Kids of the Browns support Littlest Heroes

Posted Sep 25, 2013

The Kids of the Browns raised more than $1,300 in support of The Littlest Heroes by having a lemonade stand during training camp.

The youngest members of the Cleveland Browns’ organization lent a helping hand to The Littlest Heroes during training camp.

The Kids of the Browns ran a lemonade stand before the season kicked off, and helped raise $1,352 to support The Littlest Heroes. The Littlest Heroes organization helps local families, both emotionally and financially, who have had children diagnosed with cancer.

“The lemonade stand is perfect,” said Sheila Chudzinski, wife of Browns coach Rob Chudzinski. “It’s a kid thing, a summer kid thing, and they wanted to do it. We figured, ‘Let’s make it for something worthwhile.’

“It’s great for my kids and the others involved with the Kids of the Browns. They get to be a part of the Browns’ organization, which their dads spend so much time doing. That’s a neat way for them to connect with their dads, and it’s also a neat way for them to connect with the Cleveland community, since a lot of us are new here. It’s a cool way for the kids to feel a part of the team and community, and also, learn about giving back and learn about people who are in less-fortunate, and dealing with more difficult situations than they happen to be.”

Helping The Littlest Heroes is something near and dear to the hearts of the Chudzinskis, and the Browns. During the team’s annual Family Night practice at FirstEnergy Stadium, the Browns partnered with The Littlest Heroes and gave five-year old cancer survivor Ryan Encinas the chance to run for a touchdown.

“We have a lot of involvement with kids with cancer,” Chudzinski said. “When we were back here from 2004-2007, we’d work with The Littlest Heroes to adopt families at Christmas. My kids wanted to sell lemonade, and they thought, ‘What could we do it for?’ I said, ‘Well, why don’t we do it for The Littlest Heroes?’

“It was great. We plan on doing it next year.”

With September being Childhood Cancer Awareness Month, the Browns will host children who have battled cancer at this Sunday’s game against the Cincinnati Bengals.

The lemonade for sale was donated by Pepsi.

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