Player Quotes - 9/5

Posted Sep 5, 2012

Post-practice quotes from running back Trent Richardson and quarterback Brandon Weeden.

Browns Player Quotes (Richardson and Weeden) 9-5-12

Trent Richardson

(On what it is going to feel like Sunday)- “I think it is going to feel good if I am out there on the field. Anyway that it goes I know these guys are going to do whatever they can to win the ballgame. If I’m out there or not, I’m a team player first so I’m going to do the best thing I can to help this team. If I’ve got to sit out or if I’ve got to play, whatever it is, I am behind them 100% and I know they are behind me 100%. I really just can’t wait to see what this program can do.”

(On if he has to reel his emotions in due to his first week back also being the season opener)- “It’s emotional as far as me being in the NFL, but as far as being a football player, I am always going to be a football player in my head. Football is football wherever it goes, I just can’t wait.”

(On if he is anxious to take a pop or give one)- “Oh yeah, most definitely. I am very anxious to take a pop or give one. To me in my head it’s always been I’m going to get hit or I’m going to give a hit. If you’re a running back, you don’t want to get hit too many times, you want give that first hit so I can’t wait.”

Brandon Weeden

(On handing the ball to Trent Richardson)- “It will be a good play. It will be one of the better plays we have in the playbook. He’s one of those guys when he’s back there, it’s just a whole other dynamic to this offense. You guys saw a little bit of him, he’s moving around pretty good so it’s exciting to have him back.”

(On what it is like to have guys like Pat Shurmur, Brad Childress and Mike Holmgren teaching him during his rookie season)- “To have guys that you just named, those are guys that have been in this league a long time and have been around a lot of great quarterbacks so I’d be crazy not to listen to them. I’m just a sponge, I’ll ask them questions especially Mr. Holmgren. He is around practice all of the time and he’ll come over and say, ‘I ran this play with Brett (Favre),’ and this and that. And I’ll ask him how Brett approached it or whoever it may be. It’s the same with Brad. He had Brett for a year or two in Minnesota. I’d be crazy not to use those guys as resources and leading up to this they’ve been a huge asset for me.”

(On how fast you have to get rid of the ball against Philadelphia’s defense)- “Obviously, their d-line is sold. You’ve got to get the ball out quick, but you’ve got to protect it. I think that’s there’s a certain order to win. You’ve got to be able run the football, you’ve got to be able to throw the ball down the field and you’ve got to do the small things, but it all starts with protecting especially with our front five including our backs. The ball has to come out quicker at times. You’ve got to pick your spots to take your shots, but I think that’s a very good front seven.”

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