Little, Gronkowski go to the prom

Posted Apr 7, 2013

CLEVELAND -- Greg Little and Dan Gronkowski spent Friday night at A Prom To Remember, an event for Northeast Ohio children battling cancer.

CLEVELAND -- Cleveland Browns wide receiver Greg Little and tight end Dan Gronkowski hit the red carpet and went back to the prom on Friday night.

Little and Gronkowski attended the third-annual A Prom To Remember event, which provided more than 100 children from Northeast Ohio who are battling cancer with a night of celebration at the Ritz-Carlton, Cleveland.

Many of the kids in attendance are going through chemotherapy or were too ill to attend their schools' proms. Through the generosity of local businesses, these kids had the opportunity to attend free-of-charge, including everything from dresses, tuxedos, salon services, prom photos, food and limousine transportation.

“I think it was very unique, very one-of-a-kind,” Little said. “I know several of my teammates have taken dates to their perspective proms, and this was very unique and very special to be able to come out. I feel very honored to be asked to come to an event like this. They have so many various operations and so many various things that they have to do and to come out to this is a relief. They’re so excited to see me and Dan here, and it’s very humbling.”

Gronkowski added, “It just seemed like a good event. It’s good to get out into the community, get to know some people and just give back. We’re very fortunate. We’re fortunate to be in the position we are, and it’s always good to give back. It makes you happy seeing them happy, so it’s a good feeling.”

The children ranged in age from 12 to 19, were welcomed ‘Hollywood-style’ after arriving in limousines wearing gowns and tuxedos, got to walk the red carpet, where they were interviewed by WJW/Fox 8 reporter Kristi Capel and posed for pictures before entering the ballroom for a night of dancing.

“A Prom To Remember is so happy to have the Browns’ involvement,” said Kim Knausz, the liaison between the Florida and Cleveland Proms. “It means so much to the teens. It’s so inspirational for these guys to take time out of their days to brighten their days. Their days revolve around going to doctors’ appointments, and some of them aren’t even in schools. It’s so nice for the guys to come out and show they mean a lot to them and are just encouraging to them.”

Little said attending A Prom To Remember brought him back to his prom at Hillside High School in Durham, N.C.

“When I walked in, I instantly remembered where I was, what I was wearing, what songs were being played,” said Little. “It’s so surreal to be able to go back in time once I walked in. Hopefully, I get asked to come onto the dance floor and cut a little rug. I’ve busted a move once or twice in my day.”

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