Player quotes - 8/22

Posted Aug 22, 2011

Quotes from linebacker Scott Fujita and quarterback Colt McCoy after Monday's practice.

Browns Player Quotes (Fujita, McCoy) 8-22-11

Scott Fujita

(On how D’Qwell Jackson is looking)-“Outstanding.  I felt like this was going to be the right system for him. Seeing see all the plays that he can make, shooting gaps, using his athleticism, and making plays on the ball.  It is definitely tailor-made for a guy like him.”

(On the impressions of Coach Shurmur)- “He’s great. He is extremely professional and his one emphasis is about being efficient and being professional. Being on time for the things, he doesn’t have a whole lot of rules, but he wants you to follow those rules.  You see the guys with the tempo from drill to drill, tempo getting out of the huddle, being on time for meetings.  It is just a couple small things that he asks of you, but he wants it done the right way.  Again, it’s about being a professional and doing things the right way.”

(On the linebacker core)- “I think it’s going to be strong, but again it’s still early to say.  We have been together now in this system for just three weeks.  I feel good about it, but we still have a long way to go.”

Colt McCoy

(On preparing for Thursday)- “We haven’t done that much for Philly.  These last two days have been in full pads, Browns versus Browns. Really focusing on correcting some things that we messed up the first two games and the things we have been messing up in practice.  We have really just been trying to focus in on those things and really be sharp with what we are doing.  I think tonight maybe getting into tomorrow we will start talking about that, but they haven’t told us anything.  We put in some new plays today, so really just finishing up the last bits of install and then trying to really correct the things that we haven’t been as sharp on.”

(On being on the road this week)- “It’s the first time on the road.  We just have to go play and I think that’s the message every week.  Obviously, it’s a huge challenge with Philadelphia.  They are a good football team.  We all know who is on their team.  We have our hands full for sure.  I think tonight, like I said, as we move into tomorrow we will start focusing on that and kind of looking at some things there.  But, so far these last two days have really been about us and fixing and correcting some things that we need to get fixed.”

(On being aggressive in the red zone)- “You just have to be smart in the red zone.  In the red zone the game is faster, less field, defenses can cover more, smaller windows to get the ball in, and it is a touchdown or check down mentality.  That is kind of what you have to have, but we work it a lot in practice and so far we have been pretty successful down there.”

(On if he has his favorite plays or if he is still going through the learning process)- “I think I am still going through the process.  There are obviously ones that I feel I have got down, that I really like and we communicate that way.  There are plays that they want me to like and I need to know and those are all things that as we move forward, will continue to grow and we’ll continue to get on the same page with what we want.  Right now, we are still running a lot of stuff.  We are doing a lot of different things and really trying to figure out what we like best and really who we are as an offense, what we do best.  I think that’s what preseason is for.  We still have two more weeks of it.  We are gradually growing and gradually getting there.”

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