Rob Ryan press conf. transcript - 10/8

Posted Oct 8, 2010

The transcript of defensive coordinator Rob Ryan's weekly Friday afternoon press conference.

Browns Defensive Coordinator Rob Ryan press conference 10-8-10

(On Matt Ryan)- “Matt Ryan is a (heck) of a quarterback, he really is.  I tell you what, (Mike) Mularkey does a great job.  Their offense does a (heck) of a job, they move all over the place and that makes them really good.  Obviously, the play action with Burner (Michael) Turner back there, you have got to honor that.  This Roddy White has really turned into a special guy at wide receiver.  They have a lot of really good weapons.  I think their offensive line is a bunch of fighters, they push it about as far as it can be pushed.  They get some penalties, but I think they do a great job.  When you look at their stats, I saw them and was like (shoot) I’ve never seen better numbers.  I just started working a little harder, but we are going to be ready.”

(On them being in the midst of facing good quarterbacks week after week like Carson Palmer, Matt Ryan, Ben Roethlisberger, Drew Brees and Tom Brady)- “You could start with (Joe) Flacco because he played great also against us.  In this league, there are no easy games.  That (Josh) Freeman is going to be a good quarterback that we faced opening day.  I always thought (Matt) Cassel was pretty decent.  They’re always real good and it just seems that the way the schedule worked out, it’s like a Pro Bowl quarterback every week.  We know we have to play better this week, we’re going to.  We worked really hard, we’ve got some good things up and ready to go that are going to help us out in the secondary.”

(On if it tougher to match up against a mobile quarterback)- “Yes, most of these guys that we have been playing have been sacked like three times all year.  This guy has been sacked eight times, so hopefully you can get some shots on him.  He’s very talented.  He’s very good on the run, he makes a lot of real good throws especially when he is outside of the pocket.  When he steps up inside the pocket, that’s usually when he runs.  When he escapes, he is looking to throw and make big plays down the field.  He’s similar to Roethlisberger, that’s a guy we know and are familiar with, where he will make huge plays down the field.  We have got to do a great job of keeping him in the pocket.  Our guys are looking forward to the challenge and shoot, we can’t wait until Sunday.”

(On how to defend Roddy White’s on short and long passes)- “He’s very talented.  The other thing about that young man is, besides all of the great speed, he’s really a tough guy.  He goes across the middle and catches a lot of passes also.  You mentioned the short, little passes, they rely on his run after the catch.  Then he’s got the home run ability.  He’s really got it all and he’s a (heck) of a blocker.  He’ll go down there and crack those safeties and he does a great job.  You have got to take your hat off, Terry Robiskie has been a receivers coach for a long time and he makes anybody block.  He’ll make a dead man block.  We know who this team is.  It took us a while, we’ve done a lot of extra work on them and it’s going to pay off for us on Sunday.”

(On defending White)- “You can always put two guy on a guy, it doesn’t mean you’re always necessarily going to get the job done.  That limits you defensively, but sometimes you have to do that.  Down and distance always tells you things, along with formations, and gives you really a good idea.  If you’re a student of the game, it helps you to prepare to, ‘This is what I’m anticipating and I can react to something else if I get something else.’”

(On the changes in the secondary)- “I’m excited with our players.  I think they’ve done a great job, (Tom) Heckert and Mike Holmgren, of getting the right type of players that Eric (Mangini) and I believe in.  They really have added some outstanding defensive players for us.  I don’t know what these numbers look like or anything, but I just know we’re a better defense.  We are going to be better, we are going to get better each week.  Sometimes the competition gets better also, but we’re in it for a fight and we are going to start winning some games around here.”

(On if Mangini has ever wanted him to back off from blitzing)- “I think everybody, all of the fans, Eric the Head Coach, our president, everybody wants us to definitely not blitz when we get beat (joking).  I have found that out and I mean everybody.  The neighbor.  My wife’s best friend has been in town for a week, she’s like ‘Rob, why are you blitzing?’  Stop it.  Sometimes you want to put a string on them and bring the call back, but it just doesn’t come back.  There’s ways to do these things and we are going to get pressure on these quarterbacks and hit them and do it the right way, hard and tough.  That’s how we always preach football and that’s how we are going to get it done.  Sometimes those things don’t go always our way.”

(On Matt Roth as a person and a player)- “I love him.  I think there is not a tougher guy, a genuine tough guy, in football that’s more tough than this guy.  He’s not pretty.  There’s no question he’s not pretty.   He’s just tough.  He’s smart, he’s tough, he’s so physical, but he is a great guy.  He’s got a great sense of humor.  He is really a lot of fun to be around.  Even if you work long hours and you don’t get any sleep, he can make you laugh.  He really makes it enjoyable.”

(On where Roth’s toughness comes from)- “I’ve met his parents and he looks tougher than both of them.  I don’t know.  I know one thing, I want my kid to drink the Gatorade that he drank because God, he is so tough.  Honest to God, I don’t think there’s a guy in the league that he would back up to.  I really don’t.”

(On if the defense is as physical as he wants it to be)- “I think pretty much all these players that we have on defense right now are smart and tough.  The blue print at least for myself and Eric (Mangini) in New England, we had a lot of smart, tough guys and that’s how you win in this league.  I know some guys have foot speed, some guys don’t, some guys lift a million pounds and some don’t but if you put a whole team of tough, smart guys you can do so much with them and you can ask so much from them.  Being smart, tough and really accountable.  I think we do just as much as you can do on a defense, mentally to challenge a guy and our guys really do a great job with it.  Are we where we need to be? No, but we’re getting there quick and I think you’ll continue to see improvement from our end.  We’re not satisfied obviously with how it’s gone yet because when you make some mistakes, some big ones like we’ve made and I mean we because its all of us coach, me and also our players, but we’re going to get it right and when we do it’s going to start stringing victories along like we anticipate like we’re going to do.”

(On if he thinks receivers are going to be looking out for T.J. Ward after his hit last week)- “If they’re smart they would.  I saw the kid in college and he would fire them up like that every week.  It’s unfortunate, I know the kid’s disappointed that they called a penalty on that play because we saw it as a bang bang play the kid drops the ball.  He made a great read, he was in double coverage away from the ball, the man went outside and came back inside and went to knock the (heck) out of the guy on third down in the red zone and that’s how we teach.  You teach to hit them properly, the young man didn’t lead with his head, he’s hitting him the way we teach him and then there’s a big hullabaloo about this penalty but (heck) those guys need to shut up.  This is our team, they don’t coach our team. We do.  (Heck) if they want to worry about a cheap shot they ought to look at first and 10 on the 35, third quarter, 4:24 left, make sure you get that down and watch their guard Nate Livings.  Our kids played great the whole game.  They want to (complain) about him and he hit a guy in the face.  This kid hits our guy in the back after he got a sack for a forced fumble, (Scott) Fujita, and a blocked field goal over him.  Then this kid dives and hits him in the back of the legs.  If you want to talk about cheap, talk about this (guy).  Excuse me, Nate Livings.  We are the least penalized defense in football.  If we aren’t, we are always one of the tops.  That’s how we teach.  We teach a hard, tough, smart brand of football.  We don’t give away yardage.  People think we are out to hurt them, we are out to hit them.  We are not out to hurt anybody or maim anybody, we are out to hit them and they are going to get hit.  To be honest with you, I think we took Cincinnati’s best shot, and we won.  That’s the facts.”

(On his past meetings against Tony Gonzalez)- “We’re going to do better than that this time. That kid is beautiful and he’s tough.  We shut him down some, but one game I can recall, the whole game plan was set to stop him.  He had 11 catches at halftime.  I’ve seen this guy great, but I’ve also seen when you play him a certain way, he won’t be as great.  We’ve been working on that all week, but he’s definitely a Hall of Famer, he’s been outstanding for a long time and he hasn’t slowed down a bit.  In fact, I think he’s leading the league in catches on third down.”

(On if it is a tough choice to double team Gonzalez or White)- “Sometimes you’ve got to take everybody away as much as you can.  You can’t double everybody.  You can’t double everybody they’ve got.  They have got (Michael) Jenkins coming back supposedly I guess, I don’t know.  These guys, you have to get them in their spots.  There are certain times you want to make sure you have got 84 doubled and then there’s other times that you better have a bunch of people on Gonzalez.  We are smart, we’re working hard and we are going to be on point this week.”

(On if not giving up a rushing touchdown yet this season reflects on the opponents or the fact that teams are passing on them more)- “It’s probably a little bit of everything.  One thing, we want to be number one in the league in red zone.  We know we’ll always be in the top five, I think last year we were six.  We work at it, it’s real important to us.  We don’t like anybody going in the end zone.  The thing that’s really tough this week is this team runs the ball so well, yet they have all of these options in the passing game.  We have our work cut out for us.  Obviously, we are happy that no one has run the ball in on us, but we need to cut down on some of the passes.  That will start with me making sure we have the right plan.  We just want to be great all over that field, but in the red zone especially.  You have to do that, we are just trying to work like (heck) to do that.  We have got coach Smash (Dan Shamash), even though he is on offense.  We take this guy Shamash from Carnegie Mellon, wherever the (heck) that is, this guy works all the time and he’s the only guy I see up on the late red zone day.  It’s like 1:00 in the morning and I’m like, ‘Who’s around?  This one guy is, hey come here.  Let’s work on this (stuff).’  Even though he is on offense, he’s been on defense this week too.  We have a nice plan for these guys and we can’t wait to execute it.”

(On if he sees his physical defense having an effect on other teams)- “I don’t know, but I hope that’s where we want to be.  My father has taught me a lot of lessons, obviously.  I remember back in the day, the Philadelphia Flyers were always this real tough, violent hockey team.  They were the Broad Street Bullies I guess.  They used to win every week, every day they would win.  ‘The Flyers won again, they beat my Maple Leafs.’  They beat the crap out of them or whatever.  He always said the most physical teams win.  That’s what we want here.  We want physical, tough.  We’ve won one game, but we are going to win this week.  That will be two.”

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