Player Quotes - 8/27

Posted Aug 27, 2012

Post-practice quotes from DL Billy Winn, OL Jason Pinkston and WR Josh Gordon.

Browns Player Quotes (Gordon, Pinkston, Winn) 8-27-12

Josh Gordon:

(On how he feels now compared to the beginning of the preseason) – “I’ve definitely come a long way since the first preseason game building up until now. It’s still less than two weeks away, but I’m expecting some good things. (I’ve) been working real hard. We’re ready for it. We got a good look at them a couple days ago. We’ve been practicing and preparing for them, and we’re ready to see what happens.”

(On how far along he’s come personally) – “Definitely a long way. I know what I’m doing now and I’m feeling more confident out there. (I’m) in shape. I’m just getting done with some extra work, which is why I’m sweating so hard. (I’m) definitely working hard, so I can get out there and get at their DB’s and make some plays.”

(On what area he has improved the most) – “Really just getting an understanding of the playbook and the offense. I’m starting to dissect the defenses and reading coverage’s a lot better than what I used to. I didn’t really know it too well, how to adjust to it and what to do. Coach has helped me out with it and I’m getting on it pretty good.”

Jason Pinkston:

(On the biggest thing he learned last season that he wants to use this season to be better) – “I could probably name a million things. I learned a lot. (I learned about) situations, being out there, going through it. Mainly just learning the offense, that’s the biggest thing I could learn.”

(On what they took away as an offensive line from Friday night) – “We’re seeing them again here in two weeks. That was probably one of the more basic game plans that we had and then they showed us a little different stuff. We learned a lot from it. We learned some stuff that we might see here in two weeks.”

(On if preparation for the first game will be different from last week’s game) – “Absolutely. It’ll be much different. We’ll have a full game plan.”

(On if he sees the offensive line being the strength of this team) – “Absolutely. It feels pretty good. I have pretty good chemistry with Joe (Thomas) and Alex (Mack) now. Last year I was just thrown in there. I was trying to learn how they block things and how they operate, and now I know, and it feels good. Mitchell (Schwartz), he jumped right in, and now we’re all gelling together.”

Billy Winn:

(On his confidence that he and John Hughes can be a factor in the defensive line’s rotation) – “I think we’re both very confident. We’re going to have a rotation in there solely because you want to have fresh bodies in there and fresh legs and be able to constantly run around and make things happen.”

(On if quickness is his strength) – “I wouldn’t say it’s one of my strengths, but I do refer back to that quite a bit on the field.”

(On if being selected in the sixth round weighs on him) – “I don’t even think about that. I’m here. I’m in the meeting rooms with those guys. I’m in the team meetings. That’s what matters, is that I’m here and I’m wearing this Browns uniform. They’re going to get everything I’ve got.”

(On if he could play any other defensive line positions) – “I feel that I have that versatility where I could, but they have me at three-technique and playing a little bit of nose. That’s where I’m going to play.”

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