Massaquoi, offense find rhythm

Posted Sep 16, 2012

CINCINNATI -- Wide receiver Mohamed Massaquoi and the Cleveland Browns' offense were able to find a rhythm in Sunday’s 34-27 loss to the Cincinnati Bengals at Paul Brown Stadium.

CINCINNATI -- Cleveland Browns quarterback Brandon Weeden completed 26 of 37 pass attempts in the team’s 34-27 loss to the Cincinnati Bengals at Paul Brown Stadium Sunday afternoon.

Of those 37 attempts, seven were thrown to fourth-year wide receiver Mohamed Massaquoi, who caught five passes for 90 yards, an average of 18 yards per reception.

“We’re just going to build off of what we have now from OTAs and minicamp,” Massaquoi said. “With everybody being healthy, it was just a great foundation for us to just continue to grow.

“We were able to make some of the plays that we weren’t able to make last week. We’re just going to continue to try and correct those mistakes that we had, just so we can be a little bit more potent, a little bit more explosive and just take some of the pressure off the defense because they’re playing phenomenal right now.”

Weeden set a Browns rookie record with 322 yards passing in the loss. His improvement from the four interceptions against the Philadelphia Eagles was something Massaquoi attributed to the work the team put in during the week.

“I think it started with his preparation,” Massaquoi said. “He wanted to make sure he came back and had a better outing. I think that he was able to do a lot of things better this week and I think he’s going to continue to improve every week.”

Massaquoi knows the team has to “just stay the course” in working toward getting that first victory of the 2012 season.

“We just have to keep working and hopefully, when everybody hits on all phases, we can pick it up a little more,” Massaquoi said.

The Browns had six receivers catch passes of at least 17 yards and five of those players gained at least 21 yards on their longest reception of the game. Massaquoi’s longest play was a 22-yard catch.

He felt the team got a burst of energy with each explosive play.

Rookie running back Trent Richardson had two of those big plays with a 23-yard touchdown reception at the end of the third quarter and a first-half touchdown run that he took in from 32 yards out.

“He’s a special player and the more he gets his feet under him, the more he’s just going to help this team,” Massaquoi said. “He’s a very selfless guy. He’s out there playing for the team. When you have such a great ability, it’s special.

“We’re a close-knit group and we’re feeding off each other.”

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