Player Quotes - 10/28

Posted Oct 28, 2012

Locker room quotes from several Cleveland Browns players following the team's 7-6 win over the San Diego Chargers.


QB Brandon Weeden

(On the difficulty of connecting on throws)- “It was tough, especially the quick stuff. They (referees) did a good job of keeping the balls somewhat dry. There was a couple, the one to Ben (Watson) I didn’t even have a chance. I should have just shot put it out there early in the game and then I threw a hitch and it slipped. It was challenging, it was very challenging, the ball was definitely wet. Like I said, we made plays when we needed to and obviously the numbers weren’t pretty but I could one million percent care less.”

(On what happened when the ball slipped to Ben Watson)- “It was rainy outside and it was really, really wet and so was the football. I just didn’t have a good grip on it. We had used that ball three plays in a row and I think the ball had been rolling around on the ground a little bit. We’re all wet so they didn’t switch out balls, which is fine, but I basically palmed it. It felt like I threw a changeup out there.”

(On having a sense Trent Richardson was going to have a good game)- “In the locker room before we even went out. He had a totally had a different mindset this week than he did last week. I think he felt comfortable, he had a great week of practice. I don’t know if he’s one hundred percent but he played like it. He played his tail off and he was the spark that we needed. He ran the ball well, Montario (Hardesty) came in and did some good things and we were able to have 134 or somewhat yards rushing on the ground. We were able to run on a very good run defense and I was happy to see Trent (Richardson) come back and have the game he had. I told him, he probably got sick of me telling him, but I told him four or five times that I’m happy for him, I’m proud of you, you played your tail off.”

(On becoming aware 7 points were enough to win)- “Not until I took that last knee, honestly. Our defense made a stop. Our defense, lets not kid anybody here, our defense won us that football game. You know field position was a struggle, the weather was a struggle but games like that in those conditions to have our defense play like they did, they won the football game for us. If I had a game ball I’d give it to those guys. They played their tails off and made play after play against a really good offense.”

WR Joshua Cribbs

(On bad weather)- “It was really nasty out there.  It was the closest to the Buffalo game a couple of years ago; it might as well have been snowing out there cause the ball is slick, footing is terrible.  It comes down the field positioning.  You know, special teams was able to get that done.”

(On having a certain mentality for the game)- “It was a battle.  Our coach, he made a statement to go out there and be kids.  You know, it’s like playing in the rain.  You know, they’re from California, they ain’t use to this.  So we ready, I’m ready.  I know when I go home now, my daughter will want me to go outside and play in the rain with her.  So, I mean, we’re use to this.  You know, we had the advantage.”

(On Trent Richardson’s performance)- “I mean, I expected this from him.  He gave us what we expected out of him, and um, he continues to do a great job at running the football and when asked to create yards for us, he does it.  And he’s doing a good job.”

(On winning feeling)- “Every win is like a Super Bowl.  Joe Haden said it. That’s the one thing about Cleveland, we don’t take wins for granted.  We love this feeling; we’re going to keep trying to get it.  You know, it’s different for the young guys, to just know how it feels to win, to keep feeling that.  So we can just playing harder and harder and we’ll be that team that takes advantage of our opportunities.  That good team that when it’s on the line, we pull through and win.”

DE Jabaal Sheard

(On keeping Chargers out of the end zone)- “That’s big when it comes to a game like this.  One touchdown and they could have won the game, so keeping them out of the end zone is big.  We have to build off of it coming next week, I mean they have an explosive offense next week, the Ravens, and we have to build off it.”

(On beating Chargers after watching them on tape)- “Yeah, we know he makes plays (Rivers), the tight end (Gates) was obviously making a lot of plays for them.  I think T.J. (Ward) did a good job matching up against him and getting pressure to him (Rivers).  They did a little something with the run game but we shut that down quick.”

DB Buster Skrine

(On covering TE Antonio Gates)- “I’m up for any match up.  Coach trusted that I could do it.  So, I think I did pretty well.”

(On playing more)- “You just grow as a player game by game.  You can’t simulate a game in practice and I’m getting more experience, getting good reviews from my coaches and I feel like I’m doing a good job.”

RB Trent Richardson

(On the touchdown run) - “Well, it was a counter play, but they had it covered in the middle. So, I had to bounce it outside and I saw my blocks and the right defensive end was coming upfield. So, when he was coming upfield, I just cut back on him and I saw the safety, when I get into the secondary, I don’t have any problems. I got past him and my offensive line was still pushing and I could see Shawn (Lauvao) is coming and he was yelling, “go, go, go, go.”

(On if he knew who was pushing him into the end zone)- “I knew it was somebody. I didn’t think it was Shawn (Lauvao). I thought it was Alex Smith because he sounds just alike. I’m sitting there telling him, ‘Thank you. Why are you pushing me?””

(On difference from last Sunday and today)- “Well I got to play the whole game, but it’s just our practice in preparation. For me, I was fresh off my injury, my ribs, and this week I just felt more comfortable with it getting better and better every day.”

(On if the pain was different this week)- “Oh yeah, most definitely. It feels better this week. They are getting better day to day and I’m still out there fighting and I’m still going to be in the training room, trying to get better, no matter what. The pain was way better this week.”

LB D’Qwell Jackson

(On holding the Chargers without a touchdown) – “It was a collective effort. I thought for the most part, offensively, we were able to sustain a lot of drives. Trent (Richardson), I thought he had a big day with the offensive line. Just being able to run in these type of conditions. Defensively, I thought we rose to the occasion. There were times where we didn't get off on third down, but we would come to the sideline and talk about how the Chargers were attacking us. Everybody was in tune the entire ballgame and I think it was one of those days where things started to fall in place for us on both sides of the ball. I thought specials teams played a great game. I want to single out (Johnson) Bademosi. He has been a great player for us since the beginning of camp and what he brings to the special teams is tremendous and it gets us up as defensive players."

(On if the tide is turning for the team) – “It's one game. One game is good and I'm going to enjoy it right now, but it’s a long season. We could go back two weeks ago when we won and we go to Indianapolis and we don't do anything. This young group that we do have, we've just got to keep building. We had a great week of practice last week and we harped on it a lot on both sides of the ball. That doesn't guarantee that you're going to win it on Sunday, but your chances definitely go up a little bit. I think that was a great learning curve for us as a team. I think going into this week, we'll have the same mindset and hopefully same outcome."

(On if he feels pressure in a low scoring game like this one) – “This game was a little bit different. There wasn’t really time to think about anything else but trying to stay warm at times and then go back out there. San Diego is a great team. I thought defensively, we did a great job on the back end. We pressured a little bit this week, today and we affected (Philip) Rivers a little bit so it worked to our benefit."

OL John Greco

(On being able to run the ball)- “Yeah, it was good though.  You know, a sloppy day out there.  Sometimes it’s tough to throw the ball.  But whatever we do whether it’s pass heavy or run heavy.  Today was a little bit more run heavy and we just gotta get to work and open the holes.”

(On what Pat Shurmur and Jimmy Haslam said in the locker room)- “Pat was excited, Mr. Haslam was excited with getting the game ball which I thought was uh, you know, deserving.  Everyone is really excited right now. To at all be getting a win, whether its by fifty points or one, whether how many mistakes there are, a wins a win and we’ll enjoy it for a bit and get back to work.  We got the Ravens coming to town.”

(On rain being a factor)- “That was kind of our little thing we had before the game.  We were all talking, just have fun, be young kids out there where all you want to do is go play.  And it reminded me of like a high school game where it’s just sloppy and everyone keeps falling all over the place and you’re just scratching and clawing for every yard, and we came out on top in the end.”

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