Player Quotes - 12/9

Posted Dec 9, 2012

Player postgame quotes from the Browns' 30-7 victory over the Kansas City Chiefs.


K Phil Dawson

(On enjoying three straight wins)- “I can get used to this. I caught some heat a couple months ago saying I feel like we were right on the verge. My timing might have been a little off, but I think we’re starting to see what I’ve been feeling for awhile.”

(On being nervous today)- “Yeah, if you’d seen me kicking in pregame you could probably pick up on it. Fortunately, I was kind of settle down a little bit. Having that first field goal be a short one I think helped me get a little comfortable and then as the game went, situations kept coming and you really start to feel part of the game when you’re out there a lot. That was fortunate for me today.”

(On what he was nervous about)- “The 300 (career field goals) deal. Worked a long time to have a chance to get there and to be right on the doorstep sometimes is worse than being 50 away.”

(On reaching 300 career field goals made)- “I’m extremely grateful for all the teammates I’ve had that have helped me get to that. Kansas City was coming extremely hard on the field goal rush today. After every field goal, I’m picking up three or four of my guys who are flat on their backs. Those guys never get credit for made field goals, but with 300 made or whatever it is now, there’s been countless guys that have given me the opportunity. I’m just really grateful for those guys.”

QB Brandon Weeden

(On what he thought about the amount of different plays in the game plan)- “I was excited about it. Anytime I can line up at wide receiver or something like that, look like I know what I’m doing, that breaks up the monotony a little bit, but it was good. I think anytime you do plays like that its tough on defenses. They hadn’t prepared for it and I think it’s a little wrinkle that we threw in there and obviously it paid off. We had two big plays from it.”

(On why the trick plays were introduced now instead of earlier in the season)- “That’s not a question for me. I don’t know. I think that maybe saw something on tape and felt like that was the direction we want to go.”

(On how important it was to get a blow out win)- “It makes it a little better on your stress level on the sideline. You‘re able to kind of relax a little bit, but, like I’ve said all along to you guys, there’ not many times where you’re going to win games by a large margin. When we had a chance to really put a dagger and go score or kick field goals, make it kind of out of reach. That felt good to be on that side of it and it’s always nice to be the side we were on.”

(On three straight wins)- “It’s huge. I was informed it’s been a while. That’s a testament to this football team, to these guys in that locker room that have continued to buy in. Early in the year we faced a lot of adversity and we weren’t winning many games, but I’ve think we’ve stayed true to what we do. We prepare well every week, guys are still enthusiastic. It’s paid off. We’ve found a way to win these last three weeks.”

(On running the pistol formation)- “We had that formation at Oklahoma State. It kind of seemed pretty familiar. The only thing I was worried about was exactly what happened. (LB Tamba) Hali coming up there and having to throw around him, a big guy. It’s tough, but I like the play was drawn up, getting it in 13’s (WR Josh Gordon) hands and see if Josh could make a play, but I was pretty excited when I saw that one go in.”

(On WR Greg Little lining up in the backfield)- “I like how that one was schemed up. We ran the empty set. I’m under center which doesn’t happen very often and again they really didn’t know how to line up to it. I told Greg probably at least ten times that I’m disappointed in him because he didn’t get into the endzone. I was joking with him, but I think he wanted to get into the endzone, but it was a heck of a play by him. It was the first time this year he has lined up at running back and made a big time play. Again, it was a well drawn up play that we executed just like we dialed up.”

WR Joshua Cribbs

(On watching someone else return a punt for a touchdown) – “It feels great especially because I was out there on the field and I helped him do it. This is a selfless team. Even when I do good, they feel like they have so much to do with it and they did. My hat goes off to Travis (Benjamin). He’s doing such a good job, coming in on a whim and being able to perform at a high level. He’s doing great.”

(On the difference in winning three in a row with younger players vs. winning four in a row in 2009 with older players) – “I wouldn’t say so. I think it’s a lot of leadership, a lot of guys that are finding themselves. That’s good on a good football team. You can see us starting to turn the corner and starting to finish. That’s all that’s left for us to do is finish. We get out to these good leads, we had that one hiccup when Jamaal Charles ran up the middle, but after that the defense shut them down. The offense scored points at will and we kept scoring. Special teams was just great today, all across the board. All phases showed up and that’s what happens.”

WR Travis Benjamin

(On returning punt for a touchdown)- “We knew that their special teams and the coaches (on their staff) that have been here were scared of (Joshua) Cribbs.  So we knew that we’ve been building up this scheme all week, but Cribbs and I are out at the same time and it worked out perfectly.”

(On knowing when he was going to score)- “Once I got past the first few defenders, and then I saw a number of Browns jerseys and I knew I had it.  They led me to a touchdown.”

(On running punts back with Joshua Cribbs)- “It’s a very dangerous duo, knowing that Cribbs and I are back there.  They’re going to try and kick away from Cribbs, so I knew I really have to build the momentum and build my name.”

DL Jabaal Sheard

(On three wins in a row)- “It’s great.  We definitely struggled at the beginning of the season, but we’re changing around and we’re trying to win four now.”

(On the goal of an 8-8 record)- “Just win one game at a time.  I’m ready for Washington now; it’s going to be tough.”

(On tightening up after early score)- “Great play on the first run play.  They caught us off guard.  He (RB Jamaal Charles) took one cut and got up field.  Great job by him.”

(On shutting teams down after slow start)- “The coaches are giving great adjustments.  The guys adjust to what is going on.  We just continue to play hard and being able to hit that reset button.”

LB D’Qwell Jackson

(On shaking off Jamaal Charles opening TD run)- “It was nothing different that we hadn’t watched all week long.  They just hit us, I believe on the back side.  Myself, and whoever was playing the nose, we got cut off and it created a gap with Jamaal Charles.  That’s what we harped on all week.  You can’t give him too much space because he can take it from anywhere on the field.  We did it and we bounced back from it.  Guys didn’t lose their heads, we stayed up and stayed the course.  We figured they would attack; they would have certain formations they would try to attack us with.  We honed in on the tackles and we just were able to contain the run after the first series.”

(On playing Brady Quinn)- “We knew that if we had decent coverage on the outside, he will go to the safety valve.  The running backs were a big part of their offense as far as check downs.  But I thought for the most part, we told the guys earlier this week, with my experience with Brady, as long as there is a body near the receiver, if there is close coverage, I don’t think he is going to make that throw.  Then again, he makes a tough throw early in the game.  It got over our heads a bit.  So, we expected some things and I’m fortunate enough that the offense was able to score some points.  We were able to force their hand, and throw the ball, which they didn’t want to do a whole lot.”

(On positive outlook for team)- “It feels good.  It feels good for the coaches, the young players.  It’s been a long year.  At first it was rocky; we were in a lot of close ball games, not able to finish.  Now we’re starting to create something where we can finish some games and build some confidence.  So that’s always good.”

RB Montario Hardesty

(On not being able to get a touchdown)- “On that little toss play to the right, a hole opened up for me and my eyes got super big.   I’m thinking I’m bout to go for 80, but somebody came through, swiped my legs and pulled me down by a shoe string tackle.”

(On the coach feeling bad on not giving you a touchdown)- “Its all good, I would have loved to have it, but either way we still got the W and that’s three in a row for our team.  I’m ready to move on, enjoy this tonight, move on to the next game and go out and get another W at home.”

(On the fumble at the one-yard line and Trent Richardson coming back in)- “I’m ready to go Coach (Shurmur)! Let me stay in and get the ball into the end zone.  It’s all good. I just want to get a touchdown for this team, that’s all.”

RB Trent Richardson

(On the emotions and feeling the excitement building around this team)- “There’s a lot of emotion and excitement. You really can’t explain it.  We all are young, (Tashaun) Gipson got his first pick today and he’s a rookie. Josh (Gordon) is doing his thing and you have Greg (Little), who has only been in the league going on two years.  We are a young team and all of us are out there participating. Doing the right things and even with the older guys, they are leading us the right way.”

(On if he was surprised he landed on his feet on his first touchdown)- “Yes, because I was really just trying to dive in.  I hit somebody and they just kept me up and I was pretty surprised that somebody was trying to hit me in my legs underneath.  I was like I’m in the end zone, seriously? Get off me (jokingly).”

(On the offensive line’s performance)- “The line is playing excellent. We only had one or two runs for loss and that was about it. Other than that, the o-line is protecting the quarterback and doing whatever they can. Downfield, they are making sure no one is jumping on my ribs or hitting me late. They are protecting me at all times. They are fighting for us the whole time and those are the types of guys you need to build a dynasty and a successful team.”

CB Joe Haden

(On the overall defensive effort)- “It was an amazing effort, like usual. The first play we gave them a seven point lead. (RB Jamaal) Charles, you can’t take anything from him. He made a really good cut, and he’s a really good running back. Stuff like that happens, but after that we just rallied. I just like the way how our defense just kept going. As soon as they got that first play, we just shut them down the rest of the game.”

(On winning three straight games)- “It feels good, haven’t done this since Florida [college]. It’s a different feeling, it definitely feels good. Like I say every week, now we have to get ready for the Redskins. They’re a challenging opponent. Everybody is just feeling it. We are getting used to it and I like it a lot.”

(On how getting used to winning changes the approach going into a game)- “You know you have the ability to beat the team. It’s just the thing about going out and doing it and now we are doing it. It just comes to the point where you know at the end of the day that you have somebody next to you that is going to make a play for us to win. That’s all there is to it.”

SS T.J. Ward

(On the lopsided win)- “It feels really good. It is the first time I have won three games in a row since I have been here. We have three more left. We are looking to improve and hopefully just win the next game.”

(On if the team is gaining confidence)- “Absolutely. Every time we win a game we get more confident. Unlike sometimes what happens with teams, you go into next week and you don’t practice as well. I think every week with a win we just practice harder and better, because we want that feeling every week.”

(On the first play of the game touchdown and then holding the Chiefs scoreless the rest of the game)- “You just got to stop the nosebleeds. In the past sometimes we might let a nosebleed keep running, and affect us the rest of the game. Right now, one thing goes wrong and we are onto the next play and looking to make a better play.”

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