Scheiner 'excited' about new opportunity

Posted Dec 18, 2012

New Browns President Alec Scheiner looks forward to the opportunity to work with Jimmy Haslam and Joe Banner in building the brand of the Cleveland Browns.

Alec Scheiner, former senior vice president and general counsel of the Dallas Cowboys, was named president of the Cleveland Browns Tuesday.

During a conference call with reporters, Scheiner said he was “excited” to join the Browns.

“It’s a great organization with a great history, and I’m excited about the new leadership team with (chief executive officer) Joe (Banner) and (owner) Jimmy (Haslam)," Scheiner said. "I’ve admired what Joe has done for a long time in Philadelphia, and I have a lot of mutual respect for Joe. We can already see Jimmy’s energy with the team and I’m just ready to get started.”

Scheiner joined the Cowboys in 2004 as general counsel, where he oversaw all legal aspects of the team and the outside business ventures of Cowboys owner, president and general manager, Jerry Jones. He had an integral role in the planning, financing, construction and marketing of Cowboys Stadium, a $1-billion facility that was finished in 2009 and features the world’s largest HD television.

“Alec is a bright and talented executive who has provided our organization with nine years of quality service,” Jones said. “He knows his way around the NFL and has fine leadership ability. He is a tireless taskmaster and will be a great addition to the Browns front office. I am thrilled that he is staying in the NFL, because he is a rising star and an asset to our league. We wish him the best.”

In 2008, the Cowboys promoted Scheiner to senior vice president and general counsel. Scheiner had a leading role in the business operations of the team, including business planning, budgeting, human resources, and football analytics.

“We are extremely excited about the addition of Alec to our team,” Haslam said. “For many years, the Cowboys have been a leading innovator among NFL franchises, and Alec played an integral role in this success. We are confident that his expertise will be a tremendous asset, not only for our organization but our fans as well.”

“I just felt like it was a great fit and represented what you heard us talk about in trying to attract the best of the best in the league and ending up with a really strong organization,” Banner said. “I think he’s going to impact the organization in a lot of ways. I think his ability to transform the fans’ experience in all the different ways they connect with us, in my personal opinion, there’s nobody better, more established and having done more in those areas successfully than Alec. It will happen over time, but I think people will see an enhanced experience that will really help add to the enjoyment of being connected with the team.”

When talking about his proudest accomplishments during his nine-year tenure with the Cowboys, Scheiner talked about “creating a new experience for our fans, for our business partners, for everyone in the community.”

“We brought a lot of energy and creativity to it and that would be the goal in Cleveland,” Scheiner said. “I understand markets are different, the traditions are different and the fans are different, but the energy that we bring to it and the creativity we bring to it and the thoughtfulness we bring to it will be the same.

“The way the fan experience is at Cowboys Stadium is similar to the fan experience at Lambeau Field, which is that you know you’re going to get something unique that fits in with the culture of the organization and that’s what I’m most proud of, that we created something that is perfectly fit for the Dallas Cowboys. I’d like to do the same in Cleveland, create something that links us to the past and links us to the community in a way that the fans from outside of Cleveland come and they know exactly where they are and enjoy it.”

Part of Scheiner’s strategy for the Browns includes developing a “really strong, single brand” that will touch all of the team’s platforms.

“We have some thoughts and our idea is to really enhance the fan experience everywhere, at the stadium on gameday, on the Internet, in our radio and TV, wherever we can,” Scheiner said. “Wherever we touch the fans, we should be always striving to improve. There’s some things I saw about the stadium experience that can be better. That goes for every stadium in the NFL, and we’ll work at it. We’ll test things out. If they work, great. If not, we’ll keep testing. We have a challenge, which is to get people to really enjoy coming to the stadium. The NFL has that challenge and we’ll work hard at it. That will be a big part of our job.”

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