Reasons for feeling thankful

Posted Nov 27, 2013

Browns Senior Editor Vic Carucci offers the reasons he is thankful on Thanksgiving.

Here are my five biggest reasons for being thankful on Thanksgiving:

>>Best family and friends a man can have. And for one of my newest friends (since July, although it seems as if we’ve known each other for years), Nathan Zegura, my partner on “Cleveland Browns Daily, Driven by Liberty Ford.” Nathan is a true professional who has added a tremendous amount of energy and Browns/football knowledge to the show. Co-hosting CBD with him is a privilege and a whole lot of fun!

>>The Browns didn’t trade wide receiver Josh Gordon. Gordon not only has demonstrated since the start of the season that he is one of the NFL’s very best players at his position, but he also has shown a great deal of maturity. More impressive than the club-record day he had with receptions (14) and yards (237) against the Steelers was the way he was quick to point out afterward that it was a hallow accomplishment because it came in such an embarrassing loss.

>>Can’t forget the third member of the CBD team, Je’Rod Cherry, who brings considerable insight as a former player and an extremely passionate person.

>>Watching the Browns this year. I know, I know. The last two weeks have been extremely frustrating, and the season as a whole has been disappointing. But it was fun to see this team rebound from a 0-2 start behind the amazing Cinderella story that was Brian Hoyer. It was fun to see the Browns rebound from a three-game losing streak by ending their 11-game losing skid against the Baltimore Ravens. It was remarkable to think that, despite having three different starting quarterbacks before the halfway point of the season, the Browns were still relevant at the start of November. And it will be interesting to see what this team, with yet another quarterback change, will do through the final give games of the season.

>>The chance to interact with the most passionate fan base in the NFL on a regular basis. Happy Thanksgiving!

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