Player Quotes - 8/13

Posted Aug 13, 2011

Post game quotes from Joshua Cribbs, Peyton Hillis, Titus Brown, Benjamin Watson and Colt McCoy.


WR Joshua Cribbs

(On the play of the first offensive unit)- “I think it was a good day for the first offensive unit.  Colt (McCoy) looked really good out there and the line blocked pretty well.  It was just like practice.  We played hard and we got things done.”

(On the run-pass mixture)- “That was the West Coast Offense.  We spread the ball around and in this offense the, the receivers make plays and that was evident out there today.”

(On the offense building some confidence)- “That matters a lot.  We gave ourselves some confidence (tonight) by doing what we just did (winning).  We moved the ball effectively up and down the field and even with the turnover, we moved the ball effectively with Seneca (Wallace).  The guys did a great job coming out here after just two, two-and-a-half weeks into it and playing against the defending champions. I think we did pretty good.”

(On his touchdown catch)- “It was just a simple throw and catch.  There was great blocking up front by the guys and a great throw by Colt (McCoy).  He laid it up there real nice and I went up and got it.  I guess I can catch.”

RB Peyton Hillis

(On the play of the offense)- “We looked good tonight.  I am really proud of the way the guys responded for it being the first time being out.  It looks like we are executing real well.  Don’t get me wrong, we have a long way to go, but for the first time, I think the guys did pretty well.”

(On the emphasis on passing tonight)- “The thing about it is, if throwing is working, why not throw some more?  Colt (McCoy) came out today and really responded.  I am very proud of him and our younger receivers.  It is a work in progress, but it looks like the passing game is coming along.

(On moving the ball against Green Bay’s No. 1 defense)- “It was great to go down and score on the first drive like that.  We were connecting on all cylinders and the guys didn’t freeze up or buckle under pressure.  They did a great job.”

(On his breakout season after coming to Cleveland last year)- “It is one of those things.  I came to Cleveland and wasn’t expecting much.  But I came to a running back family with a great coach – Gary Brown – and he has really done a lot for me.  He has made me feel accepted, made me feel wanted and along with the fans of Cleveland, this has been a dream come true.”

LB Titus Brown

(On the touchdown not being the only play he made)- “It was a great call by Coach Jauron. He always puts us in the best position to make plays and we just went out and instituted them. (LB Brian) Smith came in and around and knocked the ball out; I was just there to scoop it. So, really he gets all the glory and I just ran it in.”

(On having the right attitude)- “I was just going out and trying to compete and show this club that I belong here.”

(On the feeling on the field)- “We were just going out there to compete. That’s basically what we do. A Browns’ tradition- defense.”

(On his play during the second half)- “It’s all play calling. We’re just out there executing the plays that are called. We can’t do anything without the play callers.”

(On playing for a new staff)- “With a new staff, everything is 0-0. Coach Jauron always says you only get one chance to make a person trust you; and I took that to heart. I just went out there and played my best.”

TE Benjamin Watson

(On the play of the offense)- “We spread the ball around a lot.  It was really good for us to go out there and play against another opponent.  We’ve been doing well in practice, but when you get to game speed, it can be totally different.  What we saw (tonight) we’re happy with, though there are definitely some things that we can improve on.”

(On the role of the tight end in the West Coast Offense)- “We always want to be involved in the offense, whatever it is, blocking or catching.  It was definitely good to get out there and be involved.”

(On the progress made by the offense tonight)- “It was a good sign.  It was just the first preseason game.  We won the game and we are happy about that.  We did some good things and we have to improve on some things.  Don’t take it any further than that.  We’ve got some work to do, we are still in training camp, we are still working out kinks and we are still going to face some adversity.  When that happens, it will be important to see how we respond.”

(On his 37-yard reception)- “My wife is going to ask me tonight what I was doing trying to jump over that guy.  I am glad that I made the play and came out of it without any injuries.”

QB Colt McCoy

(On the way they played tonight)- “Pretty good.  I think tonight we talked about it before the game, it’s a great opportunity to go out and see where you’re at.  You’ve been going Browns versus Browns everyday and you’re seeing the same looks.  You’re ready to go out there and see something different, adjust to it and gauge where you’re at.  We put together a couple of nice drives, got stalled one time on a bang-bang play.  For the most part I really feel like it starts up front.  The offensive line did a great job tonight protecting, the first time going up against a 3-4 look since our defense plays a 4-3.  They did a tremendous job up front and we were able to throw and catch a little bit and get in the end zone a couple of times.”

(On his lateral pass to FB Owen Marecic)- “I should have just run it.  Owen is my fifth read in the progression.  They took away all the front side.  Ben (Watson) was match up and I had a little lane to get four or five yards.  If I could have that one back, that’s what I would do, just take off and run.  I think I caught Owen off guard a little bit.  He’s out there by himself but usually that doesn’t go there.  They did a nice job covering our routes.  So I if I had that one back I would have just run it for the yards.”

(On the way the offense operated)- “It was pretty smooth.  It was the first time Pat (Shurmur) and I were on the headsets together.  We kind of joked at first, “Hey this is the first time for both of us.”  I gave him a hard time when he threw that red flag out there, that was the first time for that too.  There were a lot of firsts tonight.  I felt the operation went well.  We were in and out of the huddle.  We wanted to create a tempo early on and I felt like we did that for the most part.  I guess we had a little hiccup on third and one.  We’ll go back and watch that situation, there’s some good teaching there.  We’ll keep working.  I’ll be the first to tell you, we’re nowhere where we need to be.  We’ll go back this week and start installing again.  We’ve still got things to put in, things to work on.  It was fun tonight to kind of see where we are as an offense.  I thought for the most part we went out there and executed pretty well.”

(On being in sync with the receivers)- “I thought the guys did a really nice job creating separation.  On the touchdown to Josh (Cribbs), he did a nice job of holding space.  He kind of moved the safety a bit in the two-high look.  One of my favorite plays of the night is Robo (Brian Robiskie).  We run a little play-action deep slant.  Normally, you hit that ball in the first window but they rolled the safety down and Robo converted over the top and I hit him in the second window.  It was a nice job by him of staying alive.  There were some good things, there really were.  What I was preaching to those guys on the sidelines during the second half and in the locker room tonight was, ‘hey, we did a good job but don’t pat yourself on the back because it is just the first preseason game.’  We’ve got a long ways to go, a lot of work to do but it is good to know that we can come out here and be pretty comfortable from the start.”

(On the play of the tight ends)- “Our tight ends are going to be huge for us.  Whether that is Evan (Moore), Ben (Watson) or Alex SmithJordan Cameron played a lot tonight.  If a team wants to play us some man-to-man, like they were tonight, you’ve got to be aware of where your tight ends are.  I thought Ben (Watson) did a good job tonight.”

(On being efficient tonight)- “We understand that we have a long way to go.  We understand that there are still a lot of things to do to critique ourselves and perfect our craft.  I think for the first time coming out and as we move forward into practice on Monday, we’ll have a little boost of confidence.  Nowhere, and by no means, am I saying that we’re here and we’re ready.  We’ve got a long ways to go, but tonight is a good start.”

(On the play by TE Benjamin Watson on the second touchdown drive)- “I mentioned earlier that any time the team plays the man-to-man tonight, whether it is two high safeties or one high safety, you’ve got to find a way to get your tight ends the ball.  On top of that, it gets those linebackers pretty tired.  They’ve got to run with those guys (tight ends).  We see it every day in practice, (Scott) Fujita and D’Qwell (Jackson) are dead dog tired after practice because the tight ends are running everywhere.  I felt like I had some matchups early, getting into the game and seeing what they (Green Bay) were doing.  The first pass to Ben (Watson) was the third read in the progression.  I’m alerted from the snap.  I was trying to get the ball to (Joshua) Cribbs outside but the corner sat hard so I reset and found him (Watson) in the window.  On the next play, we just ran a vertical game and Ben beat his guy off the line.  I just had to move the safety with my eyes and he (Watson) made a nice catch.  Those are just things that, as we move forward, all of us have to be on the same page to grow.  Tonight, we started off pretty well.”

(On if Watson is usually open in that window)- “We’ve only had 11 practices, so tonight, the things that we were doing, are the things that so far through camp, we feel comfortable with.  In this offense, it is kind of figuring out what do I like and what don’t I like.  I like throwing to my tight ends.  Those guys can work, those guys play hard.  Once again, when you are manned up against safeties and linebackers, you’ve got to let those guys work.”

(On Coach Shurmur’s game day demeanor)- “It was a first for him, for us, for his defense, it was a first for a lot of people.  I think that Pat (Shurmur) is doing a tremendous job with what we’ve got as far as time.  That’s one of the biggest things offensively, defensively and special teams.  Everybody is new, we haven’t had that many practices.  The time that we’ve spent on the practice field is like gold.  You practice, go in and watch the tape and you learn.  I think for us it is important that we keep doing that so that we can continue to make progress.  For Pat (Shurmur), he did a great job.  He carries himself well, as you all know, and I think that I am really going to enjoy playing for him.  Tonight was the first time in a game situation where he was calling plays. In practice, he’s got the headset on, he knows what’s going on.  He calls some (plays) here and there but, in the games, is where you start to get a feel. I kind of knew where he was headed each time and we got the plays in and out.  I felt like probably the best thing we did tonight was we had tempo.  We got in and out of the huddle and to the line of scrimmage and ran the play.  For the most part, we executed pretty well.”

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