Player Quotes - 11/25

Posted Nov 25, 2012

Postgame quotes from Cleveland Browns players following their 20-14 win over the Pittsburgh Steelers.


TE Benjamin Watson

(On winning against the Steelers)- “It’s been a long time since we beat them so we knew it was going to be a fight. They’re a very good football team. We knew it was going to be one of those up and down games like it always is and we’re very fortunate to come out with a win.”

(On how excited Jimmy Haslem was and what he said after the game)- “I would imagine he’s very happy. To be able to come in and win against that [Pittsburgh] organization his first time around has to be very gratifying for him. He came and congratulated everybody. He didn’t address the team, but we’ll see him around. He definitely congratulated everyone.”

(On how he kept his concentration while making a diving catch)- “I don’t know to be honest with you. Sometimes you just keep chasing the ball and good things happen. Fortunately Brandon [Weeden] put it in a place where I could get to it and I was able to hold on.”

(On what beating the Steelers means to the team)- “It’s a great accomplishment. This is a team that we struggled against in the past and to come in and have a close-fought game like this and come out on top it’s a great confidence booster for this team. You know, we’ve had a lot of games where we’ve been very close and haven’t been able to finish. Our defense played tremendously. To have eight turnovers, that’s tremendous defense. It’s a good team win. It’s good for the team moving forward.”

TE Jordan Cameron

(On his touchdown)- “It was a great read by Brandon [Weeden]. There were no safeties over the top and we threw it right into the corner. It was all him. He threw the ball in the perfect spot. Yeah, it was great.”

(On the importance of this win against the Steelers)- “It feels great especially for the rookies. They are 1-0 against the Pittsburgh Steelers. The defense did awesome today. Definitely, all those turnovers they created were just huge so I’m happy for our guys. It was a great week preparation so it was a great day.”

(On understanding the significance of the Browns-Steelers rivalry)- “Yeah, we talked about it all week, how important this game is and how much this means to the city. It’s a great win for everyone and we are really, really happy today.”

DL Jabaal Sheard

(On dominating the line and the run game)- “Yeah, that was a big part. Upfront we had to show up and we did. Everybody showed up in the box and stopped the run. That was the biggest part. Once you stop the run and get them in third and long then you can just go get him and our db’s were great tonight too once we got them in third and long.”

(On the way the team finished the game today)- “That’s something that we needed to do. Last week we didn’t do it, this week we got a chance and everybody stepped up and made plays.”

(On the team’s thoughts at halftime)- “Just go out and play hard. We knew that we had a long half so just go out there and finish.”

DL Phil Taylor

(On forcing eight turnovers in the game)- “Yeah, everybody was out there just trying to make plays and we knew how they run the ball.  They keep the ball out, so we were just trying to strip the ball.”

(On getting turnovers more this game than any other game)- “No, we try to strip the ball every week.  But this week I guess it just came out more.”

(On rivalry win)- “Yeah, it feels great.  What was it like nine years or something like that?  So it feels real good.”

(On physicality of the game)- “They were going to come in and run the ball anyway.  They had Charlie Batch starting.  I mean, he can still throw the ball, but we knew that they were coming in the run so we knew we had to ball our fists up and go out there and play.”

CB Joe Haden

(On all of the ball hawking today)- “It was just something that we emphasized the whole week in practice about interceptions and getting the ball back to the offense.  We know they have a great defense, so the more chances we give our offense, the more chances we have to win.  T.J. (Ward) was coming in there just hitting people so hard and everybody was just ‘hawking’ around the ball.  The defense was just stepping up and doing our thing.”

(On becoming a really good defense)- “Yeah, that is what it is.  We have really talented players that are starting to develop and everybody understands their role and they play their roles really well.  I think that the defense sometimes might be giving up stuff, but as a whole, our defense really steps up and makes plays.  This game was something that at the end we always do well the first three, or we do good in two quarters. But this game we played a full four quarters.”

(On presence in the defense)- “That’s what it is, it’s everybody being comfortable knowing their role.  When I’m in there, I have a role and I feel like I’m going to be the number one corner, no more corner, and if we need to follow somebody, that’s what I’ll do.  Then Buster (Skrine) gets to come in his role and then Sheldon (Brown), right back to where he’s at.  T.J. (Ward) knows where to lean or where to look and all of that stuff.  Everybody just knows where they’re at.  Everybody knows their role.”

RB Trent Richardson

(On finishing a close game)- “To finish a close game like that is big for us, it feels real good. We’ve been in that situation plenty of times so we get into that situation again there isn’t any reason we shouldn’t know how to finish. We’ve been here game after game, it hasn’t been one game, we’ve been in a close finish at the end so you find your confidence and you know how to take that big game and just finish.”

(On first taste of Browns vs. Steelers)- “It was everything I thought it would be. I knew it was going to be a lot of smash mouth football, emotional game for a lot of the veteran players and for our young guys. We’re just getting into it but we do understand a rival game is a rival game, no matter where you are.”

(On Alabama and the Browns winning)- “It was a great weekend for me. Now I’m just waiting on my boys this weekend when we (Alabama) go against Georgia (in SEC Championship Game). And we’re (Browns) going to go to Oakland and do everything we can.”

(On his touchdown run)- “Well, it was a counter play for us and Alex Smith pulled around and when he hit the dude dead in his mouth I knew it was going to be a touchdown. I saw the safety drop and I was going to run him over but I saw him and took it to the left a bit so I just ran straight past him.”

(On being a hard hitting game)- “That’s the best defense I played against since I’ve been in the NFL, hands down. And hard hitting, I took a few shots, but you know that was probably the hardest hitting team I’ve played against so far.”

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