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Posted Aug 19, 2011

QB Colt McCoy

(On the play of the starting offense)- “A lot of people were ready to anoint us after last week.  Tonight we faced a good front, a good defensive football team, and we had our ups and downs for sure.  The first half, for the most part, I thought we took advantage of two things.  We capitalized on short fields.  They gave us a turnover on the minus side of the field and we punched it in.  We also had a punt return inside the 50 and punched that in on the short field.  Those are two things that are crucial to win football games.  We didn’t settle for field goals.  When we got a short field, we scored touchdowns.  There were a lot of rough things here and there that went on.  We had a lot of penalties and we weren’t in as good of a tempo at times that we’d like to be.”


(On facing Detroit’s pass rush)- “They are a good football team.  They have a lot of weapons, especially up front.  They did a good job against us outside and we had a couple of holding calls.  We need to work on it when you see man-to-man coverage outside.  When you put 21 points up in the first half, it gives you a chance to win if you are in the regular season.  We have a lot of work to do, that’s evident, but we’ll go back to the drawing board, get into the pads on Sunday and go back to work.”


(On the play of TE Evan Moore)- “Evan creates mismatches.  On the first touchdown tonight, we had him on a safety and he got into space and he made a nice play.  He’s a guy you can line up out wide or you can stick him inside.  I thought he made a great play on the second touchdown catch.  It was close, it was right there and they had to look at the replay.  He is definitely a weapon.”


(On the red zone efficiency of the offense)- “I think we feel pretty good right now about our red zone offense.  We obviously still have to keep working.  I think our main focus right now, when we go back and watch the tape, is that we are punching it in when we get down there but we have to figure out how to get it there.  Tonight, a couple of times, we had opportunities but we had to get off the field early.  We started off kind of slow.  We dropped a couple of balls early and when those things happen, your rhythm starts going and it took us a little while to feel good.  On the last long drive before the half we got a couple of penalties that helped us move the ball down the field, but we started to get a little bit of rhythm.  There were goods and bads (aspects of the game).  You saw the game, we have some work to do.”


(On taking some hits tonight)- “Tonight was good.  Last week, I don’t think I got hit.  One time I got out of the pocket and I probably should have slid a little earlier.  They put some pressure on us.  They came at us with some pressure that we hadn’t seen and, for the most part, we did okay.  We were a little short-handed.  Peyton (Hillis) didn’t play, Ben Watson didn’t play and Steiny (Eric Steinbach) didn’t play.  Those are three guys that really make a difference so (it is good) to go out and put up points like that in the second game of the preseason against a good defensive football team.”


DL Jabaal Sheard

(On the forced fumble)- “It’s something we do in practice, stripping the ball. I just went in there and it popped out.”


(On practicing against Joe Thomas)- “It’s a tremendous help. It was good to finally get in the game and go up against someone easier than Joe. It worked out today.”


(On being a starter from day one)- “I want to get better and help the team however I can. I’m just trying to get better every day. I don’t know if the job is mine. I’m not ever going to tell myself the job is mine. I just want to get better.”


WR Greg Little

(On his touchdown catch)- “It felt good to finally get in the end zone and get the monkey off my back. I was a little overjoyed.”


(On punting the ball in the end zone)- “The official told me to watch out for it in the regular season and that it would be a penalty. I have to be cautious of that and not hurt the team with self-imposed penalties.”


(On his touchdown catch play call)- “I was just so happy that the line held up, and for Colt to make that read, and for me to come open and make the catch. It was overall a good play call in the red zone by Coach Shurmur.”


WR Josh Cribbs

(On the game tonight)- “We feel ready, we got a lot of work in but we have a long way to go. We have room for a lot of improvement. “


(On Colt McCoy’s performance)- “One thing Colt is doing great is spreading the football around. That is what this west coast offense allows us to do. Some great athletes are going to come out of this offense. Colt is going to spread the ball around and the athletes are going to make plays.”


(On the sloppiness in tonight’s game)- “People are disappointed that we didn’t finish. We were up and then we turned the ball over, dropped some balls and we have to do better. As a whole I feel like we got a lot of work in but we still have a long way to go.”

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