Player Quotes - 10/3

Posted Oct 3, 2012

Here are post-practice quotes from wide receiver Joshua Cribbs, running back Trent Richardson and quarterback Brandon Weeden.

Browns Player Quotes (Cribbs, Richardson and Weeden) 10-3-12

Joshua Cribbs:

(On how he is feeling)- “I feel great. I have been blessed with a kill switch. I was blessed to come back and not really have to have too bad of a concussion. I passed all of my tests from the doctors. I went to the specialist and everything is okay.”

(On if he expects to start this week)- “I have no idea. I can tell you that I am working to get in the game plan heavily again like I was last week so we’ll see.”

Trent Richardson:

(On how close the offense is to being really good)- “We aren’t good until we win. We’re almost there, but until we start winning that’s when we’ll be good. The offense is a big part of that – we have to put up points, catch the pass, run the ball hard, make blocks and we have to be on our right assignments. We have to know what we are doing when we run our routes or check downs or whatever it is. We are going to come together and it’s coming along. We are getting there.”

(On how much stronger and more confident he feels now compared to Week One)- “My mindset is confident. Week One was kind of all over the place for me. I was just trying to come back. I hadn’t played in a NFL game, first game, first start. My mindset was, ‘Hey, I am going to go in and do whatever I can, do whatever I can to help the team,’ but now I feel more comfortable. I know the flow of the game, the flow of the speed and I know what I can do between each level of the game.”

(On if he is noticing defenses keying on him early in the games)- “Oh yeah, the defense is going to try to key on me regardless. That’s the one thing they always have done and they’ve seen me play a little bit more now so they are going to try to key on me more than anything now, but that makes it easier for our receivers. Brandon (Weeden) had what, over 300 yards passing, that’s good with me if we win the game. But if they key on me and we lose, I feel like it’s my fault.”

Brandon Weeden:

(On the Giants having a good pass rush and if they can go after their secondary)- “They are good. We’re talking about the defending Super Bowl champions. They’ve got guys back there that can cover. They’ve got some injuries back there, they’ve got some guys that are a little banged up, but you’ve got (Corey) Webster who’s been in the league for a while. (Prince) Amukamara is a first round guy that I played against in college. They’ve got very talented guys. You’ve got to be careful, you’ve got to pick your spots, but like you said up front they’re really good. They’ve got guys that can really rush the passer. If we have time, I like my guys in match-ups. We’re going to take shots and do things we’ve kind of been doing all year.”

(On Joshua Cribbs’ role with the offense)- “He’s one of those guys, and I tell him this all the time, in the fourth quarter he’s the guy you want to throw the football to. You know he’s going to make a play, he’ll catch it, he’ll knock it down if he has to. He’s going to attack the football. Having guys like that, as a quarterback, there’s nothing more comforting than a guy that’s going to battle for the football while it’s in the air. He’s that guy. You just can’t keep him off the field, whether he’s hurt or not playing or whatever, you can’t keep him off the field. He’s a guy you want in your foxhole. He’s a tough guy that makes play and he’s done it for a long time. Like I said, as a quarterback, you want that especially late in games.”

(On if Eli Manning is a quarterback he studies)- “Yeah, and I know Eli from going to the Manning camp the last few summers. Just sitting in the room with him and Peyton I was like a sponge. I don’t think I blinked one time. I was listening to everything they had to say. He’s got two Super Bowls. He’s a guy that’s had a lot of success. He’s had to follow in his big brother’s footsteps his whole career, but the guy is a heck of a player. He’s an elite quarterback. He’s one of the guys I enjoy watching. I’ll flip on the tape or I’ll watch games when the Giants are playing. He’s a quarterback that I like to watch. I told you guys this a long time ago, I never had a [favorite] team, but watching quarterbacks is something I’ve always done, and he’s one of the guys that I’ve watched.”

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