Mayock sees depth in draft

Posted Feb 21, 2013

NFL Network analyst Mike Mayock believes the strength of the 2013 NFL Draft lies in its depth.

What the 2013 NFL Draft may lack in star power, it more than makes up for in its depth, according to NFL Network draft analyst Mike Mayock, who held a conference call with the national media earlier this week.

“I think we probably have better depth than we’ve had in the last ten years,” Mayock said. “I’m really impressed with our depth. The top end of the draft, the top 10 picks, I don’t see the difference makers like we’ve had the last several years: a couple of quarterbacks last year, Von Miller, Ndamukong Suh. You can go back and see those impact players each year where, before the draft, you knew who they were, (you knew) that guy’s a difference maker.

“The quick snapshot of this draft is more depth, not quite the difference makers at the top end and a whole lot of holes in the quarterbacking class.”

According to Mayock, and many other draft analysts, the depth is no more evident than at the line of scrimmage, where he has a dozen players on both sides of the line with first-round grades.

“I’ve got six tackles that I’ve given first round grades to, so the offensive line depth is really good,” Mayock said. “I think the defensive tackle depth is outstanding, the safety depth is outstanding.”

In addition to the offensive and defensive linemen, as well as the secondary, Mayock spoke highly of the tight end group, which has been bolstered by several underclassmen and University of Cincinnati senior, Travis Kelce, whose older brother, Jason, was drafted by the Philadelphia Eagles two seasons ago.

“I like the tight ends, but there is a drop-off after three, so you could see a little bit of a run, a team wants a tight end, but they want to make sure they’re in that top three,” Mayock said. “You could see some guys going to get all three of those guys.

“We haven’t had a tight end drafted in the first round in the last two years, so I think that’s going to change this year.”

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