guys have to step up and play. For Buster (Skrine), he’s a work in progress. Clearly, he hasn’t played a lot of football and we really like him. He’s a very competitive, very tough guy. He learned a good deal in that game that will help him in the long run. It was just painful for him and us at sometimes in the short run. He also made some good plays in that football game too, but gave up some.”

(On what Skrine learned from the last game) – “It would be a long list. First of all, you take the field, to start in an NFL game is very, very different than anything you’ve ever done. It’s a lot faster and you’re out there the whole time. You’re out there on that edge the whole game. The routes, the formations, the motions, the movements, everything would be new for him for that length of time at that speed, in his second year. He has just never started an (NFL) football game before.”

(On if Skrine struggled at corner because of getting the most snaps in special teams) – “You’d have to talk to the head coach and the special teams coach. My approach or opinion of special teams has always been you better play at a high level there. You have to play at a high level in all three areas to have a chance to win. If you have a starter that’s’ a very good special teams player and he’s your best guy at that position, then he’s got to perform at that position. It’d be hard if he was performing on almost all the special teams. A smaller player like that obviously wouldn’t be on the field goal team. (He) could be on everything else, block teams, the return teams. Then the load becomes heavy, but I don’t think that was the case with Buster. Sometimes you have to do that. If you only have ‘x’ number of people active for a football game, you better put your best guys out there because it’s hard to win.”

(On how he is getting the young defensive backs ready for this week’s game) – “(It’s) a combination of both. I don’t think, I mean, I’m not an expert in this area, or maybe any area, but I’m not certain that any two people learn exactly the same way. You have to prep them in the classroom where some people are better than others. You have to take it on the field and you have to take it to video and talk and demonstrate on the board. All of those things and that’s obviously the approach. Learning film work and then take it onto the field, individual work, preparation on the field and then apply it on the football field on Sundays.”

(On how he plans to defend C.J. Spiller) – “You have to be disciplined and that’s true in every area of the game. In the run game, you’re going to have to hit your fits, there are a certain number of gaps obviously and you have to defend them. They do a very good job of trying to confuse your gap control with their offensive scheme and they do a nice job of blocking it. Then, he has got great speed once he gets to the second level. It’s hard to keep him off that level because he’s fast to the edges too. They’ve done a really good job. I like the overall game, we just have to be very focused, tuned-in and play fast. You have to really play fast.”

(On if Spiller is a disciplined runner, cut back, or just looking for holes) – “I would say all of the above. They’ve done a really nice job scheming their offensive football team and they take advantage of his abilities. He’ll run inside or out and he gets through a hole quickly. He’s very fast down the field. Then they’ll get him out of there and they’ll throw him the ball too. He’s a very good receiver. There are a lot of issues involved, obviously.”

(On if he thinks the defense can run with him) – “I don’t know. I think he ran a 4.3 something coming out, so he’s extremely fast.”

(On Chan Gailey saying his opponents have to prepare for the wildcat and how much time he takes to prepare for it) – “You do have to prepare for it, so he’s right in that regard. On the other hand, he’s has to prepare it, so it takes him time also. It’s just another thing they have to work on too. I think there you go. I think it’s a wash.”

(On his sense of urgency to not let his team drop to 0-3) – “No, I don’t know that there’s any value in it, or any value not in it. What game can you afford to lose?”

(On Buffalo going 0-3 and making the playoffs) – “So it can be done. There are lots of ways to look at it. But we go into every game thinking, ‘We have to win this football game.’ We’re going to expend all of our energy to win the football game that’s before ours. There’s no other way to approach it. I suspect maybe at the end of the year if you have your division all wrapped up with a game to go, somebody might come in and say you can lose this game. I’ve been in that situation and never had anyone say that then either.”

(On how to manage the playing time of Scott Fujita while allowing L.J. Fort and Craig Robertson to also get reps) – “Clearly, once he’s back in there, he’s taking their reps on Sundays and in practice. At this point, that’s the way it should be. He played a solid game for us, has all that experience, and helps us in a lot of different ways. (It) Probably helps them to. Although it takes them off the field, they get a chance to see a really good veteran, a real professional and how he prepares for the game, how he approaches practice, how he studies and then how he plays. I think it’ll be really beneficial in the long term for everybody. In the short term they don’t gain the experience that they would gain on the field on Sunday.”

(On if he gave Robertson and Fort reps in the Cincinnati game) – “Craig, yeah. L.J. played all the special teams. He can get in and out at times, but not many.”

(On if he’s ever had both starting corners out before in one week) – “Probably, but I can’t remember it. I’m going to assume, my dad told me a long time ago, everything will happen to you. You just have to kind of go with it.”

(On it being a ‘double whammy’ last week with Brown and Joe Haden out) – “It wasn’t good. I like the guys that played. I do. Hopefully, they’ll keep growing into it and get better and better as we move along. They’ll have to.”

(On getting eight sacks in the first two games) – “We’re better. We are a better defense up front. We’re deeper. I think we’re faster. I believe we’re tougher than we were. That’s a factor, D’Qwell’s (Jackson) very active. I think it’s a combination of those two things. We gave up too many big plays a week ago, but we played tight coverage. We try to be on people and take away the easy throws if we can, for the most part. I think it’s all worked that way, but up front we’re better. Pee Wee (Dwaine Board) does a really good job with them too.”

(On the Bills offensive line being the only NFL team to allow a sack) – “They’re experienced. They’re a line that plays well together. Their scheme is a solid scheme. They do a very good job with their scheme. The ball comes out fast and Ryan is pretty accurate with the ball. He’s smart. He knows what you’re trying to do and he gets the ball out of his hands when he should. When he has the time, he will hold it and he will take some shots. It comes out on a nice rhythm a lot of the time and he can run. He can move.”

(On how much pressure that puts on Eric Haag) – “I don’t know that it would put any more pressure on Eric inside. He would play the same.”

(On what he would like to see from Haag) – “We would like to get a little more production from that position. We’ve told him this. He’s a wonderful young man. He’ll do anything he can for this football team.”

(On difference in pass rushing from Week One to Week Two) – “We were about the same in both games percentage wise, somewhere between 20 and 25 percent. Right in there, a little more, a little less. That’s kind of what we do, and then we just see how it’s going in the game and what they’re doing. If we think it fits more pressure or it doesn’t, but it was pretty similar.”

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