Player Quotes - 11/4

Posted Nov 4, 2012

Post game quotes from several Cleveland Browns players following Sunday's Browns-Ravens game.


RB Trent Richardson

(On red zone scoring)- “It gets frustrating after awhile but we can’t really just point fingers because we all have to be accountable with what we do. I have to run harder, we have to make better calls, make sure we pick up all the blocks, catch the ball, and make sure we do the right thing because we can’t point fingers at anybody because we’re all down there in the red zone. Once you’re in the red zone, you have to score some type of way, you have to get in the end zone.”

(On getting tired of losing close games)- “That’s one thing you don’t like the feeling of. You get so used to the feeling it’s just like ‘why are we holding back guys.’ We have to get down there, we have to score every time we get a chance and anything they give us, we have to win. When the outcome comes and we do one thing better than we did each week, there’s no way we can lose the game. We have to make sure we’re making better plays, giving it all we can”

(On feelings about not scoring touchdowns in red zone)- “It’s disappointing and so like I told him (reporter), once you get down to the red zone you have to do anything you can. For the outcome that we had at the beginning of the season that we were scoring in the red zone and now we’re not, it’s very disappointing. So we have to do is go in tomorrow and we have to game plan better for Dallas (Cowboys). I know that’s two weeks from here but we have a week off, we still have our heads, at home or wherever we’re at, that we have Dallas to play for and we have to go out there and do everything we can. We have to make sure we get better every day while we’re just sitting at home resting our bodies.”

(On executing plays better outside of the red zone than inside the red zone)- “I feel like we’re executing plays way better outside of the red zone and we can do the same thing while we’re in the red zone. Everybody just has to come together and do their jobs. Like I told him (reporter), we have to be accountable, we really just have to make sure we go out there and execute all our plays right, don’t give them any reason that they think they can just take all off the field on third and one and third and two. We have to make sure we get up in that box and make sure we get always positive yards.”

DE Jabaal Sheard

(On the last drive when WR Torrey Smith scored)- “I don’t know what the call was on that play. I’m still confused. I thought it was holding. I don’t know how they scored, but I mean they drove it. We’ve got to come out and stop them. We knew it was on us to stop them. We didn’t finish”

(On too many men on the field)- “It’s tough because guys are out there tired. They have been driving the whole field and you try to get a quick sub. You have to hustle off the field. That’s a big part of it. We didn’t want to waste a timeout, I guess. We have to hustle off the field. That’s dumb penalties. We can’t have that.”

(On being down 14-0 earlier and hoping for some offense)- “Obviously, you want to put up points, but we put it on ourselves as a defense. You don’t want to give up any points and we gave up 14 too fast. He had 94 yards in the first quarter. It was a great job in the second half holding him down. We have to finish. We have to start out a lot faster and finish strong.”

SS T.J. Ward

(On his illegal contact call on QB Joe Flacco)- “I was coming pretty fast and you can’t be held. If you’re held, you’re held and he got rid of it at the last second. I pulled up. I don’t see what was wrong with the hit. So, I don’t know.”

(On the Ravens fourth quarter touchdown drive)- “We really let them off the hook. We gave them too many penalties, we hurt ourselves, we had the personal foul, the 12 men on the field and they made some plays. So, all of that contributed to the drive.”

(On if he thought it was an illegal contact on Flacco)- “I don’t know what the call was. I don’t if it was a blow to the head or a late hit, but I don’t agree with it.”

(On how deflating it was to let them score a touchdown after the defense came back after the first two touchdown drives)- “It hurt, especially to give up a touchdown and a two-point conversion. It just hurt, to know we stopped them for so long and to let them off the hook.”

CB Joe Haden

(On 2nd half substitution errors)- “They were just changing, they were doing a really good job to keep changing personnel really late.  So we were trying to get our subs in and a lot of people come out.  Just a little miscommunication going on there.”

(On falling to 2-7 and losing to divisional rival)- “That’s not what we were looking for at all.  But it is what it is.  We showed that we have to make more plays.  It’s tough to win in our division. You have to play, basically, perfect ball and we didn’t do that today.  We have to come in tomorrow, look at what we did wrong, study the tape and on the bye just think about football and come back and just try to get back on a good stance and beat Dallas.”

(On touchdown against Torrey Smith)- “We were in zone coverage; cover four.  I was playing off and he ran the inside route.  So I opened up to take the number 2 receiver, then they threw it to him and he caught it.  So I was running by him to make sure he would try not to get the first (down) and he sped out on me and I just took a bad angle and he made a good move.”

K Phil Dawson

(On how the game would turn out)- “I was a little concerned on how the game might turn out, but the second quarter, I got out there three times and it started to settle in.  Each time you get out there, you feel a little more comfortable.  Conditions were tough, but I have to give credit to the grounds crew.  It was a pretty crazy week with (Hurricane) Sandy and all of the storm.  The field wasn’t obviously ideal, but the job those guys did to even get it to the point it was, they deserve a tremendous of appreciation for that.  And then obviously Christian (Yount) and Reggie (Hodges), snap and hold.  They were flawless all day.  The guys protected their (Ravens) pretty good rush unit and the tight ends and wings on our field goal block; that’s not a very glorious job.  They pretty much stand there and let three guys run you over.  I appreciate their efforts because that allows me to sit back there on a day like today.  It took a little longer to get the kick off because the footing was so ‘iffy’, so I have to credit those guys up front for giving me the extra time to dig them out and get the ball through.”

(On history repeating itself)- “I try not to go there.  It doesn’t really do me any good to play that game.  It stinks to lose a game, especially a division game at home, a game that we were in.  I’ll just leave it at that.”

(On five field goal game)- “For a while there, it looked like five might be enough.   Like I said, however we win a game, that’s what is most important.  We didn’t get it done today.  There will be times like last week where I don’t even try one and we win and I would gladly take that over the way we’re feeling right now, but give them (Ravens) credit.  They put a drive together when they had to and took the lead at the end.”

(On toughness of the team)- “We were in this game until the end.  We took a couple quick blows at the beginning of the game, got a fourteen point deficit.  But like I’ve been telling the guys in this room, the old Browns would have folded up shop and gone home.  But this group dug in, fought our way back into the game and gave ourselves a chance at the end.  That’s some of the good stuff I’m seeing.”

LB D’Qwell Jackson

(On this loss being a letdown) – “That’s been the tale of the season so far. We get so close and we start the week off with so much confidence and for whatever reason when the games on the line, whether it’s defensively, offensively we can’t seem to make that play. Last week, we were trying to gain some momentum and we’ve got to give those guys credit, they hung in there. For a while in the first quarter, it got out of our hands defensively, but we settled down after the half, made some corrections and adjustments and played a solid second half of football. When the game was on the line and they needed to make it, they made it. It’s that simple. We just couldn’t stop them and they were able to score and win the ballgame.”

(On what the difference was between the Ravens first two offensive drives and the next few quarters) – “Just some adjustments we made at half. We knew they were going to come into the game (and) run the ball a ton. Ray Rice has had success against us in the past and once we settled down and understood how they were attacking us, we were able to slow the game down (and) get off the field on third down. They made the plays. That one drive where we got a roughing the passer call, I mean, I did agree with that, but they made it and you live with it. Things like that, the crucial times in games you can’t afford to give them anything.”

(On if he is angry and frustrated walking out of the locker room today) – “Yeah, you come so close and I’m tired of coming up close and not getting over the hump. I’ve had my fair share of close ballgames not pulling them out. Just being fed up with it and just guys have to understand if we want to have that feeling we had after last week’s game, it’s not easy. Not to say guys didn’t give it their all, but it’s not easy in this league. Every team plays to the last whistle and no matter what the score is, no matter what the situation, you always have to play every down until it’s over. It’s that simple.”

(On the teams in the AFC North not taking the Browns for granted when they come to Cleveland) – “In our division, I feel like we can beat the Baltimore’s, the Pittsburgh’s, and the Cincinnati’s. The confidence it there, we just have to go out and do it. Coming up short is one thing, but at the end of the day, it’s still a loss. We’re bridging the gap. We’ve got to understand what’s at stake and whatever it takes to get these ballgames to go in our favor.”

RB Chris Ogbonnaya

(On the play of the illegal formation)- “Usually you communicate with your hands, you’ll point to the ref to indicate whether you’re on the line of scrimmage or off.  And you know I was pointing to him I thought I was set and I ran my route.  The flag was thrown that I was lined illegally so it nullified the touchdown.”

(On what the ref said before the play)- “I just felt that there was an indication that I was fine, so I ran my route.”

(On being in the red zone and not getting a touchdown)- “We just have to continue to execute, continue to work at it, and when we get the opportunity to get down there we just have to finish drives.”

(On problems with getting plays in and burning timeouts)- “Not to my understanding. Sometimes things happen.  We just have to play a little bit faster, but I thought we were efficient in that category.”

WR Greg Little

(On not being able to score a touchdown in the red zone)- “I just feel like we missed some key opportunities.  It’s definitely one of those things that somebody has to make a play.  Often times in the games that we won Sheldon (Brown) got a pick six.  We had one where it was called back today, and would have given us a bigger lead.  We just shot ourselves in the foot way too many times today.”

(On the offense not being explosive enough)- “A lot of times the defense is taking away a lot of things.  When we would try to get guys deep down the field they’re usually in a coverage that is covering top down.  I just don’t attribute our offense not being high powered to not hitting deep balls.  I think we have to make plays as ball carriers, break tackles, and just stay in a normal down and distance and converting on third downs is really key.”

QB Brandon Weeden

(On the Ravens defense)- “They played a little more zone coverage than I maybe expected coming in, but you never know. We played them just four or five weeks ago and the last time they blitzed a lot this time they brought some, but they played a lot more zone coverage. When you’ve got 20 (Ed Reed) back there ball hogging the center of the field, you know that’s tough.”

(On whether or not he had a rhythm throwing the ball)- “I got one there for a while. I started out and I wasn’t in a rhythm. I missed OB (Chris Ogbonnaya) down the sideline. It wouldn’t have mattered, but I missed a couple of throws early that were kind of uncharacteristic. I felt like I got in a rhythm during the second and third quarter. It didn’t start the way I wanted it to and obviously it didn’t finish the way I wanted it to. We did some good things; we just kicked a lot of field goals, but we got in the red zone. We had the one called back, but we also just kicked a lot of field goals. We had a chance. We put ourselves in position, we just couldn’t finish.”

(On the interception intended for TE Jordan Cameron)- “Yeah, Haloti (Ngata) came up the middle and he was on me. Honestly, I was just trying to bury it into the ground. I thought there was no way he was going to get to it. I wasn’t out of pocket, I don’t think, so I didn’t want to get intentional grounding. Looking back, if I had to do it all over again, I probably would have taken the sack, but I just tried to bury it in the ground by where he (Cameron) was, so I wouldn’t get a flag for it. The guy made a good play”

(On his performance today)- “Some good, some bad. I felt like I made a few plays at times. Obviously, I missed some guys, missed some throws I’d like to have back, but that’s going to happen. Sometimes you’re not going to have your best stuff and you’ve have to find a way to win. We found a way to get a lead, whether how good or bad I was playing and we just weren’t able to finish them up.”

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