Shurmur press conf. transcript - 11/25

Posted Nov 25, 2012

The transcript of Coach Pat Shurmur's postgame press conference following the team's 20-14 win over the Pittsburgh Steelers.


(Opening statement)- “Let me start with injuries here. Usama Young and (Brandon) Weeden were treated for concussions, and then Josh Cribbs was treated for a shoulder so we’ll see the extent of those injuries as we move forward. I’m happy for our guys. I talked to the rookies and I said to the rookies, ‘You’re all 1-0 against Pittsburgh.’ When you play a rivalry, and you’re trying to get some traction, so I guess they’re 1-0. When I talk about this game, you talk about the defense, of course, to have eight turnovers. We had seven sacks last week and we had eight turnovers this week. We held Pittsburgh to 1-for-9 on first down and that’s outstanding stuff. We can talk about how the game was played, but our guys stepped up and did an outstanding job defensively. Once again, the special teams contributed in a very positive way. I’m watching those balls get punted. They’ve got a very dangerous returner that can change the game within one score quickly. I think offensively, we did enough against the number one defense in the league. We scored enough points, after spotting them seven on a tipped ball. We got enough points to win the game, but it was a team win. I thought the coaches did an outstanding job with calling the game. I thought the players executed, fought and battled and went to the field knowing that we had the opportunity to be a good football team. Then we finished the deal. We didn’t finish the last two games we played. This game we finished. I think that’s the important message as we move forward.”

(On the run defense)- “I think we knew they were going to come in and run the football. When you’re down to your third quarterback, whoever that may be, you are going to try to lean on the run, and that’s something that Pittsburgh’s extremely good at. I thought our guys battled and did a good job of controlling so that the run game didn’t have a huge effect on the game.”

(On beating the Steelers)- “Let’s just start with the basics here. It’s a division game at home. I think that’s important as I keep my eye on the big picture. I think that’s important. We’ve got to try to establish ourselves as a team that can win at home. We’ve got to establish ourselves as a team that can win division games. I think that’s important. Last year I got a taste of the rivalry, and I know how important it is for us to play good football against an outstanding football team. I think we found a way to do that.”

(On forcing turnovers)- “I think each play will probably show up just a little bit differently, but ball security is important. Ball security is primary in our business. Our guys did a good job of knocking the ball off them.”

(On what he was thinking at half time)- “I was thinking at halftime we were down by a point. I’m not trying to be funny there, because it’s not funny. I felt like our guys had a feel for the game and again, we had battled all the way through. They were winning at halftime, so they outplayed us. I thought what was important was that we needed to take care of the football and just keep playing like we were playing on defense. We felt like we’d get some points somewhere in there and win the game.”

(On the holding penalties)- “Well, there was a stretch there where there were holding calls on both teams.  I’m not going to point to that.  We can’t hold.  Again, I think the other thing that you noticed, field view of this football team. I mentioned it, that’s the number one defense.  Those are some full grown men out there playing defense and they’re hard to block and our guys battled and I think that showed up and I’m proud of their effort.”

(On the defensive line being healthy and if they’re leading the charge forcing turnovers)- “I think when you have a healthy defensive line where you can rotate eight good players throughout the game, that helps your team and has a huge impact on the game.”

(On Joe Haden’s return and his interception)- “Yeah, that interception was an important turnover.  It helped us get back on the field and take some more time off the clock.  Joe being in the lineup obviously is a big boost for us.  I’m glad he was back.”

(On Trent Richardson’s touchdown)- “We actually were going to throw the ball on first down and we took a penalty.  We ran a weak side counter play. The guys blocked it well at the point and he hit it up in there. At some point in there, I’m sure he knew he wasn’t going to be denied.”

(On what the referee said at the end of the half regarding the Chris Rainey touchdown)- “That’s between me and the ref.  Unless you were reading my lips.”

(On how he got the team settled down after that tipped ball touchdown by Lawrence Timmons)- “We’ve always talked about how you want to have a good start, you’d like to get ahead of a team and then stay ahead throughout. We have a good locker room of guys that just keep playing regardless of the situation and we were moving the football there.  As we all know, tipped balls happen and that was an extremely bad play.  I mean, that’s just the way it is. I thought our guys went back on the field on offense, defense and special teams and just kept playing.”

(On if owner Jimmy Haslam said anything about beating Pittsburgh throughout the week)- “Nope, we talked before the game.  I think sometimes things can go unsaid and they’re pretty obvious.  The games all count one, but anytime you have a prior relationship with a club, I’m sure privately, you have a little bit stronger emotions.  That’s better question for him.”

(On rebounding after the tipped ball for a touchdown)- “”That’s kind of a tag along.  I thought our guys are pretty resilient as far as not letting a single bad play get you down.  So we went back on the field and kept battling. You just keep slugging away because you never know right up until the end what’s going to happen.”

(On if he talked to Brandon Weeden after the game)- “I just saw him. Yes.”

(On if Weeded was responsive)- “He’s good.  We had a good conversation.  He’s being treated for a concussion, but we’ll see where that goes.  Some guys come back quickly, some guys don’t, so we’ll just have to see where that’s at. He was responsive.”

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