Player Quotes - 12/12

Posted Dec 12, 2012

Post-practice player quotes from running back Trent Richardson and quarterback Brandon Weeden.

Browns Player Quotes (Richardson and Weeden) 12-12-12

Trent Richardson:

(On how well he knew Alfred Morris growing up)- “I’ve been playing football since the age of six and that’s when I started to know Alfred. We were always little league rivals, we always played against each other and we became good friends in between all of that. We played in a basketball league and everything. We’ve not only been arch rivals, but good friends too. Our friends got to meet each other and got to know each other over the years and we’ve always just been good friends.”

(On what he thinks he can give the Browns over the next three games as they make a playoff push)- “I know I’m going to do all I can to just try to win every game. People want to talk about the playoffs, I think it’s a little too early to be speaking on that. We’ve got to win every game to even try to get in the train of thought. I just tell the guys you’ve got to fight one play at a time and play one game at a time. We’ve got to play this game here like it’s out last. We can’t think about the playoffs because when you think about the playoffs, you’re thinking before time. If you think way before then, you lose one game and then you’re out of it.”

(On what he can give the Browns on Sunday)- “Like I said, I’m going to go 100% and I’m going to give everything I can. If it’s running, catching, whatever it is I’m going to do everything I can. Blocking, no matter what. If I don’t have the ball in my hands and if I’m on the sideline, I’m still going to be cheering, getting guys up and motivating them any time I can and doing whatever I can to put them in positions to score.”

Brandon Weeden:

(On if he would prefer Robert Griffin III to be on the field playing against the Browns)- “Yeah, absolutely. I’ve played against him for the last couple of years and we became pretty good buddies as we were training for the whole draft process. You don’t want anybody to have to stay out for injury. Hopefully, he’s able to bounce back and play.”

(On if the offense can build off of last week’s game against Kansas City)- “Yeah, it just depends. It depends on what you see on the field and tape. Last week we saw some things where we could throw a wrinkle in there just too kind of give a change of pace and it worked. You put the ball in (Josh) Cribbs’ hands a couple times, you put it in Greg’s (Little) hands, and you give it to guys who can make plays. Whether it’s tossing it to them, handing it to them, snapping it to them so that was our mindset and it worked. We ran it twice with Cribbs, but the second one was almost a touchdown. Yeah, at this level it happens every week. You always something up your sleeve every week. It’s just a matter of if it gets called or not. That’s every team every week. Like I said, it’s a matter of if you’re going to take a shot or not or give it a chance as far as a trick play goes.”

(On what stands out about the Redskins defense)- “Obviously, it all starts with London Fletcher in the middle. He’s a veteran guy that has been in the league for a long time, extremely smart, great leader. On the outside you have (DeAngelo) Hall and these other guys that are veteran guys that can play. They’re good, they play hard and they do a lot of different stuff. Their coordinator likes to mix it up and give you various looks. He’s aggressive, he likes to take some chances, but they have good players. They’re a good football team and they try to put pressure on you and do those things. Go out and make plays and tackle and do the fundamental things. Like I said, it starts with London Fletcher. He’s a good player.”

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