Player Quotes - 12/26

Posted Dec 26, 2012

Post-practice quotes from RB Montario Hardesty, QB Thaddeus Lewis and OL Joe Thomas.

Browns Player Quotes (Hardesty, Lewis and Thomas) 12-26-12

Montario Hardesty:

(On the opportunity to see more playing time if Trent Richardson does not play Sunday)- “I’ll be ready to go. It’s a big opportunity for our team to get two wins over Pittsburgh. We haven’t done that in a long time around here. I think it’s a good opportunity for our team and I’ll be ready to go whatever the circumstances are. Just going to get a good week of preparation and then get ready to win the game.”

(On if he is anxious to go out there and show everyone he can handle a full load if Richardson can’t play)- “I’m just excited to be getting the opportunity to go out there and play ball. If that means I get more carries, then I’ll welcome that with open arms. I just want to help our team win. I’ll be out there as much as I’m asked upon to be out there. I’ll be out there and ready to go.”

(On facing the Steelers Defense)- “They have a legit defense. They have a lot of guys that have been playing in that system for a long time, a lot of guys that have been playing together. They know how to do it. If you look at their scouting report, you see a lot of eight, nine, 10-year vet guys and they’ve all been playing in the same system for a long time. With (Troy) Polamalu coming back, they’re still a very good defense. They’re the number one defense in the NFL, so it’s going to be a challenge for us.”

Thad Lewis:

(On what it will be like to go up against the Steelers defense on Sunday if he gets the start)- “If I get the start it will be wonderful. I will be living out a childhood dream. Right now, I’m just taking it all in, enjoying it while I can in practice taking the reps. If my number gets called it will be amazing.”

(On going from the practice squad on Monday to now possibly starting on Sunday)- “To be on the practice squad and just take reps with the ones, it’s a good thing. Sometimes your number gets called, so my number was called this time and hopefully I will get the opportunity to play. Until then, I’m going to do whatever Coach (Shurmur) asks me to do. Right now my job is to take reps with the ones. Last week, it was to do whatever he needed me to do. It’s just doing whatever the team needs you to do right now.”

(On what he brings to the table from a physical standpoint and what he brings that will help the Browns win)- “Just being a quarterback. Going out there and doing the things that quarterbacks do. Making plays, making the right reads, being the leader and putting the guys in the right situations and making good decisions out there. That’s all a quarterback can do, but you have 10 more guys out there with you, so they’re going to help you. You’re not going to go it all by yourself.”

Joe Thomas:

(On the situation with the injuries and having to face the Steelers defense)- “Super defense, obviously, but whoever’s going to be asked to play is going to play well. I think everyone in this group is going to have confidence in them.”

(On if he feels that he accomplished his individual goal of getting better from last year)- “Yeah, every year my goal is to play better than the year I did before. I definitely think that happened this year.”

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