Mingo Conf. Call Transcript - 4/25

Posted Apr 25, 2013

The transcript of Barkevious Mingo's conference call with the Cleveland media.

Browns Linebacker Barkevious Mingo Conference Call 4-25-13

(On his reaction of coming to Cleveland) - “I just had a really good visit. Going there, the coaches, obviously were very impressed. I fell in love with the city and now I have a chance to play there.”

(On if he met with Ray Horton during his visit) - “Yes, I talked to coach Horton. We pretty much went over how they want to use me in their scheme. We talked about football, we talked about how they wanted to get to know me as a person, obviously, and that’s pretty much the extent of my visit there.”

(On how are they going to use him in the 3-4 scheme) - “They needed pass rushers. They want somebody to get to the quarterback and help on the defense.”

(On if the team wants him to get bigger and stronger) - “Definitely. In my talks with them it was a concern, but it’s not really a concern. I can easily put the weight on and hold it throughout the season; it’s just the fact of doing it.”

(On if he knew the Browns were going to take him) - “I did not know going in. It was the stylist’s favorite color. We went with it and I thought it looked really good. It’s a coincidence, really big coincidence.”

(On what makes him such a good pass rusher and why will he fit with the Browns) - “I just have to want to get there. I have high energy, a quick first step, be first to the ball and that’s what they like about me. That’s what they wanted to add to their team and I feel I can bring that.”

(On reaction about being selected by the Browns) - “Oh, I’m very excited. I’m a national football player, it’s a lifelong dream. Now, I get to play for a team that loves football. Coming from my visit and sitting with coach Horton, he informed me of the tradition of the organization and how much the fans love their city. It really made me want to play there.”

(On experience in covering tight ends or running backs in pass coverage) - “Did it a few (times) while I was at LSU. Not too much, but I don’t think it’s a pretty big deal.”

(On switching to outside linebacker and being more effective as pass rusher) - “I agree completely with that. With the offensive lineman not knowing if I’m coming or dropping back into coverage, they can’t predict where I’ll be at.”

(On why his statistics were lower his senior season as opposed to his sophomore season) - “Just scheme on both sides of the ball. Offensive coordinators obviously don’t want their quarterbacks to be hit, so they’ll chip. With fast defensive ends, they’ll slot the line, they’ll three-step drop. Quarterbacks have been doing that for a long time. Also, on our side of the ball, we played mobile quarterbacks and box schemes. Our defensive coordinators didn’t want us to get up field and lose contain on those guys and let them make big runs. Those kind of box schemes, we would contain more than rush on some games.”

(On where he thought he would go when the night started) - “Honestly, it was wide open. My agent didn’t know anything, I didn’t know anything. Really just came in hoping for the best.”

(On his vision for his pro career) - “I think I can be as good as I want to be and I want to be great. I want to be one of those guys that get their name called in Canton, Ohio and be a dominant player.”

(On how playing in the SEC prepared him for the NFL) - “I think we have played in NFL type games, week in and week out. A lot of those guys that got their named called earlier are from the SEC. It shows. Obviously, we have a lot more guys that really make an impact on an NFL team.”

(On adapting his attitude from winning every year in college to potentially losing in the NFL) - “Just do everything I can to change that. Get to the quarterback, cause turnovers and win games. That’s what it’s all about.”

(On how much time he has spent in Ohio and in the north in general other than visiting and working out for the Browns) - “Really, that was kind of the first time. I took a couple visits coming out of high school to Michigan and UCONN, but those were the only trips I made up north.”

(On how successful he and Paul Kruger could be as a tandem) - “He is a terrific defensive end. Gets up, makes plays, causes havoc and sacks quarterbacks. With us two on the ends, it’s going to be hard for offensive lines to slide one way or the other or do anything really.”

(On his expectation to potentially win a starting job out of training camp) - “That’s my goal. My goal is to be starting week one and help win games. That’s what they are bringing me in here for and that’s what I’m committed to doing.”

(On his stunning smile and where in his family he got that from) - “Honestly, I don’t know. I guess, I don’t know. But thanks!”

(On how he was named Barkevious and whether he realizes that it is fitting for the Dog Pound) - “It’s very fitting. My mom just kind of made it up. She came up with it. She just wanted to be different I guess. She thought Barkevious was different.”

(On how he compares himself to Dion Jordan and whether he sees himself as the best pass rusher in this draft) - “I just think I’m the best pass rusher. Week one preseason, I’ll get to show that.”

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