Little driven for more success

Posted Nov 7, 2013

Cleveland Browns wide receiver Greg Little had a career-high seven catches for 122 yards in a win over the Ravens, and is driven to achieve more success.

Cleveland Browns wide receiver Greg Little caught a career-high seven passes for 122 yards in last Sunday’s 24-18 win over the Baltimore Ravens at FirstEnergy Stadium, but the individual success was secondary to the end result for the team.

Little reported to work Tuesday focused on the seven games that remain after the bye week, and believes the best is yet to come for the Browns, who stand at 4-5 overall and in second place in the AFC North Division, two games behind the Cincinnati Bengals, whom they play after the bye week this Sunday.

“I think we’re capable to go out and take every game one-by-one, and win every week, finish 1-0,” Little said. “I think we’ll do just fine from there. It was one game. It was a huge conference win, but we understand what we have to do to go out and set ourselves up for what we ultimately really want to do this season.

“I definitely want to finish this season out the same way I have the first two. I’m going to continue to push myself, and hopefully, that sets our team up to where we want to be.”

Little had some early-season struggles, but after the breakout game against Baltimore, the team’s leading receiver in each of the past two seasons plans on having performances like he did against the Ravens be the rule, not the exception.

“I can’t let weeks one and two impact weeks nine and 10,” Little said. “I know that I’ve got to go out in this league and it’s going to take your best, it’s going to take everybody’s best to win every week.

“That just further affirms that I am a player in this league that can make plays. One thing that Coach (Rob Chudzinski) talks about is sustaining success, and that’s really what I want to build on right now, having that game and trying to replace it with a lot more.”

In addition to the win, Little drew motivation from the Browns’ special guest at Wednesday’s practice, Pro Football Hall of Fame wide receiver Michael Irvin.

Irvin told “Cleveland Browns Daily, Driven by Liberty Ford” that he talked about the Browns being on the verge of something special.

“It means a lot coming from a guy like Michael because he’s not going to shoot you any (lies),” Little said. “He’s a straight shooter and you can see it in his eyes that he really means it.

“He’s an emotional guy as well, and he talked about containing emotions. He talked about holding each other accountable, making a commitment to one goal of winning, and everything else will follow in behind it.”

Having played with and coached Irvin during their respective careers and known of the struggles he went through with injuries and off-the-field issues, Browns defensive coordinator Ray Horton and offensive coordinator Norv Turner believe that his message had a positive impact on Little and the Browns.

“He wanted to be great,” Turner said. “If you want to be great and you have the ability and you’re willing to commit to it like he did, then, you have a chance. Obviously, he talked about it; he couldn’t have done what he did without the guys he had around him. You have to do your part. He’s got a great story to tell. Anyone who knows his background knows it hasn’t all been smooth. There’s been great moments. Obviously three Super Bowls and some unbelievable plays, unbelievable seasons, but he had rough spots along the way and I think a guy who’s been through it, they relate to it a little better than someone else.”

Horton added, “His resume is fantastic and his speech was unbelievable. The room was quiet the whole time and I think when your pedigree states that you’ve been there, done that, guys listen to you and he gave a fantastic message.”

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