Name that Cleveland Browns shoe

Posted Jul 3, 2014

Can you guess who is wearing what kicks?

Some of the Browns' players wear some interesting shoes. The choice in clothing reveals a little bit about their personality. Can you guess each player's shoe? Answers will be posted inside this article later today.

Hint: This Browns player once woke up at 3 a.m. to catch a bus for his college practices.

Hint: This Browns player set multiple records on special teams while in college.

Hint: This Browns player has already changed his number once, and is playing two different positions.

Hint: This Browns player, who was born in a foreign country, cites soccer as his first love.

Hint: This Browns player cites the HBO series Entourage as his favorite show on television.

Answers in order: Terrance West, Justin Gilbert, Chris Kirksey, Pierre Desir and Johnny Manziel

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