Shurmur press conf. transcript

Posted Oct 31, 2011

The transcript of Coach Pat Shurmur's Monday afternoon press conference.

Browns Head Coach Pat Shurmur press conference 10-31-11

(Opening statement) - “I’ll start first with injuries.  Auston English is progressing, but more than likely he’ll be out this week.  Montario Hardesty, you saw very early in the game, second series, pulled a calf muscle.  He’s going to miss some time.  It’ll be hard to see how long that will be, but I think he’s in a boot at this point and he’s going to miss some time.  Mohamed Massaquoi will do some light running today and he’s making good progress so we’ll see.  Peyton Hillis is day-to-day.  Dimitri Patterson is having an MRI on his left knee, we haven’t gotten the results back on that and then Ray Ventrone ran today and he’s doing well.  Chris Gocong had a stinger.  Kaluka (Maiava) played through the game with his knee, he’s fine.  Tony Pashos played through the game.  T.J. Ward is sore, but other than that, all the other guy’s, there’s nothing else to mention.  One thing I’d add to the game last night, again, I’ll start with the defense.  The defense battled.  The first half could’ve gotten way out of reach, we had a stop on fourth down which was outstanding and then in the second half limited the 49ers to no points and less than 100 yards so I think that says a lot.  They battled. I think the whole team battled.  Now, we’ve got to play better in some areas of course, but the defense found a way to keep them off the board and keep them from making yards.  I think that’s important, especially in the second half.”

“Specials teams, went in, in a little bit of a challenged state and I thought they answered the bell and did a heck of a job.  I thought our guys battled, they had a very explosive returner and very good schemes.  Our guys did a nice job to neutralize what was good about their special teams and helped us in a lot of other ways.  I thought Chris (Tabor) and Shawn (Mennenga) did a good job of getting those guys ready to play and they went out and executed and played well.”

“On offense, I think when you look at what happened we found a way to score three points before the half in a two-minute situation.  We found a way to score a touchdown in the second half in a two-minute situation and in between that we turned the ball over twice which you can’t do.  We talk about having a fast start and to the contrary we give them a gimmie by fumbling the ball on the second play of the game. Can’t do it, it’s unacceptable.  Then we just have to generally find a way to be more efficient.  There were some things about the game I thought were good.  A couple guys stepped in and played well as backup players.  I thought Jordan Norwood stepped up and made some plays.  He came in, in really his first extensive action, made plays. I thought OB (Chris Ogbonnaya) battled with Montario going out.  We were relegated basically to one tailback, if we were going to use another tailback it was going to be Owen (Marecic) in a one-back type set.  Guys did what they generally had to do we just didn’t win the game.”

(On if Hardesty will miss some games) - “I think yeah.  It should be games.  It’s going to take him a little time to heal up from this injury.  I can’t tell you how many.  Very doubtful he’ll play this week for sure.”

(On if they will sign another running back) - “We’ll have running backs in here tomorrow.  We’ll be working out running backs tomorrow.

(On what the positives of yesterday’s game are) - “I thought there were some things within the game that we executed well.  The way I tried to call it was give the guys things that they knew how to execute and for the most part there was some good stuff in there.  Now, we’re backed up on the one-foot line, we find a way to get our first, first down, then we have a minus yardage run and then a penalty.  Those type of things that stall a drive.  The drive stallers are the things I think we need to get better at.  But, yeah I think there’s progress.  I see progress. I don’t see the final results yet, but I see progress.”

(On the impact of losing his running game with Hillis, Hardesty and Brandon Jackson getting hurt) - “Well our list of runners has increased.  We like to think that we can still run the football.  Whoever’s running the ball, whoever’s lining up at tailback will have that opportunity. We’ve sustained some injuries and we’ve had our first, second, third and now fourth guy get hurt.  We’ve just have to keep playing.  I think and I’ve told the team this too, once you make the first excuse it’s a slippery slope.  There are no excuses and I’m sure you folks get tired of me saying that, but there are no excuses.  The task at hand now is getting the team back, ready to play, go play Houston.  No excuses and we’ve got to go down there with a plan to try to beat them, regardless of who’s playing.”

(On Colt McCoy’s progression) - “I think he’s progressed in a lot of areas.  Now, he needs to eliminate bad plays like the rest of the guys and I’ll say that’s generally speaking what he needs to do.  There are things within the offense in the scheme of what we’re doing that he’s doing better as far as his rhythm, throwing.  He misses throws, just like every quarterback in the league, but there are things within the plays we’re calling where he’s executing better.

(On what he is specifically doing better) - “I think he’s executing a little better.  Does he have to play better for us to win?  Absolutely.  Just like every other player on offense and there’s no question.  In terms of understanding what we’re trying to do: his progressions, getting the ball out on time, all those types of things, he’s making some improvement and I think that’s good.”

(On if the guys feel pressure about making mistakes) - “I don’t think you have guys that are playing with anxiety.  Our guys played extremely hard yesterday.  I think that can be said and that can be said about all the games and all the plays.  Our guys play hard, that’s a good locker room in terms of guys knowing about the sport and having pride in playing hard.  That’s not a problem.  I don’t think they get tight or anxious, they’ve just got to play better.  Let me add to that, we have to coach better too.  This is a team thing.  We win or lose together on that.”

(On if Gocong’s stinger is the same as the one in training camp) - “I don’t know that specifically.  I heard he was feeling good today.”

(On if the offensive line isn’t making enough room for the running backs to run through) - “Yeah, you want big holes to run through, but I think it’s important that even if there’s a small crease that we would make yards.”

(On if Hardesty has some more specific than just a calf injury) - “He has a calf strain.  He has a moderate tear of a medial gastroc.  He’s got a sore calf.  Any doctors in here? (joking)”

(On if they considered kicking a field goal with one minute remaining in the game) - “By the time we got into field goal range there was so little time that it was going to be difficult.”

(On when they were down by 10 if they decided to go for the field goal) - “We were going to score a touchdown.  We needed two scores.”

(On if the offense is looking to throw the football more often earlier in games) - “Yeah, that sounds like a good plan.  We are looking for every way we can to move the football.  We’ll throw it on every down.  That’s a good idea.  I don’t mean to make a joke of it.  We’re looking for every way we can to move the football.

(On if he should forget about the offensive playbook) - “Just go straight playground?  No, we just keep working on the things that we know we can do well.

(On if there are any drawbacks to using McCoy in the shotgun more often) - “In our offense we have plays under center and then we have plays in the shotgun.  He does both.  I think it’s important that you’d be able to execute under center as well as you do in the shotgun.  I think that’s important for an NFL quarterback to be able to do that.  He’s obviously more comfortable in the shotgun because that’s what he has done his whole life.

(On McCoy’s interception in the end zone) - “OB (Chris Ogbonnaya) did a nice job of picking up the backer.  We had a little protection issue.  Colt scrambled.  In that situation there, you either run with the football or check it down.

(On if he should have seen the double coverage) - “(Nodded yes)

(On if he believes he has enough playmakers on offense) - “I do.  I think we are putting the guys out there that we have, that we feel can make plays.  I think Jordan Norwood stepped up and had the most production.  He’s new to the party here so far.  He did fine.  I think our tight ends had some production as well.  Greg Little battled and then Josh Cribbs had a long one.  The guys that were put on the field all had their touches.  I think for the most part they battled.

(On Carlton Mitchell not playing in the game) - “He did play.  He played seven or eight snaps, so he was in there.

(On if they will elevate Armond Smith) - “We haven’t finally decided what we’re going to do yet.  We’re going to work out some running backs tomorrow.  Based on the workouts we will then evaluate how we move forward.

(On if they will pursue a running back with more experience) - “We would like to have a guy come in that’s going to be able to be up and running here in a couple of days.  Typically, those are guys that have some NFL experience.

(On if Hillis will be back next week) - “We’re hopefulHe’s day-to-day.  We’ll see how he progresses.

(On if he would consider using Josh Cribbs in the backfield) - “Josh can do a lot of things, that’s a good choice.  That’d be a good choice.

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