Rob Chudzinski press conf. transcript - Dec. 23

Posted Dec 23, 2013

The transcript of Coach Rob Chudzinski's Monday afternoon press conference.

Opening statement: “After watching tape, I feel the same way as I did last night. Not happy with our performance, as both coaches and players. Our execution was not good enough. We weren’t able to accomplish the things we set out to in terms of our plan in order to win. Specifically turnovers, the performance in the third down and the red zone, as well as the line-of-scrimmage battle up front on both sides of the ball. I know how important this team is to this region and to our fans, and we’re going to keep fighting to get this thing turned around.”

On what has happened to the run defense: “Each week it’s different. There’s not just one specific thing that you can put your finger on. In terms of yesterday’s game, we got blocked out of our gaps at times, we misfit some of the runs, we lost contain. At times we had some guys trying to do too much, and it’s definitely something that needs to get fixed. It was a key to the game, us stopping the run. We went in and committed a lot of guys in the box. So it’s something that’s disappointing and, again, we need to fix.”

On getting so little pressure on Jets QB Geno Smith: “We actually pressured quite a bit blitzing. We weren’t able to get pressure. We had a lot of one-on-ones didn’t win. Again, that was a key to the game, the line of scrimmage and our inability to get pressure on him. We did bat a few balls down but we didn’t get enough pressure to make a difference.”

On if there was a lack of effort on the defensive side: “I didn’t see it as an effort thing; I think they did a good job. It came down to the one-on-one battles.”

On if he is expecting more from LB Barkevious Mingo: “I think that Barkevious is going through a lot of the things that a rookie making a transition to the NFL, as well as making a position change and transition in learning how to play that position, and the multiple things you have to do at that position that come up. He’s working his way through that and I think the production will come.”

On substitution and timeout issues against New York and throughout the year: “They have. I think some of that comes with multiple, from an offensive standpoint, is multiple of a personnel-group team as we are, those things can happen at times. When they do that’s not an excuse and that’s not acceptable. Defensively, they did the same thing. Their offense, changing personnel groups a lot, we change with them to match them and sometimes you have not enough or too many in. Again, that’s not acceptable. It’s something that we’ll fix.”

On if he tries to fix the substitution issues: “We do. We have multiple coaches working on it. In the heat of the battle and the heat of the moment, being able to match and get the right people in to do the right things, the easiest thing is to not change personnel and keep the same ones in all the time. Some people do that. We try to give our guys every advantage and try to put guys in position to put our best guys for the particular things that we’re trying to do. We just have to do a better job of making sure those things don’t happen.”

On if QB Jason Campbell’s pressing comments, and whether he is mentally able to play: “I think pressing is good to some degree. It means that guys want to do well and are doing everything that they can. I think that sometimes is an issue when guys try to do more than their job or try to do too much. You have to, at that position, let the game come to you, and I think when Jason has been in his best rhythm and playing at his best, he’s doing that.”

On how much the mistakes are mental and physical, and how he fixes it: “Well it’s some of both. It’s something, again, reps, continue to do it over and over again, the more guys play in a scheme the more they understand it, the more it becomes second nature. Really, it’s about, at the time, and we’ve talked a lot about having a mindset of when the game is there, that time to take the game, of stepping up and making those plays. We have to and I have to do a better job in continuing to do a better job of building that mindset.”

On what the most troubling aspect of the team is right now: “I think that looking at the last few weeks, the fact that we’ve had leads, we’ve played well coming into games and starting games and have had good starts and started fast, and we haven’t been able to maintain those leads. Each week it’s for different reasons. That’s the difficult thing, is to pin one thing down. When you can pin it down to one thing, you can fix it. Sometimes you fix one thing and something else pops up. As I mentioned, you look at tape and there’s some good things. Whenever you play there’s some good things and there’s some things that aren’t good. Special teams played great yesterday, made three big plays for us. At times there’s been issues with that and some of the games that we’ve played. Offense has had their issues at times; defense has had its issues at times as well. But overall, that’s the thing we need to get better at to grow as a team, because if we do and are able to protect those leads, or score and continue to build on those leads and win those games, that’s the difference.”

On why the team struggles to bounce back from mistakes in games: “I think it’s a combination of things as you look at it. It’s about a mindset to begin with. We’ve talked a lot using the term, ‘the last five.’ The last five minutes of each half, of wanting to win the last five. That’s been a huge point of emphasis. The guys are aware of it, they know it, they want to do well, but you have to execute as well, and you have to make plays when you have the opportunity. From a coaching standpoint we have to do everything we can to put them in the very best position for that. We need improvement in all of those things.”

On if something could have been executed better on plays in which receivers dropped passes in the end zone: “It’s a matter of catching and making the play at that particular time. There’s other times where we had opportunities where a better throw or just a misconnection on some things. Obviously, we had touchdown that was nullified because of a penalty on a run. I think you guys saw the screen that was there to (TE) MarQueis (Gray) that was just out of reach for him. That looked like to be a touchdown. All of those things are just off and we need to make them so they’re just on. Once they’re just on, then we’ll have the kind of success in that area as well as other areas.”

On if the team is close to having a good foundation of players or if it is still in the building process: “We have, as I‘ve said before, there’s hope. I think that we made strides in some areas. Certainly after yesterday’s game, I’m not happy and nobody’s happy with the outcome. But overall, I think that there’s a group of guys and there’s a core of what we’re doing that’s going to be the foundation of going into the future. Again, I’m very confident in our future and the success that we’ll have in the future. We have a lot of work to do and there’s no doubt in that. Our record, I’m not immune to what our record is. It’s not good enough and it needs to be better and we’ll improve on that.”

On if he understands why the fans are frustrated, by the inability to turn around the Browns: “I grew up as a Browns fan. I know the frustration, I understand the frustration; I’ve lived it. I can only say that there’s nothing more that I want than for this place to be a winner and for us to turn it around. We’ll get that done.”

On if he looks back at three QBs, still looking for a RB, injured TE, second WR hasn’t had a good year, and wonders what people expect: “I don’t think that way; I don’t function that way. I’ve always felt like whatever situation you’re in, whatever you’re doing, whoever you have, you have to figure out a way to make it work. It’s a puzzle that you have to figure out how you can put that puzzle together. Obviously, we haven’t been able to do that this year well enough.”

On WR Davone Bess: “I have reached out to him. Davone, he’s going through a family, personal matter, a personal issue. We’re going to give him all of the support we can through this. Beyond that, I’m not going to go into any detail. That’s up to Davone to talk about.”

On if being the head coach was harder than he thought it would be: “It’s not. I expected it, I understood the challenges that we had and I know what it takes, here, specifically. I think that, again, we go back to the plan we have overall as an organization to establish the type of success long-term that we want. That would take some time to get to and I know what I signed up for.”

On injuries: “As I mentioned last night, (DL Phil) Taylor and (OL Jason) then Pinkston came in late this morning; both of those guys have been diagnosed with concussions. (DL) John Hughes has a knee sprain and (CB Joe) Haden got through the game, aggravated his hip a little bit. We’ll see how it is in the next couple of days to move forward on that.”

On TE Jordan Cameron: “He’s still in the concussion protocol. He hasn’t been cleared.”

On defensive backs coach Louie Cioffi: “He’s going to have surgery at some point this week. I’m not sure when.”

On what surgery he will need: “It has something to do with his bone, not a ligament.”

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