Post Game Quotes, Pat Shurmur

Posted Aug 19, 2011



(Opening statement)- “Let me start with the injuries.  Brandon Jackson had turf toe; he was getting evaluated we’ll know more about him tomorrow.  Evan Moore got dinged up.  They brought him in and I haven’t had a chance to fully get all the information on that one yet, so he’s being evaluated.  That’s it really for the most part on the injuries.  Typically on a game like this, we’ll wake up in the morning and there will be some other guys that feel a little bit sore.  Second half, and really throughout, and although we found a way to get up 21-13 and there was some really good stuff in the first half.  Then we come out in the second half and score right away, which was good.  It’s very hard to get that type of a lead in the NFL.  Then we really started getting pretty sloppy.  When you look at it, numerous penalties and then those two fumbles in the second half led directly to points.  Those are killers.  I told the guys, ‘The guys that are in the game are in charge of winning the game and you cant be sloppy.’  You have to take care of the football and you cant have penalties because it gets you out of rhythm, its gets you behind as far as trying to move the football because you have long-yardage situations.  There’s a lesson in that and fortunately, its preseason.  Again, there was some good stuff in there to build on.  There were a lot of guys that got a lot of playing time.  We had six or seven guys that would typically be starters that weren’t in the game.  A lot of the others guys kind of got pushed up to the front and some of the guys that were twos and threes got a lot of work in the second half.  That’s about what I have for you, I’m disappointed especially in how sloppy the second half was.


(On if Evan Moore being dinged up involved his head)- “I don’t know exactly the final analysis on that, but at the time he left the game, he was about done taking reps.”


(On if the inactive players would have been in the game had it been the regular season)- “I don’t know, we’d have to talk about specifics.  But, they weren’t available today.”


(On decision to not play Montario Hardesty and if he needs one more week of practice)- “Yeah, that’s basically it.  We’ll put him back in live action with a solid week and a half under his belt.”


(On if the sloppiness and turnovers are fixable with condensed time)- “I think so.  Every mistake that happens out there, you tend to see it and kind of correct it immediately.  On one of the fumbles, he was switching the ball in traffic, which is a no no.  We’ll get that fixed and he wont do that anymore.


(On how Colt McCoy played when he faced pressure)- “He did a good job.  He executed like you would expect a quarterback to execute.  They came after us with some pressure and he stood in there and did a nice job from that standpoint.  He’ll be the first to tell you though that he probably had a small handful of throws that he could of made better.” 


(On talking to Greg Little on sideline about kicking the ball in the stands)- “Yes, I told him to not do that.  Basically, he made a great play and I said, ‘In my opinion, you tarnished a great effort by booting the ball in the stands.’  I don’t want that, he knows I don’t want that and it’s been addressed.  I don’t expect to see that again.”


(On the play of the first string defense)- “Yeah they were battling out there.  I thought defensively, there were some good things and things we have to correct.  But, I thought they battled and I thought there was some good play.”


(On Evan Moore being a weapon)- “He can really run and catch the football.  You saw in tight coverage, he made a great catch in the end zone and found a way to keep his feet in bounds.  So, that’s how we’ll try to use him throughout this deal and I think he has improved as a blocker.  But, I think his real value is a pass catcher.”


(On Terrelle Pryor’s workout)- “I won’t be there.  I am sure we will be represented, but I won’t be there.”


(On the defensive pressure against McCoy tonight)- “Obviously, there was a mixture of things that happened when there is the pressure that they were bringing.  They were bringing the safety, they were bringing the linebackers and a couple of full blitzes in there actually.  That’s good.  We need to see that kind of stuff and you have to be able to execute in the face of pressure.  I think the couple of throws he made today were really good.”

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