Posey learned hard lesson

Posted Jan 24, 2012

Former Ohio State wide receiver and Cincinnati native DeVier Posey learned a lot while missing 10 games during his senior season in Columbus.

MOBILE, Ala. --- The point of going to college is to learn.

Whether one is studying history or learning a skill that will help in the workforce, there are lessons that can be taken out of every experience.

Former Ohio State University wide receiver DeVier Posey, who is preparing for Saturday’s Senior Bowl game in Mobile, “learned a lot” during the 2011 season, a year in which he missed 10 games for accepting money and tattoos from a Columbus-area tattoo parlor owner as well as receiving too much money for a summer job.

During Media Night at the USS Alabama Battleship, Posey said the invitation to the Senior Bowl “meant everything” to him. 

“I didn’t come in with the attitude that I needed to prove myself,” Posey recalled. “I just wanted to remind everybody that I was still here and I could still play. This past year was the hardest year for me. I realized how much I love football and how much I miss the game. I learned a lot. I learned how to deal with negative media. I learned how to handle the positive things and just take things day-by-day.”

In addition to his love of football, Posey also learned to serve others.

“To be able to lead, you have to serve first,” Posey said. “I feel like being on scout team, helping the younger guys and being in the meeting room and telling them the little tips that I have allowed me to understand the game more and it humbled me as well. That’s what I needed going into this process and going to the next level. Through this process, everything you hear is what you can’t do and everyone’s tearing you down. Going through the draft, you’re going to hear a lot of negative things and then, when you get into camp as well, you have to be humble. You have to serve the team and show them you can play. I felt like I learned all those lessons this past year.”

As part of the pre-draft experience, Posey and the other players get an opportunity to talk with teams. He said coaches and scouts “want to know” about the infractions that cost him almost all of his senior season.

“You can’t play around with those guys and give them fake answers,” Posey said. “Some of the guys have been around football a while and they know how guys are. I just tell them the truth and to be honest, I’m not really ashamed of it because everyone knows. I can’t hide it. It is what it is. I served my penalty; I served my punishment and it’s in the past. People can hold on to it, but I still have to live my life. I have to move forward. If this is the worst thing that happens to me, I’ll be okay.”

Despite missing 10 games, Posey still caught 12 passes for 162 yards and two touchdowns with a long reception of 43 yards.

For his career, Posey caught 136 passes for 1,955 yards and 18 yards in 41 games with the Buckeyes.

“I’m working at my craft and don’t feel like I’ve reached my potential at all,” Posey said. “To me, that’s scary because I want to see how good I can be one day and I won’t be satisfied until I retire.”

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