Shurmur press conf. transcript - 12/6

Posted Dec 6, 2012

The transcript of coach Pat Shurmur's Thursday morning press conference.

Browns Head Coach Pat Shurmur Press Conference 12-6-12

(Opening statement)- “As you can tell by the injury report, we had a lot more guys out there starting our preparation for the Chiefs than we did, of course, getting ready for Oakland so that’s good. We’ll just see how we put the gameday roster together as Sunday rolls around.”

(On finally a healthy team)- “We’re healthier than we’ve been in the last couple of weeks, which is good. As always, the preparation has been good. We had a good start yesterday.”

(On if he is okay with a team captain speaking out about the past regarding Peyton Hillis)- “I would say this, I want to comment specifically on how things this year relate to this year’s game. I’d prefer my players say nothing, but I realize that that’s not the case. If you’ve got any questions or you guys want me to comment on anything as things relate to this year, I’d be happy to.”

(On how the Chiefs defense is able to generate so much pressure)- “Their outside pass rushers are extremely talented much like you see in other 3-4 schemes. (Justin) Houston and (Tamba) Hali are very good pass rushers as individual rushers. They don’t pressure a great deal because they can get pressure with their two outside rushers.”

(On if there’s a reason for all of Kansas City’s turnovers this year)- “Early in the year of course, they had a great deal of turnovers. I’m sure they’re working on it. They are emphasizing, ‘Don’t do it.’ In the last few weeks they have had better success.”

(On if they are aware of Brian Daboll’s history of using trick plays and if they prepare for that)- “We of course track a coordinator back in terms of what he’s done other places. Of course, we have the tape of it of him doing it here already. We’re aware of it and we practice against those types of things. Most coordinators leave some kind of a finger print of things they like to do. You always have to factor in how the current team they coach for plays and what their weapons are.”

(On what Trent Richardson does for the offense and what type of player he sees him becoming)- “I think Trent is a grind out runner. He can handle carrying the football numerous times. There are times when it doesn’t look like it’s always a pretty run and its four or five yards. That’s what’s important because down to down you want efficient runs. Of course, he’s shown throughout the year that he can get the ball in the end zone. That’s also important. You want to put players on the field that know how to get it in there.”

(On how Jason Pinkston is doing and if he’ll he will go back to playing football)- “It’s hard for me to tell what the long range is for him. I saw him yesterday, talked to him. He looked like he was doing well.”

(On if it’s a sign of Brandon Weeden’s progression that he’s more comfortable throwing the shallow cross)- “I think the routes with shallow crossing elements, I favor them because it gives you the opportunity to get a completion. They work well against man or zone coverage. They tend to be a throw that is close to the quarterback that has a chance, a high completion percentage type throw that has a chance to get a lot of yards. We like them. It’s a good way to feature your tight ends and any of the inside receivers. We use them quite a bit. We practice them quite a bit. I think that’s probably why Brandon’s become familiar with them.”

(On creating mismatches with Greg Little in the slot)- “I think any of our big receivers, and we’ve featured all of them running shallow crossing routes, both tight ends from either side of the field. We’ve used Josh Gordon. We’ve used Greg Little. We’ve used Mo (Mohamed Massaquoi). We use them quite a bit. We feel like it’s a good way to get a completion. Keep in mind though, when you run a shallow crossing route, it’s in conjunction with some other concept, where that ball may be going to them first, but it may be going to them second, third or fourth as well.”

(On how Weeden’s evolved throwing to tight ends since he didn’t have any in college)- “I think it’s like anything, things you haven’t done in the past, you’ve got to do time and time again to get familiar with it. As time goes along, I think he’ll get to be a quarterback where those types of routes are some of his favorites. I think you tend to favor things that you’re having success with. I think we believe in that style of route running. Of course, we run them all down the field at times too, but we feel like that’s a chance for him to, of course, get completions and then maintain a style of play that’s efficient as a quarterback.”

(On what makes Jamaal Charles so dangerous)- “First of all, they run the off tackle zone scheme extremely well. He’s a one cut guy and he has the speed to go the distance. I think that’s important. He does an outstanding job with cutting the ball back if you overplay it. Much like you see the off tackle run game is probably typical of most NFL teams. They do it extremely well.”

(On what he credits the improvement of the run defense to)- “Playing the run is like getting sacks, it’s a team thing. You cannot be effective playing the run unless everybody up front does their job. I think we’re just playing better against the run and it starts up front of course. The second level guy’s have got to fit the right gaps. Of course, when you have a scheme or a coverage where the safeties and corners have to get involved, then they have to come up and tackle as well.”

(On if the linemen are doing a better job maintaining their gaps)- “Simply put, there are gaps and we’ve got to have a guy in every one of them. Sometimes the scheme dictates it. Sometimes how they line up dictates it. That’s where guys get used to playing together, have a better feel for that. I think that’s why we’re maybe having better results.”

(On Joe Haden deals with a physical player like Dwayne Bowe)- “You kind of answered your own question. He’s a big, physical guy, which makes it tougher on corners that are not as tall or as long. Joe finds a way. When guys are not as big as the guy they’re playing against they have got to be really aware when the ball is up in the air so they can defend the football. Of course, body position is very important. Joe has the quickness to maintain it most of the time.”

(On comparing Weeden’s development to Donovan McNabb and Sam Bradford)- “There are a lot of things that they are going through that are similar because they were all rookies. They are all different players. Sam Bradford started from day one. He was a backup throughout then he became the starter, starting the first game of the year. Donovan was not a starter until the middle of the season. I think it was Week 8 or Week 9. That was different. In our case with Brandon of course, he’s been playing since the first game. What’s similar about it is, you see stretches where they play extremely well. Then you’ll see a couple of plays maybe in a row or stretches where they are struggling a little bit. That’s similar.”

(On possibly having all of his defensive backs back this week)- “We will have some decisions to make as to who we play, who we start and of course who comes in in specialty situations. Those are good meetings to have as coaches. Then we just let them play out, make a decision and let it roll.”

(On where Dimitri Patterson is in his return from injury)- “He practiced well yesterday so we’ll just have to see Sunday what his role is. I’ll leave it at that.”

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