Pierre Desir answers your questions

Posted Jun 5, 2014

Rookie explains what he loves most about Cleveland

Pierre Desir: Richard Sherman. I believe we have similar traits. He has great ball skills. He understands routes. He’s a big playmaker. Personality wise, I think we are different in that category. I am more of a silent assassin. He’s more of an in-your-face cornerback.

Pierre Desir: I would like to improve on my technique, which means my footwork, getting in and out of breaks, backpedalling, staying low, opening up my hips. That’s something I try and work on every day with the coaches. That’s something I watch film of myself on.

Pierre Desir: My family. My family kept me motivated to keep pushing and following my dreams by giving me a lot of love and support. They gave a lot of advice when I needed it the most.

Pierre Desir: Definitely the fans. They have shown me so much love throughout this whole time that I’ve been here. I’m just very excited to be in a place where the fans embrace you and show you so much love and respect.

Pierre Desir: Number one, make the team. Two, have as many interceptions as possible. And three, just make a big impact. Whether it’s on defense or special teams.

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