Kruger hosts celebrity event

Posted Nov 26, 2013

Cleveland Browns linebacker Paul Kruger hosted a celebrity bartending event Monday to benefit his Kruger Care Foundation.

Cleveland Browns outside linebacker Paul Kruger enlisted the help of his teammates and hosted a celebrity bartending event in downtown Cleveland Monday to benefit his Kruger Care Foundation.

The Kruger Care Foundation fundraiser will allow Kruger to achieve the foundation’s mission of assisting individuals and families affected by illness and injuries.

“One-hundred percent of the proceeds are given away, and we find families and children in the area that we hold the events that have gone through a tragic accident or have outstanding hospital bills, somebody that’s really in desperate need,” Kruger said.

Having the support of his teammates means the world to Kruger, as he works to positively impact the lives of those less fortunate than he.

“It’s awesome because it shows those guys’ dedication to being a good person for other people,” Kruger said. “It’s a good night to get your mind off things and just focus on the good, focus on other people. It’s a combination of things.”

Although Monday was the first Kruger Care event in Cleveland, he has held many events in the past to help those in need.

“Last year, in Utah, we helped a family who was at a local high school,” Kruger recalled. “He was injured in a wrestling accident, and as a result of the injury, was a paraplegic. We helped build a house for him. We helped raise money for that and we built ramps all through the house and elevators.”

For Kruger, helping out children and families is his way of paying forward the blessings and support he has received on his journey from childhood to the NFL.

“People have done that for me in my life and I know how much it affected me and my family,” Kruger said. “To have people there, helping you along the way in life is really meaningful. To have any opportunity that I can to be that person for somebody is an honor for me.”

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