Shurmur press conf. transcript - 7/27

Posted Jul 27, 2012

The transcript of Pat Shurmur's Friday afternoon post-practice press conference.

Browns Head Coach Pat Shurmur Press Conference 7-27-12

(Opening statement)- “Obviously today there was big news. I know you guys received a release from the club and I know Mike Holmgren spoke to you so I’ve got nothing to add, absolutely nothing to add. When the news broke, my first concern – when I was hired here, I hired a staff of guys to help me coach this football team so my first concern was the coaches – that they were informed of this early on and then next were the players. Those were the two grou­­ps in the organization and of course the trainers and the support staff. That was my concern so we informed them. I also informed them that the goals, the things we talked about last night in the meeting as me move forward this year have not changed not one bit, not one bit. What we’re trying to do as a football team should be unchanged by what was talked about today. We are a much better football team, we’ll be much better prepared this season. I feel like we’ve got a better group to put on the field and I think we function better as a staff, so that’s my concern and that’s what I told the players. The feedback from them is they understand that message. That being said, I am not going to answer any questions regarding today’s news. If you’ve got football questions I would be happy to answer them.”

(On the psychology of the players and staff after today’s news)- “We’re at the time of year where, as I mentioned, our focus is to work through this training camp and get this team as good as we can be to start the season and play. Everybody deals with things that distract you or adversity, that’s not the case here. We’re getting a football team ready to play. We have a very professional group of guys on this team and we have a bunch of prideful guys that understand that message.”

(On his message to the players last night)- “I expect that we’re a much improved football team. We all agreed that what we did last year wasn’t good enough and we’ve highlighted areas that, we as a team and that’s between the team and I, we need to be better and we need to work on here in practice and go ahead and do it. That’s the message.”

(On what players were not at practice today)- “I am not going to talk about injuries and who wasn’t out there. You guys were available to see it.”

(On why Ahtyba Rubin and Evan Moore did not practice today)- “They just didn’t practice today and there is going to be a couple of days before they are back out there.”

(On if everyone passed their conditioning test)- “Yeah, they all passed. A couple of guys struggled, but they all passed.”

(On the low expectations of the team nationally and if he used that as motivation in his meeting)- “What I’m concerned about is the thought process that this team has as we move forward within the building. I’m not concerned with that. My concern is the players, their mindset, winning football games and the fans of this community who can go to work on Monday and be proud because their team won. That’s what my concerns are.”

(On if today’s news will be a distraction)- “I’m not talking about this. What I’m saying is based on what we’re doing, it will not become a distraction.”

(On how the defense looked today)- “I thought the defense challenged very well today in practice. I thought we got come excellent work. You can tell initially, always in the first practice when you put shells on and helmets and you add the linemen in there, the passing game takes a day or two to look the way I want it to look, but I thought the defense challenged well and that’s a good thing.”

(On if Greg Little and Josh Gordon can play at the same time)- “I think it’s very real to think they would both be on the field quite a bit. I think that’s a smart thing. They are very good players.”

(On if he addressed each quarterback individually after meeting with the team)- “I’m going to tell you guys where the starter is at some point. I’ll tell you on my time. The quarterbacks know that they’re out here competing and trying to get better and so that’s what we talked about.”

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