Player Quotes - 7/25

Posted Jul 25, 2013

Post-practice quotes from running back Trent Richardson and quarterback Brandon Weeden.

RB Trent Richardson

On being ready: “Yes, that’s what it looks like. It’s still a long way to go, a long camp to build on day by day working with my teammates and trying to step more into a leader role. I’m getting a lot of advice from D’Qwell (Jackson) and Big Krug (Paul Kruger) out there, Ahtyba Rubin, and of course the great Jim Brown. It’s a pleasure being with these guys out there, especially with Jim Brown present, it’s an honor. It makes me work that much harder for him to just be out there.”

On what Brown was saying to Trent: “I asked him, was he happy to be back, and he said he couldn’t wait to get back to being in the Browns’ presence and being where I need to be. He was telling me that he is going to be on me, and we are going to have our one-on-ones and we are going to have our talks and that our minds need to click together. I said our minds already click together; you don’t have to worry about that. From a standpoint, he is player engagement, but at the same time, I will be getting advice from him because he is the best of all time and there is no question about it.”

On physically being better than last year: “No surgeries before the season. I don’t plan on having one this year. It’s on the uprise right now. I’m taking one step at a time, like I said earlier. I just love it right now; there is nothing like football shape and it’s a long way to go. I still have to work hard so I can play all four quarters and I want to be in the best shape I can be when it comes September.”

On Jim Brown saying that he isn’t ordinary: “It’s still a lot I’ve got to prove, first to the fans and my teammates, to the NFL word. I still have done what I think I can do and what my mind is set to. It’s big to hear that from him, but at the same time I’m not going to let my head get big. I still have a lot to prove, to my Browns fans, to people back at home and to everybody.”

On how much better this offense can be than last year: “I don’t like to do comparisons, but I feel like we can get way better. It’s one day at a time. We have to do the right things and stay on the right road, and make sure we take the small steps. A lot of small steps will lead to big steps, and I think we can be successful and end up winning a lot of games this year, as long as we do what we’ve got to do.”

On Brandon Weeden: “Brandon is a work horse. I had no problem with him last year and I have no problem with him this year. All the guys are comfortable with him. Brandon is trusting us and he’s trusting himself. He’s making throws and he’s making corrections, and that first year was our first year, and we’ve put that behind us. We’re not going to look back at that. This year is a whole nother year. Brandon is fresh and he’s got his arm going and he’s battling at the same time. Jason (Campbell) is out there and both of the guys are out there battling at the same time. At the same time, I think Brandon will be in the best shape when it comes September.”

QB Brandon Weeden

On the fight at practice: “Yes, there is a lot of adrenaline out there. This sport is so competitive, we don’t even have pads on yet and guys are competing, which is what you want to see. A little bit of that is good. If it gets out of control, I don’t think Chud will like that very much but it broke up fast, and it’s just part of the sport.”

On Day 1: “Overall for Day 1 I thought we looked pretty good. We started a little bit slow and then we picked it up and finished strong. Overall I think guys were playing fast. There weren’t too many missed assignments. I think guys were lining up right, our motions were right, we were playing fast and we didn’t have any delay-of-game penalties. We were moving around and maneuvering really well. Overall, I believe we looked pretty good.”

On learning the team was being sold last year: “This year this team has so much steam going forward. We are worried about the next day. We are not worried about what everybody is saying about us. We are worried about each day and getting better. I know that sounds cliché but if you approach it any other way then it’s tough. We try to keep the outside distractions at a minimum. The guys in that locker room are dialed in to getting better as a team, as a family and moving on.”

On where that forward steam originates: “I think it comes from last year. I think we feel like we were better than our record indicated last year. We’re a good football team. I am excited about the guys in our locker room and we are chomping at the bit to get started again. This is what we do; this is our living. When you take some time off that first day or that first week, there is a little more adrenaline, guys are flying around and there is a lot of excitement right now.”

On Trent Richardson looking different: “Trent looked great. Trent looked good. For sitting all time, he didn’t have any missed assignments, he was playing extremely fast, and I thought he looked great. Trent is a big asset for this football team, not only for this offense, but for this entire football team. It’s nice to have him back out there.”

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