Talent not enough to be great

Posted Aug 17, 2013

Cleveland Browns coach Rob Chudzinski has embraced the attitude and approach his team has taken throughout training camp and the first half of the preseason.

It is not good enough to just be good enough.

That was the mindset of the Cleveland Browns’ players following their 24-6 preseason victory over the Detroit Lions Thursday night. They were “not satisfied” with a preseason win, and were ready to get back to work Saturday.

“Talent only gets you so far. It’s the other attributes that really end up making the great football players be great and the great teams be great,” Browns coach Rob Chudzinski said. “There’s so many talented players; there’s so many talented teams in the league, and ultimately, the ones that fulfill their potential are the ones that believe in that day-to-day work ethic and doing everything they can to be the very best they can be.

“I know no other way. That’s the only way it can be. These guys have been successful in their careers previously, whether it be college or high school. A number of them have been successful in the NFL, and I think most any of them would tell you that’s what they can attribute it to. I’m just excited that these guys have come together in that way and believe in it.”

Chudzinski was pleased to hear his players’ quest for greatness, but has already seen the same type of work ethic on the practice field and meeting rooms since the start of the offseason program back in April.

“It’s good that we’re on the same page and the guys understand what we need to get done and improve to get better and make the progress that we want to make this season,” Chudzinski said. “It starts from the very beginning. The guys understand that every day we need to make improvements and we need to get better. That’s the type of team that we have. We’re going to need to do that to get better, focus on the daily responsibilities and the daily commitments that we have.

“It’s really a good mix of veterans, guys that are young, guys that are leaders by example, guys that are leaders by talk. It’s really fun being around this group of guys, and they’re all hungry. They all want to be great. When you come to work and the guys have that kind of attitude, it’s contagious. That’s the kind of environment and the kind of culture we want to create.”

The type of atmosphere Chudzinski and his staff have tried to create in the locker room is one of accountability, intensity, and desire to improve. It is what he calls the “Cleveland Browns’ identity.”

“We’re trying to establish the identity that we want to have as Cleveland Browns, and the identity that we want to have as Cleveland Browns players,” Chudzinski said. “We want guys that are relentless. We want to be an attacking football team. We want a team that plays together, a team that plays smart. We want to be relentless. We want guys that love playing football and are passionate and excited about playing football and get excited about being Cleveland Browns.”

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