Shurmur feels good about preparation

Posted Dec 7, 2012

Browns coach Pat Shurmur felt good about the way the team practiced throughout the week in preparation for Sunday’s game against the Kansas City Chiefs.

In his Friday afternoon press conference, Browns coach Pat Shurmur said “the preparation has been good” for Sunday’s game against the Kansas City Chiefs.

“They came out here and practiced in a meaningful way and we’ve had more guys at practice this week than we did preparing for Oakland,” Shurmur said after Friday’s practice. “Typically, when you have more guys, some of the guys doing the look-squad stuff, you get a little bit of a fresher look.

“I think that we’re practicing with a purpose and that’s the first part in this process of trying to build. No matter how you practice, on Sunday, you’ve got to go out and do it.”

Despite his positive feelings, Shurmur did caution that predictions about game day performance cannot be made after a good week of practice.

“It’s a hard thing to judge,” Shurmur said. “I’ve been around teams that have practiced horribly and played well. I’ve been around teams that practiced extremely well and didn’t play well. I’ve been on teams that you watch warm ups and say, ‘Holy smokes, are we ever going to be able to get out of the huddle?’ It’s really hard to predict. You maximize your chances to play well if you prepare well.”

In the last two months, the Browns have defeated Cincinnati (34-24 on Oct. 14), San Diego (7-6 on Oct. 28) and Pittsburgh (20-14 on Nov. 25), at home. That is a trend the Browns are looking to continue against the Chiefs, who have won games in two of their last three trips to Cleveland Browns Stadium.

“I think it’s important to establish a home field advantage in this league,” Shurmur said. “We know when we go on the road that crowd noise could be a big distraction when you try to move the football. Plus, it’s fun to be able to put a good performance on the field for our home crowd. We understand that and we need to be able to establish that. You want to establish a lot of things as you move forward and try to build a team that’s going to be a consistent winner. Being able to win at home is obviously the starting point.

“We’ve got a great fan base and we’ve got to play our best football to find a way to win the game. I anticipate there will be a great crowd and they’ll be ready to go.”

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