Massaquoi returns to practice

Posted Nov 16, 2011

Browns wide receiver Mohamed Massaquoi returned to practice after missing last week’s game with concussion-like symptoms.

Wide receiver Mohamed Massaquoi returned to practice on a limited basis Wednesday after missing last week’s game against the St. Louis Rams at Cleveland Browns Stadium.

Massaquoi missed the game with concussion-like symptoms.

“I’m feeling good,” Massaquoi said. “Whenever you talk about concussions and the head, yes (you’re concerned) just because you only have one brain, but we have great doctors. I feel good right now. I’m not really concerned about it right now because we did our due-diligence just to make sure we took care of everything and we’ll go on from there.”

Massaquoi originally suffered a concussion in the Browns’ 6-3 win over the Seattle Seahawks on October 23rd. He did not make the trip to San Francisco, but was symptom-free leading up to the team’s game at the Houston Texans.

In the second half of the 30-12 loss to the Texans, Massaquoi was removed from the game when the symptoms reappeared.

“You just feel off,” Massaquoi said. “People say their head is ringing; it wasn’t really like that. You just feel off and until you feel like yourself, you put yourself at risk for another concussion. It’s very dangerous for future injuries, so whenever you feel something, you just shut it down. I felt something. It wasn’t from a hit; it wasn’t from anything during the game. For safety reasons, it was best just to shut it down.”

Massaquoi suffered a concussion at Pittsburgh last year and missed only one game the entire season. This time around, Massaquoi physically felt different.

“This one took a little bit more time,” Massaquoi said. “We handled it a little bit differently. I feel great right now; I feel confident that no symptoms are going to come back. I’m confident that concussions aren’t going to happen in the future.”

Sitting out the game against St. Louis was hard for Massaquoi. As a competitor, he wants to be on the field, helping the team in any way possible.

“It’s just hard because you’re not out there,” Massaquoi said. “Everybody in this room is like brothers. You put the work in; you’re around these guys more than your family sometimes, so whenever you see something not going right or you see the success, you want to be part of it. You want to be there to try and make it a little bit better.”

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