Player Quotes - 8/15

Posted Aug 15, 2013

Quotes from Browns players following their 24-6 preseason win over the Detroit Lions.

TE Jordan Cameron:

On first few games

“I am trying to get better every day.  That is definitely a work in progress and the main thing is to do better each week.  I am working my butt off to get to that point where I can continue to get better each week.”

On advice from Tony Gonzalez

“He reiterated that it is all about a routine and really staying focused.  When it gets harder and mundane, to really stick to it.  Little things like that really help.”

On having good hands

“Growing up, playing basketball, you have to have soft hands and it kind of helps to get up there and use your body and have body control.  It helps to make catches and create some space.”

On being a target for Brandon Weeden

“He led it good today.  The play calls were there and it was open.  Like I said he read it right, and made the right read, and really threw the ball in tight spaces and really looked good today.  He has been progressing every week and that is the main thing for us as a young offense, to get better every week.”

RB Trent Richardson:

On hit from Ndamukong Suh

“The hit was not as hard as everybody thought that it was.  He caught me from behind, but I bounced right back up.  I did not even know he hit me that hard until I saw it on the film.  That was my first time getting hit by him.  But you have a guy like that chasing you from behind, I did not even see him, he came out of nowhere.  Other than that, the night went pretty good.”

On putting together good runs

“I think it was all about the timing at first and with the game speed.  The guys were already out there before me.  So working with the time and with the offense, the offensive line did a tremendous job tonight.  Brandon (Weeden) did a good job tonight. The first two runs, we had to just get the timing right and see where we’re at.  Then after that, we just got it going.”

OL John Greco:

On how the offense performed with Trent Richardson

“It was good to have Trent in there. It seemed like we did some good things and, like I said earlier, there’s a lot we still have to improve on; but a win’s a win. We did some good stuff out there, but there are also some things we need to correct and get better at. I’m the first one to admit that I need to get better too. [I’ll] be very critical watching the tape and get better.”

On the starting quarterback Brandon Weeden’s performance

“He seems pretty comfortable back there. We’re just going to try to give him time and help guys get open. It was a very talented defense we just played, and even in the first preseason game. It’s a challenge every week and we’re just going to study the tape to get better each week.”

On how well the game went despite the injuries

“It’s a tough thing. You look at the tape and be very critical. I’ll be the most critical on myself. You take the good away from it and be ultra-critical on the mistakes and work on them, get better. We still have some time before the season kicks off and that’s the only thing we can do is get better from those mistakes.”

DL Phil Taylor:

On getting to the quarterbacks and forcing them to throw earlier

“We pride ourselves on getting to the ball and racing to the quarterback; and it is showing. We have a long way to go. On Saturday we have practice; we have to correct our mistakes and move on.”

On his batted ball

“It was just one of those things. I saw him pat the ball a couple the times, so I just got ready. He threw it and I jumped up and blocked it. It’s more if you can read the quarterback. Our coach always tells us to get our hands up on the pass.”

On the defense’s confidence after two games

“We’re not satisfied; we’re a lot better. We’re going to go out there and do what we have to do.”

On Ndamukong Suh and his shot on Weeden

“He’s a good player. He has a high motor and sometimes that just happens. When you’re a big guy [with] all that speed moving to the ball, it’s hard to stop. I’m not justifying, I mean, he did hit him [Weeden] late and they threw the flag, which was good.”

QB Brandon Weeden

On possibly winning the starting job

“We’ll see, we had some success, obviously, the first three or four drives. I can only control how I played out there. The decisions to make, we’ll make it and we’ll keep rolling just like we have.”

On overcoming team injuries

“I believe we have the depth to overcome them. We have a lot of young guys to roll with the ‘two’s’ that can fill in. It’s just the next guy, that’s the part about playing this sport. There’s going to be injuries, we just have to find ways to overcome them and the good teams do. They’re unfortunate, but it’s a preseason game so there are a lot of guys flying around with a lot of adrenaline. We just have to get those guys back as soon as we can and the guys that are right behind them have to step up and continue. We can’t miss a beat.”

On being a better test for you tonight

“This defense (Detroit) is very good. Going back to last year, that front four can create havoc on the quarterback. They have pass rushers on the inside and outside. They can get in your bubble a little bit. Their secondary is very good. They are a very sound defense, they may not be as exotic but they are very fundamental. They play very smart which made it a good test for us. I would say that it was a very good test for our offense.”

On the two touchdown passes to Jordan Cameron

“Play calls were great, I think we got him matched up on a safety and then also got him matched on a ‘backer’ on the first one. Again, he is such a big target that he can just jump out of the stadium. You just throw it up high and let him go up and get it. Those two were good catches, but I think the best catch he made was on the deep crossing route. That was ‘wow’; I knew I was going to get it over the DB (defensive back), but that was a heck of a catch by him. He had a big night for us and I’m excited to see that for Jordan.”

On the deep pass down the sideline to Josh Gordon

“Again, it’s another big guy that is a nice target. If he continues to use his body to shield off guys to give me some room to throw, our percentages will go up. We just missed him early down the right sideline, and then we came back and did it again. It’s deceiving how fast he is. He runs by guys and barely looks like he’s running, but he is moving. A great catch by him and a big play. Good for that drive.”

LB Paul Kruger

On the game

“It felt good to get out there and have some success. They are a tough team and we came into this week knowing that they had a good offense and a lot of talent.  We did some things well and I think we’re pleased with the game. Definitely still some things to work on. So we’ll see some of the corrections that we can make.”

On not showing much from the “playbook”

“A lot of the game is going to be made by those one-on-one battles. A lot of what defenses are doing is going to vary here and there. It’s really what guys are doing against the guy next to them. And that way we did very well. There’s some nice stuff on tape we can work on. We made some mistakes here and there but overall I think we played pretty well.”

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