Player quotes- 9/25

Posted Sep 25, 2012

Post-practice quotes from running back Trent Richardson and quarterback Brandon Weeden.

Browns Player Quotes (Richardson and Weeden) 9-25-12

Trent Richardson:

(On what has to happen for the running game to be effective this week) – “We have to get some movement up front. We have to stop them from penetrating and really just stick to the basics. We can’t do anything all fancy. We have to go downhill.”

(On facing the Ravens defense and going up against Ray Lewis) – “It’s going to be an honor being on the same field as Ray Lewis. I’ve looked up to him for years and I still look up to him, especially his leadership and how he handles stuff. But, it’s going to be like another game. I’ve got to play it like it’s my last, go out there and give it all I can.”

(On what being on a prime time national stage means to him) – “It is just another game to me. I just came from a place that had a lot of showcasing and a lot of media so that doesn’t really bother me at all. I just can’t wait to get out there Thursday and showcase every skill that I’ve got that God has blessed me with.”

Brandon Weeden:

(On if playing Baltimore on a short week is as good a test as he can get) – “It is. It’s a division game too. When you’re trying to win division championships, you have to win division games. It’s a tough test. You basically have two and a half days to prepare and then we are playing a football game. It’s not a physically draining week, it’s all mental. We have to really understand what we’re doing offensively, without getting a rep over and over. You have to learn with basically one or no reps at all. You have to be on your “A” game and be ready to rock and roll.”

(On what they are losing without Mohamed Massaquoi) – “Consistency. He’s a guy that has been consistent all year. He has made a lot of great plays. He has made plays not only in the run game with his blocking and all those things. He’s a guy that I have a lot of confidence in. I hope he comes back sooner rather than later. He’s going to be missed. I think just consistency. He’s a guy that doesn’t make a bunch of mistakes. (He’s a) competitor, great teammate and kind of a leader for the rest of those receivers.”

(On the attitude on the team with being 0-3) – “I’m glad you asked that. There’s so much negative vibe outside this locker room. It’s everywhere. In this locker room, my goal and I think the rest of the guys’ goal is to keep the positive vibe in here. It’s good right now. Yeah, we’re all frustrated, we all want to be 3-0, but any time you let all the outside frustrations come into this locker room, it starts breaking guys apart. That’s a recipe for disaster. I think (we need to) keep these 53 guys focused, mentally positive and keep moving forward and building and keep growing. We’re a young team, everybody knows that. For the veterans, to keep the young guys focused (and) veterans to keep the team to be leaders. I think that should be our main focus. Yeah, we’re frustrated, there’s no question about that. We want to keep all the positive vibes we can in this locker room. There’s a lot of football left to be played the rest of the year.”

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