October Post Corner Question

Posted Oct 14, 2010

Browns Backers sound off on who they think is the biggest surprise player this season.

“My surprise player would be second round draft pick T.J. Ward. The young man is all over the field and making plays. One thing is for sure, the man can hit.” - Josh Jeffi, President Strongsville Browns Backers

“Definitely Peyton Hillis is the biggest surprise. He is a horse back there and with Vickers leading the way, he's been a lot of our offense thus far. I love watching him wear the brown and orange as he runs over and through defensive players.” - Paul Lombardo, President Browns Backers of Jamestown, NY

“By far it has to be Seneca Wallace! He came in and has made the Browns competitive every week. With his play making the Browns offense has been the best it’s been in years.” - Ben Walker, Browns Backer via Facebook

“Undoubtedly, the biggest surprise thus far has been running back Peyton Hillis. He’s a bruiser, who hits the line fast and has great hands. I like him running up the gut and around the end as well as catching passes out of the backfield.”- Michael Heinbach, President of the Missoula Browns Backers

“The biggest surprise for me has been Matt Roth. His play at linebacker has been consistent and tough. I hope he keeps his motor running!” - Patrick Meyer, President Chesterland Browns Backers

“Peyton Hillis. His play has not only been surprising, but also inspiring.  His blue collar attitude and work ethic mirrors this town and its fans.  He has equally embraced us as we him.” - Jason Zapisek, President North Royalton Browns Backers

Joe Haden. Cornerback is one of the hardest positions to transition to in the NFL and he's making it look easy! Great instincts, great short space quickness and good speed.” - Ray Duvall Browns Backer via Facebook

“By far it has to be Peyton Hillis. He is giving the Browns a running game they haven't seen since Kevin Mack. He is a hard runner who tries to punish the opposition just for getting in his way.” - Tom Pennington Jr., Browns Backer via Facebook

“T.J. Ward for sure. He has brought something the defense has been lacking. That is not only the big hit ability, but big play ability.” - Andrew Wilde, Browns Backer via Facebook

Ahtyba Rubin has been the biggest surprise player. He has stepped in and owned his role at nose tackle. I would have never guessed that he would be leading all defensive linemen in tackles at this point of the season.” - Greg Johnson, Browns Backer via Facebook

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