Player quotes - 9/15

Posted Sep 15, 2010

Quotes from locker room press conferences with quarterbacks Jake Delhomme and Seneca Wallace.

Browns Player Quotes 9-15-10

(Delhomme, Wallace)

QB Jake Delhomme

(On if he regrets not coming out of the game Sunday)- “No, not at all.  I knew at halftime I needed to get taped up, but adrenaline is flowing, naturally you don’t have as much swelling and things like that and you kind of can pinpoint more after the game or the day after.  Not, not at all.  If I felt like I was going to be a detriment to the offense in the second half, I feel I’d be smarter than that, knowing that we have an extremely good quarterback also in Seneca (Wallace).  No, I didn’t feel that way and that’s where we’re at.”

(On what is wrong with his ankle)- “I just have an ankle that’s bothering me and I’m just going to leave it at that and we’ll go from there.”

(On if he is optimistic about playing Sunday)- “I’m always optimistic about anything.  We are just going to be aggressive in our treatment and see where that takes us.”

(On if his ankle injury occurred during the first interception that he threw)- “Yes, it was.  I’m not blaming that on the throw one bit, I will say that.  It was a poor decision.  It had nothing to do with me throwing an interception.”

(On what he thinks knowing his body better than anyone else)- “I don’t know.  I don’t recall ever having an ankle injury in my life, maybe in college.  I’m just going to listen to what the trainers say and we are going to follow that protocol and kind of go from there, but we’ll see.”

(On if he had an MRI)- “I did take one, yes.”

(On what the MRI results showed)- “I’m a big believer of what’s said in the training room, stays in the training room.  That’s kind of where we are at there.”

(On if he has ever had to rest all week and then play Sunday)- “I’ve had to do that one time in my career, not take a snap all week long because I had a broken thumb and it worked well for me.  But I think as a quarterback, I’m a firm believer in getting reps and things like that especially this is not like it’s old hat for me here with these guys.  We are still in the learning process, so we will see and we’ll go from there.”

(On if it hurt more Sunday night and Monday morning than it did in the game)- “Yes.  I will say that. It sure did.”

(On Brett Favre being able to rest his ankle and then play in games)- “I think the thing with him is that he’s had that offense for whatever, 16 of his 17 years.  The offensive coordinator there was his quarterback coach in Green Bay for awhile, so naturally they were very familiar in that regard.”

(On what the key to winning this Sunday will be regardless of who is playing quarterback)- “I think the biggest thing is protect the football.  I really and truly believe that was the key to us not winning the game the other day.  We did some decent things, especially in the first half.  We weren’t as naturally crisp in the second half.  We had a good opening drive, we didn’t come away with anything.  We were kind of playing field position and the next thing you know, we were on the opposite end of that spectrum field position-wise.  We just didn’t make enough plays in the second half.”

(On if there is a part of him that thinks the smart thing to do is rest this week and try for next week)- “You know what, we’ll see.  To me, the whole season is the next game.  That’s how I look at every game.”

(On if Joshua Cribbs was open underneath on his second interception)- “Maybe we possibly could have had him.  In hindsight, possibly so, but if I would have put more on it, we are talking about a big play to Mo (Massaquoi).  A huge play that changes field position and a first down and who knows.  I just didn’t get enough on it.”

(On if it is disappointing to get an injury in the first game with a new team)- “It’s extremely disappointing, I will say that.  I’ve been very lucky throughout my career, injury-wise.  For one, it’s embarrassing to me.  It’s just kind of the way I look at it.”

(On why an injury is embarrassing)- “It’s just kind of the way I look at it.  I believe you should be out there with your guys, but I know this is for the best and that’s how we have to take it.”

(On how much his ankle bothered him in the second half)- “Somewhat, but it’s no excuse for anything in the second half.  There might have been one or two throws, but other than that no, it wasn’t an excuse for any play.”

(On if he is confident that he will at least play next Sunday)- “You know what, I’m going to work on trying to get better today and we’ll see tomorrow.  I’m trying not to give you coach speak, I’m giving you how I feel and where my focus is.”

(On the minimum he would have to do to be ready this week)- “We’ll see.  I think the first thing is to be effective and not hurt the team.  I will keep saying it, we’ve got a good guy who can play quarterback also in Seneca.”

(On if he knew after the game that something was wrong)- “I think any time after a game, adrenaline is still flowing and things like that.  Swelling will set in at a certain point, but I knew Monday morning it was a little different.  I knew Sunday night I should say and during the course of the night. Monday morning, it was a little different.  We came in early and we were able to kind of try some stuff to get it better.”

(On the productivity and relationship he expects with his wide receivers, with Cribbs and Brian Robiskie only having three catches between them last game)- “I think the biggest thing is that we didn’t win the game, so none of us did enough for us to win.  That’s kind of how you have to look at it.  I still think we are learning, we are trying to establish exactly who we are and that’s the season.  It’s the first game of the season.  Would we love to be 1-0?  Absolutely.  It’s just kind of the way it goes.  You take it for what it’s worth and you build on it.  I think this team came in and we took our medicine on Monday and now we are back to work and it’s time to go.”

QB Seneca Wallace

(On if he is preparing for the game this week any differently because of Delhomme’s injury)- “Not really, it’s just that I’m getting more of our team reps.  I will prepare the same, but it’s just more now running with the ones and getting more opportunities to do our stuff.”

(On if he anticipates things being a little different offensively)- “Not much different.  There is some stuff, obviously, in the game plan that I’m real familiar with that we did a lot in Seattle.  It’s pretty much the same game plan and my job is to make sure I execute those plays as well as possible and move the ball and score some points for us offensively.”

(On if Delhomme said that his ankle was bothering him during the game last Sunday)- “I knew it was bothering him a little bit.  You could tell on one of the throws that he had later in the game.  He’s a tough guy, obviously, and he will continue to keep playing through that injury.  He will bounce back and he made some good throws even when he was in there battling a hurt ankle.  That’s the type of competitor that he is.”

(On if he thought he might go in last Sunday for Delhomme)- “A little bit, but my main thing was to make sure I kept him going, kept his head in the game and I tried my best to make sure that he wasn’t worried about the injury and continued to keep playing football.”

(On if he is used to playing a supporting role)- “Yes, you just continue to keep working.  We tried our best not to miss a beat out there offensively and continue to keep playing offense.”

(On if he has a different comfort level in Cleveland than he did in Seattle)- “Yes, a little bit.  This is a different system than what I was used to in Seattle.  All of the hard work that we did in OTAs and in training camp, I became very familiar with this offense and I feel comfortable with it.”

(On what his mindset will be if he is the starter Sunday)- “The same thing, just go out there and keep playing football, keep doing the same thing I’ve been doing since I was young and the same thing I’ve been doing since I’ve been in the NFL.  Just go out there and have fun and play football.”

(On if there were plays in the Tampa Bay game he felt were left out there on the field)- “There’s a lot of opportunities, and that happens.  There’s going to be some times, especially early in the season, that you are going to miss some things, and that happens.  We just try to make sure that we don’t make those mistakes over again, especially when we go back out on the field for another series.  We might call the same play, but we make sure that we connect with it.  Unfortunately, we did miss a few things, but that happens.  That’s football.  We move forward and continue to keep playing.”

(On if it would be the earliest in a season he would be starting a game if he starts on Sunday)- “Probably so, but that doesn’t matter.  It’s still football, it doesn’t matter if it’s Week 1, Week 2 or Week 15.  You have still got to go out and play.”

(On if the offensive packages change if he starts Sunday)- “It doesn’t change at all.  I think we still just continue to keep doing what we’ve been doing.  We can’t worry about if I’m getting more reps at quarterback and all that other stuff that comes along with it and the Wildcat stuff.  Just continue to keep playing.”

(On if the Wildcat package will be more effective with him on the field more)- “It could.  It has its advantages, but we just continue to keep playing.  We’ll mix those things in and we’ll see what happens.”

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